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January 25, 2016


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Erica Field

Just starting my first ever pair of socks after reading your post about Winwick Mum. I am really wishing there were more hours in the day as crochet is having to take a back seat and I miss it, but I just can't fit it in :-(


I was wondering when you would get the knitting bug. I'm 5+ decades ahead of you, so I know you aren't going to stop at socks! I've crocheted for just as long, but somehow end up doing much more knitting than crochet. I enjoy reading your blog though, and seeing all your fabulous pictures of gorgeous Britain (not to mention your wonderful crocheted creations).

Hugs, Kimmy


I am addicted to knitting socks and have been using Sarah's Ring O's for some years. The set she made for you is gorgeous and I will keep my eyes open (no doubt like lots more of your readers!) for them. I too love the patterned sock yarns. Knitting them is very addictive, you always want to knit 'just one more round' to see the next pattern emerging!

Barbara Harrison

I have been knitting socks for several years and have a drwer full of them.My OH also loves them.The brighter the better for him.I not only have a blanket addiction but a sock one as well and also lacy shawls.Great hobbies!!

Shelagh Garside

You are a bad influence! I saw your first pair on IG and they inspired me to get my arse in gear and make a start on Winwick Mum's Sockalong tutorials. I am now the proud owner of 9 pairs of knitted socks, and I've made a pair for hubby and 2 pairs for #1 child, who is hassling me for more and who I may have to teach to knit :) I have also acquired, as if by magic, a sock yarn stash. This is in addition to the 4-ply stash for shawl/scarf knitting and the Stylecraft Special stash o.O My postie's threatening to go on strike for higher pay ;) There is also now the dilemma with some yarn of socks or shawl? Buy twice as much?


Ooh Lucy, sock heaven! I am going to have to give this a try. The socks are stunning and I have a feeling I really really need them! Also, what a fab idea as gifts too! Thanks for sharing. Love Von xxx


Beautiful socks, Lucy! I need a rainbow organised sock drawer!


I've been knitting socks for about 6 years now, and only wear hand-knitted socks eversince.
To avoid the mismatch in the toes of your socks, I would advise you to knit the socks toe-up. So you begin knitting the toes, and end up knitting the cuffs.
This has many advantages:
first the toes always match up
secondly you finish the cuffs at exact the same place in the yarn, making 2 completely the same socks
third you can knit longer cuffs, so you don't end up with small leftovers of the yarn
I always knit my socks to-at-a-time on 1 circular needle. And by knitting them together at the same time, you have some extra advantages:
1. if there is a knot in your yarn, you can cut both yarns and continue with exact the same place/pattern in the yarn, so you are sure both socks will look the same
2. NO SSS!!! Second sock syndrom, meaning the you have knit 1 sock, and just don't feel like knitting the same all over again, to have a matching pair of socks.
When you knit to-at-the-time, the moment you bind off your first sock, your pair of socks is finished too!
Good luck with it, and ENJOY the knitting!
Love, Anja


Welcome to the world of knitting! I just finished a pair of 'watermelon' socks for my mom's birthday - so fun to see the green rind turn into white flesh turn into pink with black seeds!

Angela-Southern USA

They are all fabulous Lucy! Congrats! I've got the yarn (which it has been disappearing into shawlettes/fingerless gloves)A girl needs a different one for each day of the week doesn't she?! ; D DPN's as well as a small loop circular needle(made for socks). I also have Christine's sock along bookmarked. Now, just to finish up WIP's from last year and I'll be ready to start. Not a total novice at knitting, but still it's SOCKS! lol I foresee a sock yarn buying frenzy across the globe very soon! ; D


Nice, but super expensive yarn! How many balls do you need for one pair?


I took part in 2 beginners courses on the basics of knitting in december.
Now I am at home practicing and hopeng to take the "sock knitting"class soon.

In my second course *wich was mre like a private lesson because the one other student was sick* My fabulous teacher tought me knitting in the round by way of "the magic loop.
So no "hedgehog"for me; she explaned how to knit a circle in the size of my choosing on any size circular neeldes. "
It is just fabulous! Maybe something to look into?

Debs Turner

I have yet to start my first pair of socks. I keep finding other things to knit which is total procrastination as I'm a bit scared! But you may well be my inspiration! Stitch markers are my thing too if you ever need anymore pop by.. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CraftyCatKnittyBits?ref=hdr_shop_menu


I've made several pairs of socks in the past, but you inspired me to ask for some lovely sparkly hand-dyed sock yarn for Christmas (from high peak yarns who are local to me). For the first time I just knit in plain stocking stitch so they were super quick and are already keeping my toes cosy and look fantastic! Now I'm on the second pair of the year for my aunt, hopefully ready in time for her birthday, I promised her a pair almost two years ago...


