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January 04, 2016


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Happy New year Lucy, I do love all the stationary that comes around in January so lovely
Clare x


Hi Lucy really can't wait for Sunday for the final part of the log cabin blanket, I have had all my squares finished and ready to go since the Monday after the 15/16 blocks were posted. I love your blog and crochet items. Please keep up all your lovely hard work take care vina xx


Oh Lucy such memories of toasting crumpets with my sons now in their 40s!! we also roasted chestnuts. Memorable.


Happy New Year Lucy!


prince of Wales tea is my Fav.Happy New year.xoxo

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

Happy New Year Lucy! The routines are gradually becoming easy again and the chocolates and alcohol are near depleted so everything should be back to normal in my house soon. I could taste the freshly toasted crumpet that you showed. I haven't been able to do this for years as we moved and no longer had the open fire (something that we will be looking for in our next house I can assure you!). Keep warm and cozy and enjoy the knitting. Take care.

shannon hassouneh

Love your blog. I can feel the comfy warmth and delish crumpet.


I love toasted crumpets too! Though when I was a kid we called them pikelets, and drop scones (little pancakes) were crumpets! Oh the joy of English..

Marylin Ollivier

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU LUCY, AND TO ALL YOUR READERS!!! The toasting fork is interesting...never seen one of those and what a good idea. Bit of snow falling today, not a 'normal' thing for us here on Vancouver Island, BC but it seems to quiet the world down. So I am enjoying some warm and cosy time crocheting...what could be more peaceful than that. :)

Cherie Chudyk

Oh Lucy that open fire is sooo lovely and so reminds me of childhood days. Thanks for sharing some of your cosy moments with us. I've just finished a small drawstring backpack, and started making flowers and leaves that I'm going to sow onto a willow heart. Wishing you a Happy healthy New Year filled with crochet and more special moments...and do keep sharing x


How I envy your fire and toasted crumpets!!

Lucero Hernandez

Happy new year Lucy and for your family too.


Gorgeous post thank you so much.lovely respite from getting back into more normal routine.Hoping my sleep returns to normal too.😊


Your fireplace looks so cosy and just screams out for tea, crumpets and craft...looks a lot like socks to me? After re-reading your sock post the other day I'm going to give it a go but did you know that 2.5 30cm circular needles are like hens teeth at the moment...I wonder why!


hi Lucy! happy new year!
i usually don't comment so much, but i thought i post this link:
maybe you would like to take a look at it and encourage Little Lady to make her own journals... it's totally adaptable to any age and craft supplies you may have at home and it's lots of crative fun =)
love from snowy austria

Angela-Southern USA

Taking it slow here as well. LOVE the colors in your latest socks! Itching to try a pair myself after Santa brought a pair of 9 inch circular sock needles but, I'm trying to finish up with some WIP's first before embarking on something new (and unfamiliar). I also have in the plans to de-clutter this year, but not in an overwhelming sort of way. I've decided to purge something everyday even if some days it's just a couple of old magazines tossed. The fire toasted crumpet sounds wonderful! Have a great day Lucy!x


Hi Lucy,

Wauw, it looks amazingly cozy there. I can get it that you body clock is messed up, mine was too. I was staying up late and sleeping late so mine was messed up too. haha. But with 2 mornings waking up at 6AM I'm starting to get back in routine. All the best for 2016 and I look forward to your posts :-). Have a lovely evening.

Sweet greetings,


Love the look of those crumpets toasting on the fire. I haven't done that in ages...now there's a thought, where's my toasting fork! Barbara X

mrs. smythe

I've only ever seen a toasting fork like that used in a movie - and it was set in the Victorian era! So neat to think people are still doing that.


Reading your blog is definitely one of my happy moments of me time! You seem to have an amazing ability to remind us of all the simple happy things in life - thank you.

Kjersti Eriksen

Love how warm and welcome your house looks. And the place you live and places you go. We have nothing like that where I live in Norway. Keep posting in your lovely blog. I check in several times a week and have done many craft projects after finding insperation here.
Wish you a great new year and look forward to follow your 2016 activities!


Love these Attic 24 admissions of hangovers and messed up sleep! Makes me feel a lot better!


I can always count on your posts to inspire and brighten my day. Thank you x

Kim Hood

What a lovely post. I had 'wine flu' on new years day too so sympathise. Yes, I agree crumpets toasted on the fire taste better than any other way.


Oh Lucy! You give so much warmth to the world Thank you!!! Warm greetings from Paland! It's very cold here too. You write that you have problems with sleeping. Meanwhile I feel so tired after day with my four little people that I could sleep all day ;-)

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