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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 10, 2015


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Hi Lucy, just found you online, what a colourful world you have created for you, family and for us to share. Thank you so much ! Very inspirational. I also am starting to design my own creations, would love to share some ideas with you if I could email you perhaps? Hope you are safe up north and not affected by the terrible floods. I live in south west somerset. Madeleine :O)

Nancy Nicholson

Happy new year Lucy! Happy to the angels in their new home! An awful lot have flown out from the studio this Christmas! Xx


22 december actually, Solstice .. :)

Bernardita Cardemil Jaramillo

Beautifull ¡


A beautiful, magical home you have created for your family. I enjoy your posts and look forward to the new year and projects.


Ah, what a colourful Advent you are having! I too have memories of paper Angels, equally hazy but cherished. I love Nancy's work too and had the pleasure of meeting her a could of years ago at the makegood festival, such a warm and passionate and super talented lady!

Wishing you and yours a very happy Advent!


Ah Lucy, I love love your idea with the twigs and baubles! I am definitely going to magpie that idea they look so fabulous! Placing them in front of the mirror is a clever idea too doubling the colour! I have been finding things running away with me a bit too but getting back on track now. Merry Christmas to all at Attic 24. XXX love von x


To be honest, I've felt a bit humbug lately. This morning I read your post while eating warm oat bran applesauce and cinnamon raisin toast with steaming mug of coffee. The cozy Lucy house nudge was all I needed. I'm in the mood to decorate and add some of your ideas too. Thanks Lucy!

crafty mema

i have just gotten hone from a very long week of baby sitting
in neded your christmas

much love crafty mema


Dear Lucy, your home is looking lovely and festive. I find it interesting,the different traditions in different countries. My mum is English, born in Horsforth and came to Australia after the war with her parents as part of the ten pound Pom scheme. So our ancestry is not that far apart, yet here in Australia we put our tree up on the 1st of December, even with our English background, I wonder when things changed.....

Ali Whale

I love your Fun and Joy garland. It could almost be up all year round with those words.
Our decorations are all old and nostalgic. Sometimes if we are out as a family somewhere nice I might buy a new one but most of them are ancient, have a history and bring on bouts of nostalgia. My daughter and I decorate the house and because of that it takes ages!
One of my favourites is a cardboard circle with glittery stars on; she made it at nursery. She's just turned 17.....

Rose from Happy Ramblings blog

I love your decorations. Your house looks so warm and cosy. I haven't put my decorations up yet as it doesn't quite feel like Christmas here in New Zealand...it is so hot at the moment. I love your twig decorations. You have inspired me to start decorating :)


I remember the advent calendars we had as kids. We had two with pictures not chocolate behind the windows. We had the same two every year and my mum would blutack the windows shut so that we could open the afresh. My brother and I had 1 each and they were rotated so that we got a 'different' one each year!

Where did you get you lovely wooden nativity candelabra from? It's really fab.


Beautiful,cosy home. Thanks for the reminder that I had crocheted the snowflakes last summer. Now I will be making a garland from them as soon as they dry from the spray starch. Have asked from some yarn packs for Christmas.

Patty Boyer

And I got so involved telling you how I love the things you do - I forgot why I was writing.
Is the original pack the same as the "Lucy Pack" that Dedri speaks of?
I am totally smitten with the colors she used for "Sophie's Garden"! It might be easier and better to buy it in a pack...

Patty Boyer

Well, I live in Wyoming, USA. I LOVE your stuff. So colorful, and I have far to go to have all those pretty colors in my house. And, I'm 69, have crocheted off and on for a long time, but just got serious-er about it recently. I am so impressed with all the things that can be done and the wonderful colors!! I wish all I had to do was to crochet!!


Your blog brings me so much joy! I just purchased all 18 skeins for the granny stripe blanket and cant wait to recreate your blanket all the way over here in the U.S.
Your home looks absolutely charming and welcoming with all the colors and homemade goodness:) Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. God bless

Kathleen Wintet

Very pretty as always. Merry Christmas.

Pam Wilson

Thank you for sharing all your loveliness and pettiness. It was a great to see first thing this morning. Has cheered up a grey dreary sky morning for me and made the sun shine!!!!


I am sure that your children will remember all this. My sons, now with their own families, say Christmas is cancelled if I don't produce all those little things they remember!!


Aw, I remember FUN AND JOY from way back! I'm glad you've kept so many old things to decorate with. The handmade ornaments and decorations are the best kind.

Jennifer Crewe

Lovely post really makes me long for a fireplace so I could have a mantlepiece on which to put things. I have no where to hang bunting or place decorations expect a small flat top of a tall boy and the edges of the TV stand. Not quite the same! Ah well Aussie houses are just different but I sure miss cold Christmases and this year I am house sitting for my daughter over the holiday period so I don't have any decorations up at all. Hope I don't turn into a Scrooge!


Gorgeous as always Lucy.looking forward to decorating our own home when r daughter returns from uni on Monday.merry chrimble🎄


What fun reading about all your pretties taking their Christmas (Advent?) places!


PS. Please excuse my typos. My Ipad frequently thinks for me. LOL

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