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December 19, 2015


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Ahhh the sea.....a respite, it would seem, no matter which side of it you're on. :) I'm glad you are close enough to a stretch of water to soothe your soul from time to time. My relationship with my mum is double edged, but I figure the best thing is to be a good daughter as best as can. Be good to yourself! ♡

Katie B

Lots of love for a very happy Christmas to you & yours Luce.
I am crocheting merino scarves with Yarndale wool for my Mum, MIL & Lynne from Manchester days, as Christmas presents! I have even done some pinning & steaming - they look really great!!
Much love to you - I hope you all have a super relaxing break.
Katie B X X.

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

I feel so blessed to live by the sea and treasure my 'me' time on the beach. I love dipping in and out of your busy life - thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas! X

Shirley Flavell

Merry Christmas from N.Z. Lucy.


I know exactly what you mean about the sea in winter. I have always lived near the sea, and winter is the best time to be there.

I love your blog. You always manage to make me smile, no matter how hard my day has been.

Have a wonderful new year!

Anne Skene

Thank you for stunning photographs - so need to see,smell the sea as life is stressful again here. My mum passed away just over a year ago - many difficult times between us but I'm so glad that I would visit whenever I could, especially in the years after Dad died. I miss her far, far more than I ever expected and I'm so glad I kept being there for her.
May I wish you, J. and those lovely children a very happy Christmas and a all you need in the years to come x x x x x
P.S. I've made 'snuggle' blankets for each of my seven great grand children for Christmas. still secrets so can't post on Facebook yet. love my ocean ripple blanket which I made.


Merry Christmas Lucy & family. When you do catch up with your parents, even though you can pull your hair out sometimes with them, make the most of your time with them. My mum passed away on the 4th Dec, I no longer now have a parent. I can not describe this feeling, only people with none can understand, but will say it's awful.
Anyway, this is Christmas time and it's meant to be a happy season. I do understand how you enjoy being by the sea. I love visiting the sea when we travel from Australia to England. Love the beaches here but not as much as the seasides in England. Look forward to reading your blog in 2016. Happy New Year.

Robin Summers

Even though you were without your hubby and the peeps it sounds like you had a lovely mini vacation. Just from reading your description of the ocean and beach I can almost smell the sea and hear the ocean waves. Rest and enjoy the holidays with the family. Lots of love to you all. xxxxx
Robin all the way from across the pond in Virgina.

Gillian Booth

The sea has a very restorative effect. I am out on our Northumberland beaches most days walking the dogs with my OH. Beautiful light and fresh air! Enjoy your family time, it is precious.


You go gently too Lucy, it's exhausting this Christmas season and my little one is now 24 so I don't know how you do it. Have a fabulous Christmas break with your young ones and your lovely sounding capable husband and I'll see you again in the new year xx


Your post makes me realise how lucky I am to be only a little over 20 miles to several beaches along our lovely Norfolk coastline....I must try and visit them more often. So pleased you got to see your parents Lucy. Happy Christmas to you and your family xxx


Dearest Lucy, I love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful crocheted creations. You have inspired me to crochet as well as many other people. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of lots of hooky! You are indeed a rich Jewel in life - thank you for sharing your life with us. xxx


Merry Christmas to you and your family Lucy. I live by the sea so I do understand the longing and loving to be there. I miss it when I am away. Just finished a scarf that instead of fringe, I added some dangling ferns, flowrers and stars of your design. It looks adorbs as my younger sister would say. lol Wish I could show you.

Amy at love made my home

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to more crocheting next year! xx


stunning photos which I can recognise as its my hometown!! merry Christmas to your and your family. xxx

Winwick Mum

We can all be uneasy with our parents at times but one day you'll ask yourself if you did enough, and making an effort in those times will mean that you will know that you did. For a moment, I thought your pictures were taken in Seaford where I was at this time last year; the cliffs look very similar. Beaches in the winter have a beauty all of their own, don't they? xx

Angela-Southern USA

Like an early Christmas gift, visiting the sea. Good for you. Most definitely high stress this time of year and specially with kids in different schools, I know that so well. Here's to quiet lazy days at home for us all! Merry Christmas dear friend!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

crafty mema

a truely beautiful post
know what you mean about the sea -we just came back from a week in cape may , new jersey and it was perfect
happy holidays
oxoxoxox crafty mema


Fabulous winter coast photos, Dorset is beautiful isn't it. I'm glad your visit home wasn't too difficult. I can hardly imagine how tricky it is having three children all at different schools. Hurray for the holidays! I hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

Pom Pom

There you are! Thank you for showing sea scenes. Yes, the pre-Christmas doings are tiring but lazy days of homey celebrations will come soon.
That WAS a long train trip. I wish I could take a train to visit my mama but it costs the earth here in America.


Oh Lucy I so get the seaside in the Winter there is something calming about it for sure. So glad you were able to spend time with your folks - Merry Christmas sweet friend. I have emailed you asking for your address so I can send you the colourful yarns I promised but I guess and know that having little ones at school its a busy time of year. When you get a moment drop me an e-mail and I will get your package off to you xx

Puppet Lady

The last time I visited this stretch of the coast was on July 1st, the hottest day of the year inland but the sea provided a comfortable cooling breeze. It looks different in winter, but I agree that the draw of the sea is ever present, whatever the season. Have a lovely Christmas!

Susan Oliver

Lucy you are a good daughter going to spend time with your patents if I could spend time again with my mum and make our relationship better I would but she passed away 30 yrs ago be proud of going to spend time with them
Merry Christmas to you and your family from Geeleng Australia


Lovely post , your blog is a source of inspiration the whole year,hope you and your family have a lovely, restful Christmas

Farrah Lily

We went to the Rhode Island coast at the end of October, so I know exactly what mean about the magic of the ocean "off season." I hope you have a wonderful break with the kids!

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