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January 26, 2016


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Brenda Cupryna

thanks for posting the photos. its lovely area and have both cycled the area and kayaked the Wharfe. Happy memories.
Stay safe and look after yourself well


Is there anyway you can have intravenous iron I did and was so good got me on the road to recovery so much quicker the iron tablets etc made me I'll.
Saying that I hope you feel well soon,and try to relax and enjoy some peace xx


So very, very glad your ailing is
(allbeit long term )fixable xxxx stay strong take your time and get 100% well

Lesley Buckle

Hi Lucy

Hope you are soon feeling better. Your blog is so inspirational - I can always find what I need to know about crocheting.

Thank you

Lesley Buckle, Stowmarket, Suffolk

Carolyn Dietrich

Lucy, so glad you have found out what the problem is and are on the mend. Happy you are taking care of yourself. I love your beautiful crochet and hearing about bits and pieces of your life. Thank you for keeping a blog. I enjoy it so much!


Lucy....I forgot to also mention blackstrap molasses mixed in warm water as a tea. Very effective for helping increase iron levels.......and I see that another person left a comment about it also.


You only absorb about 10% of the iron you take as a supplement. They are slso quite hard on the stomach and are constipating. I Have had phenomenal success with a liquid tonic (made from foods...fruits, etc.). I believe the one I have used is made in Germany.....but easily available in the States......so hope it is available where you are. Floradix Iron and Herbs. Honestly Lucy, it works very quickly! You won't be disappointed.

 Maria Christina


I send to you good and colours vibes from Brasil! I love your beautiful blog! Get well soon.


Have a lovely rest, Lucy. I am doing the border of the Sunny blanket at the moment, having been forced to rest for a few weeks myself with severe osteoarthritis complications. The bright yarns and beautiful pattern are truly THE thing that has got me through the dark days! Thank you so much for your lovely blog, gorgeous photos and beautiful designs.

Suzan Warnes

Lucy I will not offer advice but instead I will empathise. I lost a lot of blood during surgery and it took a very long while to recover. I know the feelings you describe. Last year to my horror, as I live in Queensland, Australia ,I found out I was vitamin D deficient. I was swallowing 10 vitamin D capsules a day! If you feel like you rattle I sympathise.

Feel better soon. Do as you are told and let your body heal.

Susan Buettner

Lucy, do you have a crock pot/slow cooker? You can not only do entrees, but bake and make candy in one. There are child friendly recipes available and many cookbooks plus thousands of recipes online.
Your daughter might really enjoy helping out by cooking that way. You get to rest, the house smells wonderful and you're eating really well. What's not to like?! 😉

Helen Murnane

Hope you feel better soon, ibusy making your log cabin blanket and theharmony blankets.l love the colour combinations you come up with


Oh. And make sure they establish why you are so anaemic. It's ok pumping iron back in but it should always be questioned why it was low in the first place. Xx


Treat yourself to some good quality ( butchers not supermarket)grass fed red meat. Indisputably the best and most readily absorbed source of iron Mother Nature has to offer.
Get well soon xx

Carolyn Jackson

Hi Lucy, what a lovely day out you had together, I always enjoy following where you have been and what you are working on. So pleased you have a diagnosis and one you can fix. Your plan of pacing yourself and having nice quiet times with your crochet sound just the right thing to do, thats my plan too. All the very best, I do enjoy your blog. Best wishes, Carolyn.


Hi Lucy, hope you will soon be feeling better, take your time and you will soon be back to your lovely self. I am in the middle of making the Sunny Granny blanket for my granddaughter Millie, she is only 3, I love the colours and I know she will too. Lots of love to you and your family. Jane x

Penny L

Glad you know what it is. Take good care of yourself Lucy. Love Penny Lxxxxx

Emily Rogals

Lucy-Glad to hear its not something serious. Be sure to take blackstrap molasses and cooked spinach into your diet. Just google natural remedies for anemia. Good luck! I love your blog, you inspire me to keep going! Thank you!

Anita walters

Hi, I too am iron deficient so I know how horrible it feels,you are right to hunker down and take things slowly and reading your post has made me want to do exactly the same ,I have got to go to work but at home I am being more careful with myself,making things cheers me up no end as does reading your blog
I hope you start to feel better soon xx

Lynn Butler

Hi Lucy! I'm so glad you found out that your lack of energy has a solution. I am sending you speedy Get Better Quick thoughts your way. I know you will start to feel better soon. Anemia and vitamin D deficiency doesn't happen overnight and the cure doesn't either! 😞 It sounds like you are taking care of yourself and that's good thing too.

I so enjoy your blog...the pictures and colors and YOU! You are a bright spot in my day - even when you aren't feeling your best.

Thank You!


Glad it is something relatively easy to reverse! I'm on the Vitamin D regiment currently also. Had the Iron problem in the past, to the point of passing out before I checked on it, so I totally get your feeling tired out and dizzy. It really won't take too long to get back to feeling good! And Happy Hooking!


I really love your blog – am just a bit shy to comment! But I wanted to say: so glad you've had good news, even if it means taking things slowly for a while. Look after yourself :-)


Glad the test results have given you answers to the problem and you are on the road to recovery now. As Kimmy mentioned I hope they tested your B12 levels too. I have to have regular B12 injections and its amazing what a difference they make. Take good care of yourself. Thanks for the lovely photos of Burnsall and Linton - brought back lots of happy memories. The Dales in the winter months have a special magic.


Hi Lucy, Thank you for your wonderful blog. Hope you'll be feeling more like yourself very soon. I too am working on the original granny stripe blanket and also wanted to make it longer. Do you have colors already in mind for rows 60-90? I'm presently on row 44 and will put the project on hold once I reach row 60 so that I will be able to follow your beautiful color recommendations. Take care.

Alison Keogh

Get well soon and rest up - I was diagnosed with severe anxiety three months ago and I am about to return to my job as a teacher but in these three months there have Ben little things that have made a difference, walking the dog, no caffeine, mindfulness and CROCHET 💕 so good for the soul x

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