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January 26, 2016


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Hi Lucy! I am a bit late with my commenting on this post.. but I do wish you to get well soon and get all your iron and vitamin D back!Take care of yourself!
I am revisiting your blog after a long time, and so glad to see little and big changes in your life.
Hope your little son is also completely fine after that surgery...
Wishing your family health first of all!


I just got diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia a few months ago too. I also have been vitamin d deficient in the past. I hope you feel better soon.


I'm so sorry hear that you're under the weather and really hope that you start to feel brighter soon. I've only just read this post and I was stunned when you said that you had anaemia. I was told I had anaemia at the end of October, last year, and I was so relieved. I had been feeling run down every day for months and couldn't understand why I was finding everyday life so overwhelming. The tiredness I felt, on a daily basis, was debilitating and was affecting every aspect of my life. I started to pick up again after I'd been on the iron tablets for about a month. Good luck and best wishes with your recovery. x


Sending my love xxx


I absolutely love your colourful blog. I too have been away ill and now recovering see your blog and smile and am encouraged to take up again where I left off. Also picked up my crochet hooks for the first time in ages. X

Cynthia Weaver

Hoping you feel like your old self very soon. Lovely photos. Your home looks amazing!


((hugs)) xo susie


I love your blog and cheerful crochet! I discovered that I should also take magnesium along with the megadose Vit D. Magnesium is necessary in the processing of D, if it is low as well (often the case) you will get headaches from the D. Just another tidbit to help in your recovery. :) Feel better soon!

Marisa Buehring

Sorry to hear that you not feeling well. I have been there myself with iron levels so low that my nurse practitioner called me in a panic. Anemia is a strange thing in that it so slowly sucks the life out of you that you don't realize what is happening! However, as soon as your iron levels come back up you will begin to feel better fast and every time you look in the mirror, you will be surprised by the color in your face (or at least I was)! Hope you feel better soon!

Mary Pugh

So glad,to hear that you're on the mend. Take it easy! 🌸 Mary.


I've recently been introduced to your site by a good friend, not because I crochet (unfortunately something I've never learnt), but because I discovered the joy of knitting socks. I'm loving your blog Lucy and I'll be looking forward to visiting often! I am very sorry to hear you're unwell but cheered to know you are on the road to recovery, albeit a slow one. Good to see you're taking care of yourself and I'm sure your family are looking out for you too, evident with you and J having such a delightful day together. Your photos show a lovely scene both inside and out.
Take care

Dora Berenyi

Great to hear you now have a diagnosis and can work on getting better! I think it's amazing that you can still write your blog and did that last tutorial for us all. I know how hard it is to rest .... Thank goodness for the crochet - at least the hands can keep busy. Take care and hoping you have a speedy recovery. Dora from Down Under.

Steph Holder

Lucy, I truly hope you are soon feeling well again, but I have to tell you that everything you described was experienced by two people I know, and both have subsequently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. The vitamin D deficiency is pretty key to this, and I really hope it's nothing, and simply anaemia, but please please please ask your doctor to run blood tests for MM. It's something that can have awful effects if not picked up early. My husband has symptomatic MM, and it took months before he was diagnosed, difficult, painful months. Really sorry to drop this on you, I hate to upset you, but I would hate even more if you became more I'll and I'd said nothing.
Steph x

Tracy kristiansen

hi lucy, i was diagnosed with the same thing over fifteen years ago and promise you you will feel better soon. just rest as much as you can. love the site and great photos too. Tracy x


Lucy, I am so glad you have found out what is wrong. Such a relief when you know you just don't feel right. I absolutely love your blog and you have made me think of my own homely pleasures more too. I have a very busy job and have to fit my crocheting around that and, boy, does it make me relax. There is nothing more soothing than crochet. Take care. Von xxx


Hi Lucy, I'm so glad you found out the reason for your lack of energy and fuzzy-headedness. I hope that the supplements help you to feel better soon. I love your blog, you are so inspirational. Very best wishes, Georgie xx


Re my previous comment, I have just finished and steamed my Sunny blanket! It looks absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad I made it. Thanks, Lucy, for the brilliant idea of having such a vibrant and interesting project for the winter months. You are a genius. Carry on resting and dreaming until you are completely better. As you can see from all these loving notes, we are all happy to wait and are sending you warm, blankety love and hugs. x


Being on the slow road is very difficult for anyone called Mum. Hang in there it will get better.


Hello Lucy,

So pleased they have found what is wrong and you are slowly getting better. I know how you must have felt at times fir I am suffering the same and recently had an iron infusion which has helped I go back in approx. 6 weeks to see whether my levels are up. I just want to give you a tip when taking the iron tablets take with some pure orange juice, my doctor gave me thei tip saying that the body absorbs the iron better this way. Eat prunes and drink lots of water for the constipation. Good luck and you are like me a positive person so you will be okay.

Hazel c uk

Teri Sullivan

So happy to hear you are on the mend. I look forward to your posts and I find inspiration and couragement at every turn.. Cheers, Teri from Staten Island, New York xx

Mirjam Roos

Dear Lucy, I just wanted to let you know I really love it how you can make the best of not so nice times, I see you as an inspiration in that department!
And also in the crochet one of course.... I learned how to crochet from your blog some years ago now, and I still love you patterns and colours.
I had unexpected surgery last weekend and am now healing while making a raindrops blanket; it's so comforting, thanks a lot for the pattern!!!
If you like you can see it on my blog: stinsplace.blogspot.com
I hope you will feel better soon dear Lucy and that you will be your old lovely self again, Hugs from Mirjam.


Wishing you lots of good thoughts to get well soon. Happy crocheting xxxx

IGeorgina Pmela Davis

Hi there,I know you are very busy but I have just had my very own TA DAH! moment on my blog PAMCHINAHOLIC.I am a novice but have just completed my infinity blanket!I would be so proud if you could pop over and have a peek.Kind regards Pam.


I do hope you are feeling a little better now you're getting the appropriate treatment. It must be a relief to know what's wrong. Take things slowly, as you are doing, and you will soon be feeling your bubbly self again. Like the new blanket and it's lovely colours. Get well soon.


I have had problems with anaemia over the years, the first time it was so severe I had to have injections in my bum, which were painful to say the least! The last time it was really severe, I had tablets but sadly underlying problems meant that the treatments did not work at all, due, we discovered to chronic renal failure. This was a really bad time in my life, thirty years ago, and I know only too well all those symptoms you describe and how hard it can be at time to simply get up in the mornings, let alone cope with young children etc. When you get back to the old Lucy you will soon forget this time, but at least you know the signs now and won't leave it so long to see the doctor!

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