Oops, I forgot to post a link to a nice stretchy bind off. Scroll down to Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Bind Off.http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/FEATsum06TT.html


Hi Lucy - lovely lovely socks! I have had the bug for around 10 years now - I am obsessed 😀 I used to be very careful to match the stripes and patterns in each sock - but now - what the heck - I just knit and I am very upset if they match "by accident". I love my mismatched socks (and I hope everyone else does as most are for family and friends).
The only extra thing I do is to wind off enough yarn for the heels first and pop it to one side - that way, if the yarn does a gradual colour change, I can use the saved yarn for the heel and keep the gradual change going over the instep without having a sudden change of colour at the ankle... if you see what I mean...
Keep it up Lucy - smashing - always love reading your blog entires!


I use the little hair/braid bands from Claire's accessories as stitch markers. No joins, so no snagging and they cost around £3 for a packet of lots. Not the floppy ones as they get stuck on the needles; these are a bit firmer. On the website, they're listed as pastel no snag hair bands.


Ah, Lucy! So sorry about your squished toes. As well as counting rows, measure your foot and then your socks. I've knitted socks for many years and there seems to be a progression of skills, at least for me, that helped simplify the process of knitting socks. I went from top down knitting, using 'hedge hog' double pointed needles, and knitting heel gussets, to toe up knitting, 'Magic Loop' knitting, and short row heels. I also do Judy's Magic Cast-on for the toes. This all makes for a quickly knitted pair of socks with smooth toes and heels. Here are a few YouTube vids: The first is the two part short row heel tutorial that I use each time to refresh my memory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77q14X9zwT8 She is using the Magic Loop method so that gives you an idea of how that looks. This next link is for Judy's Magic Cast-on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pmxRDZ-cwo. I never have been able to do a smooth Kitchener stitch to close the toes without a hole at the corner. Magic Loop is wonderful and no fighting double pointed needles. You use a 32" circular needle, not her suggested 40". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KccLlkTKzE. Also you might try 2.25mm needles and work with 60 stitches, 30 on front needle and 30 on back needle. Happily she knits continental too so you can see how that works with ML.

Melody A.

Wow, such beautiful socks and inspiration! You are just the best at encouraging us all to try something new and then providing the information so we can do it well. THANK YOU!!!


You have inspired me to make my first pair of socks!

My local knitting shop didn't have the right size of circular needles, so I used DPNs. I didn't find them difficult to use because I do knit mittens. I love my new socks since they have only two ends to deal with. ;)

I used Online Supersocke 100 Sierra-Effekt. My next pair will be made from Scholler + Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color. These have both been in my stash for a while now as I have always wanted to knit a pair of socks.

Thanks for the inspiration. Warm sock are always needed in Canadian winters! ;-)


The knitting needles still scare me but I'm loving the socks, as it happens I was just putting away the socks before reading this, I have a cosy selection of colourful snuggly bed sock,perfect as I'm mostly to be found hunkering in my bed, but what I do lack is a pretty knitted pair, dare I brave the needles
Clare x


My sock knitting went through two major step (!) changes in the last year, the first was acquiring a set of bamboo 9 inch circulars (which I gather you're using already) since double points are as you say a thorny issue and I never could get into magic loop, the second was the fish lips kiss heel, really the very best heel for toe-up socks (the magic cast on came in the wake of that and is also very satisfying). The marvel of toe-up socks is you just cast one and knit to the end of the ball, making them as long as you like, rather than worrying about how long you can make the leg part without risking running out of yarn for the foot!

I've tended to be a bit purist about self-striping and patterning yarns, that they'r cheating a bit and I ought to be doing my own colour work, but the last rainbow pair of stripeys I made had so many ends to sew in, as well as the jogs, that I was quite fed up with the matter. Then I had a request from a friend with diabetes and sensitive feet, so decided I'd give a self patterning one a go, I went for Drops Fabel in the berry colours and it's just delicious, and such a treat to just watch it happening with no effort on my part!

Happy socking!

crafty mema

years ago -i was so into siocks-may start up again after everyting else is FINISHED

xooxoxoxcrafty mema

Brenda B

I adore socks and never have less than two pairs on the go at any one time. Like you, I started with self patterning yarns a couple of years ago, but there are so many stunning patterns out there (when you're ready), that I moved into solids and semi solids to better show off cables/lace/patterns etc. You're making fantastic progress and, like anything, it does get easier with "more doing". I'm on Ravelry as racinggirl if anyone wants to look at my projects. My Feb socks will be Harry Potter inspired as a tribute to Alan Rickman.


To Jean, look at this ladie from France patterns. she makes the most beautiful socks ( and more) in chrochet.

Patterns by Mon Petit Violon

I'm a sock knit addicted, especially when the socks are colourbombs.So love yours.

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