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December 27, 2015


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Brigida Gee

We are sending you love and prayers for a speedy recovery! You bring us so much joy! Take it easy and feel better soon. I've bean inspired to make some things following your patterns! I so love your color choices, they bring me giggles of pure joy! So rest and get better! Love from Brooklyn, NYC!


But loving it. Glad you and family safe from floods it so sad.


Phew if I knew we were getting 2weeks to finish Iwwouldn't have been galloping nay racing to make squares as only got kit on 20dec as a birthday present up to 14.........he he

Robin Summers

Yippee I finally got the circle granny square down pat. Talk about doing the happy dance!!! LOL


Lucy, thank you for all your effort. I just finished the squares, and they look so beautiful. I can't wait to join them together and add the border.
It turns out, I have quite a bit of yarn left over. Maybe half a ball each, except less for the spice color. I was thinking of using the leftovers to make a mini sunny granny stripe blanket for my niece's new baby. Could you possibly give me a sense of how much and which color yarns I need for the joining and the border? I don't need a lot of specifics. I'm just eager to get started on the baby gift, but I don't want to run out of yarn to finish the Sunny Log Cabin blanket.

Carolyn Jackson

I have been wondering how you are faring in the floods, we keep getting news here in NZ, do hope things haven't got worse for you and your family in Skipton. Yes I wonder what people do who don't have an inside hobby,we are very luckly, its great to keep in touch with you all who crochet and craft in the uk. Happy New year.


Have just learnt how to crochet (have been a knitter for about 10 years), and am very happy to have found your blog again. I'm going to buy the pack to make the Granny Stripe blanket - I've always wanted to make a blanket, but have never fancied knitting one. I also wanted to say that, looking through your photos, we have the same puzzle as you (the Corner Shop one) and the same owl cushion (a present from my sister-in-law)! Anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful blog and patterns with us :) x


so lovelly, lively colors for a beautifull géométricalplaid:, vitaminée et si jolie couverture géométrique.


Those are such gorgeous colours, they go together so well.
So sad about all the floods especially bad at Christmas. Glad people are safe that's the main thing.


Good luck with the floods! Happy thoughts from Brussels!


MERCI BEAUCOUP! c'est très beau et j'aime visiter votre blog...
Bonjour de France !


My daughters gave me 2 packages of the coast yarn from wool warehouse so that I can make a blanket for my bed. I am so excited to start it. Still keeping watch on your weather and wishing you safety.

Robin Summers

I am so glad to see that you and the family are okay. The remaining squares are beautiful. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year!

Robin in the USA


Last Monday I ordered the Sunny blanket and just before Christmas eve the yarn was delivered in Wijchen.
Today I finished the first square , so nice all the colours.
Relaxing time.

Thank you for sharing your patterns.

Dora Berenyi

You are having floods and we are having fires! May we all be safe. Dora from Australia.


I was pleased to read your blog this morning (in Sydney) to see you and your family are ok. The flooding around you must be dreadful. Keep safe and dry!!!

Angela-Southern USA

We've had flooding here as well(pics on Flickr)no going out Christmas day at all, driveway under water along with many roads. If this flooding keeps up, we may both need a boat! Keep dry and hook on! x


I read it in our French paper yesterday, this question of the flooding in Yorkshire, so I went to see your blog... you were speaking of a lot of rain, but the pictures of Skipton today are impressive... Wishing your area a lot of sunshine, and happy 2015 last days...

Winwick Mum

I did wonder what it was like where you were after seeing the fields around Skipton just before Christmas. Hope you're staying dry and everyone nearby is safe xx


My husband has been following the news about the floods. I can't get my head around it, houses half under water. Stay dry and carry on crocheting! Best wishes from Canada.

Pom Pom

Beautiful! The colors are so rich (AND bright as per usual!)
You are such a crochet mentor, so generous with your patterns and your verve for the hook!

Jean Isiminger

I thought as I was ready about the storms/floods that it must be near you. I'm glad you're ok! I love your blog!


I've been wondering if you had escaped the floods, Lucy. Your part of Yorkshire looks particularly bad according to the reports from the EA. Stay safe and keep hooking!

Lynn Walsh

My lovely husband got me your Sunny pack for Christmas but I have other plans for it, one being a bright cushion for my Son's teacher when he leaves her in the summer! Just watching the floods on the news. Much love from Cornwall xx


Speaking as one with a broken arm who cannot sew, knit, or crochet for relaxation at the moment....there is always the choice of curling up with a down comforter and flannel sheets and a good book. Thanks for your ray of sunshine post!

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