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December 13, 2015


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Custom Letterman

Different double strip jackets may have slightly different looks due to these varying features. You can tell the difference between an edgy and modern jacket by its details, such as a standing collar and asymmetrical zipper, and a more classic one by its collar and buttons.


To Rosie in Melbourne,

I've just printed off the instructions for squares 11 and 12 and saw your question. By now I hope you have the answer but if you haven't then the colours are the same for both blanket patterns. Merry Christmas to you.


Just finished the edge of the granny stripe blanket. It looks awesome on the couch. Don't know if it will get steamed before Christmas, but it is done. Thank you Lucy for a wonderful pattern with great colors.

Jo Hyde

I have just finished your wonderful sunny stripe blanket in 2 weeks as a Christmas pressie for a grandchild! I an totally crocheted out but it was so enjoyable to see the interplay of the glorious colours!! Thank you , thank you Lucy for your wonderful inspiration. A very Happy Christmas to you and your family this holiday. All we need is for it to stop raining!

Rosemary Dargan

Dear Lucy,
I received my wool pack yesterday from the Wool Warehouse and was very excited. When I opened the package it had the wool but the pattern was for the Log Cabin blanket. I thought I ordered the wool for the sunny stripe blanket.
Do you know if the same colours are used for both?
I loved the colours you were using in the striped blanket and wanted to make one and I thought I was ordering the wool for that.
I love reading your words of wisdom all the time.
Rosie (Melbourne).

Crystal Wall

It's absolutely lovely, as all of your blankets are. Somehow your colors are always so perfect. Your crochet is just gorgeous and I appreciate it so much. As someone who is fairly new to fiber arts I just drool over your work. Thank you for the time and energy it takes to crochet, do all the mom and household stuff, and keep a blog going. I read every post. Anyway, I just felt like saying thank you and let you know how I appreciate it.


I think this will be a winter project, possibly a stash buster. =>¿<=

Shobha N

Hi Lucy!

I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog and most of all the colors that jump out and envelop all who read! Love your crochet projects, have made the Attic24 Mandala and will be ordering the gorgeous Harmony Blanket, swoon, swoon, soon! Btw, I only chanced upon your blog, sometime end of April, this year, when I started learning to crochet and am grateful for your free patterns and the inspiration that I get from them! So many talented crochet crafters, like yourself, are so generous, and so kind! Thank you Lucy!

Janice perkin

Thanks for log cabin pattern Lucy, love it. How many times should 1 colour be in each position as I have spice as number 1 twice or have I gone wrong?

carol partridge

This blanket is coming on a treat. I really like it now.
You are so speedy!

Lucy Caitlyn

Hi, Slightly off topic.
Only found this blog a week ago and try as I might I can't subscribe :~(
Each time I try I get lines of computer code. Any ideas?
Another UK Lucy, this one transplanted from Lancaster/Durham to the Garden of England (Kent) :~)

Robin Summers

This blanket is just beautiful. The colors are simply lovely. They go together so well. I simply love CAL. Oh yeah.. it is so cute when you call us your lovelies!LOL Thanks as always. You just rock!

Angela-Southern USA

This blanket my very well be my favorite of the pile, probably because it combines two of my loves, crochet and quilts. I look forward to the Ta-dah moment!x


I love this new log cabin design! I agree with you about crocheted blankets, I love to sit and watch TV in the evenings with one in the making on my lap. xx

Kira Waters

I'm only on square 9, but enjoying it so much!

Jacquie Clapperton

Eeek! I'm only on Square 5. Life just gets in the way at this time of year, together with work :-( Hoping I'll get to catch up over the holidays.


Very nice & different to the others. Brilliant work!


Wasn't sure about the log cabin blocks at first, but seeing them all together now, I can truly appreciate your vision. Another stunner!

Cintia - Sol de Noche {deco crochet}

So lovely!

Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats

The log cabin squares are looking great - I've just finished the granny stripe with the lovely spot border and will be moving on to work more on the single large log cabin square I've sort of fallen into doing. This is a great CAL Lucy - I've really enjoyed it! Hope you had a fab weekend xxxxxxx Kathryn

Julie Cooper

The squares are looking great Lucy as is your colourful house. I'm only up to Square9. No decorations up. Hopefully once the darleks etc have danced I'll be able to crack on with things!


Your vision is a wonderful thing Lucy. As this project grows I can see it will be gorgeous...but it's only now I can see what was in your creative brain from the start. I love love love log cabin patchwork and your crochet version is a delight.
Jacquie xxx


Yes, you're right, that pile of handmade blankets is gorgeous. And even better to see them used and loved. Worth every stitch. CJ xx


Wonderful .......M.Grazia


Thankyou Lucy for letting us all know, I originally thought it was done on purpose to see if we are all checking the lists before starting lol. Take care Davina xx

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