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January 25, 2016


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arne and carlos have a free bear pattern in this woolon their blog.


Thank you so much for this feed. I crochet mainly but I have always wanted to knit socks. Thanks to you, and Winwick Mum, I am now addicted! The only problem now is what to do with all my left over yarn. I've been knitting socks for me (small feet) and my daughter, and have about 40 - 50g of each ball left - not enough for another pair. Any ideas on a future blanket project for left over self striping wool? I thought possibly hexagons, but would welcome any ideas.

Thanks for a fantastic blog by the way. So inspiring. I have many "Attic" blankets dotted around the house and Motorhome. 😀

Carol Monks

Just want to reassure you that you will never lose your love of self-striping yarn. I speak from experience! I started to knit socks for the first time after being a knitter for 45 years. That was 10 years ago and I still drool over new sock yarn. 😊
PS: I use DPNs though, not circular needles.


Your socks are fab! So pretty.

I was very inspired to try knitting some by my north Yorkshire bloggy friend Trish of Made by Patch, as she was doing the Sockalong last year. But when I added the needles to my wishlist, at Christmas time, Amazon didn't have the Addi ones Christine recommends. This post has reminded me to check again. It can be a ....Happy Pancake Day present or, the onset of Spring, or.....?!


Hi Lucy I have knitted socks on dpn. I was intrigued with your circular needles that you were using. They were so small. We're you using 2 circular needles or just 1. What length were your needles. Thanks so much. Jenny


#operationsockdrawer is the brainchild of Jasmine and Gigi of the Knitmoregirls Podcast. They are a mother and daughter team recording in California, USA. I bet they'd be thrilled to know that you have been inspired by the hashtag/pictures.
Happy Stitching!


Love knitting socks! Ever since a shoulder injury and subsequent repair stopped me knitting as I was accustomed I stumbled across 'sock' wool and thought I'd try something small. Dozens of pairs and many happy sock gift recipients later I'm still going. Now when I need to stop for a few hours, or days, the partly finished pair sit beside me where I can enjoy their colour and pattern showing me I can still create something delightful. I've gone from 4 pins to circular loop and am happy either way although I find the circular loop gives a nicer finish.(And I'm still learning, thanks for the link to 'Winwick mum')


Your socks are super Lucy.
Have you looked at Drops Fabel yarn at wool warehouse?
It is a sock yarn and they have a decent choice of striping colourways.
I am currently knitting a shawl in it and am very pleased with the colours.
And as it only costs £2.10 a ball, it doesn't feel like a guilty luxury rather a pleasantly frugal treat!!!
Claire xx


I have to agree with the comment about Zauberball and Crazy Zauberball!


What a fabulous post and fantastic colours. I'm inspired and will return, many times to this post - thank you!! I do hope you feel stronger and energized quickly - all the best for a speedy recovery.

Robin Summers

I love the awesome stripey yarn. I have been in the process of looking for an easy pattern. It got super late before I found what I wanted, I did come across a pattern for crocheted socks. Might have to try it or put to use all the knitting needles I have. I have a knitting book. You have done such a wonderful job on all of the socks yoou have knitted. I will keep at it until I master. I want a drawer of knitted and crocheted socks. Whichever one gives me the prettiest patterns from the autostripe yarn. Thanks for the link to print the wrappers. I joined her blog. :D I am excited!!!

Michele C

Yes, you inspired me to pick up some teeny needles and stripey yarn, though I've not yet begun. Everything is lined up, though, for that time when I have to completely stop and learn something new. Thanks for all the effort you put into your posts. Love all the photos of your town and your projects! -- michele


I was inspired by your first sock journey to break through my knitting phobia and have another go. I'm a sock and a half through my new years resolution and loving it, especially the technical bits. christinesbook is amazing, the only moment Otho hum was realising how much longer you have to knit if you have size 8 feet! The urge to stash was irresistible though, and in a short moment those stitch markers will be tracked down too. Thanks for the inspiration and update.your blog is wonderful.


A lovely post and of course it is all my fault. Happy socking Lucy xx lots of love Joy xx


colorfull sock yarn!


Greetings from Berlin!


I love knitting socks, with or without pattern, in plain or self striping. I always have a pair on the go as they are so easy to pick up and put down, and great for transporting if you are on the move.
Have you noticed how amazed people are when you are knitting them out and about?


I love knitting socks - I always have two or three pairs on the go (mostly for me!). I enjoy using the stripey yarn but never worry about matching the yarn so that the stripes lines up - I like the more eclectic look! I've probably made over 200 pairs . . . . here is a link to my sock drawer three years ago http://www.ravelry.com/forum-images/twotoast/3o7h-nyli5a there was a thread on Ravelry and knitters were sharing picks of their sock drawer - you will get there - and it is a fun journey!

I would also recommend knitting two at a time on circular needles. I use a 45cm circular and it is perfect!


lol. The poor lady had to sort out her shop because of all the orders from Attic24. Awesome. My grandaughter last year at age 13 has the same illness you do.so its been a year of fainting and all you have and hopefuly It will get better for both of you.xoxo

Lu Douglas

Ahhh yes, I have a sock journey too. I created a hashtag that I ask everyone to use - #burningsockdesire. You might use it too. I had a burning sock desire for years and bought LOTS and I mean LOTS of yarn for socks. But wasn't game to start until a few years ago. I took a small class to get some things straight but the rest of it I've taught myself and LOVE SOCKS. I LOVE magic loop and circulars and although knitting with four points has some charm of its own, I find it too fiddly and difficult, especially if I want to take them with me and knit the leg on a plane etc. Oh, you MUST try Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman. they are the BESTt and a great basic sock from which to create others. Look forward to more of your sock journey. Lu xx

Crystal Wall

Lucy! They are beautiful, colorful and the make me want to put them on my feet. I am envious of knitting socks. I am intimidated by them. Yours are gorgeous. I love it when you have a new post, I've been following for a while now. Thanks for sharing.


One of us, one of us!

Welcome to the wonderful world of sock knitting, where you WILL find yourself saying, "Oh, I can just cast one more pair on, it won't hurt anything." (Says I, who currently has four pairs on the needles and is idly [okay, more than idly] contemplating a fifth. I'm almost halfway done with three of the four, so that's fine, right?)

That Opal yarn is pretty nice knitted up. I don't typically invest in much self-striping anymore but I may have to make an exception because I might just need a pair just like that.

Ingrid van Kaam

O I love your socks. I made them myself but nobody want to wear them here. And I have an allergy for wool. The acrylic yarn is to thick for me.


Ah, Lucy, you've started me on a lovely journey browsing the crochet stitch markers on Etsy. Such fun!

Brenda Cupryn

I have been a knitter for 60years starting before I was 5 years old. I was lucky to go to a primary school that taught sock knitting and was making them by about aged 8. it was only about 8 years ago, I cam across toe up socks and can honestly say, for me with "athletic" calves they are the best thing ever as I can increase the leg part to fit. Thank you for sharing about the markers, I now have envy. BTW I knit socks when on cyclecamping trips as they are light and easy to carry. I even bought some last year on a trip in Germany - I couldn't resist the colour!!


Oh! All your socks look so fabulous and lovely. I feel tempted and start to read Sockalong posts. Thank you!

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