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December 29, 2015


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Gill Waddington

Please say thank you to your daughter for her kind thought for us and her lovely sandy writing - Happy New Year to you all x

Mishel Nesbitt

What a lovely,enjoyable post.can u please tell me more about the money tree? Is it real money jammed into the wood or is it how the tree grows,or something else? Thank u Mishel


Lucy, I just love your posts! I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and I do so love it here! You are so lucky to be living where you are living, it is so beautiful there...I hope to see it someday. Can you tell us how the "Money Tree" came into existence? I think I would really enjoy that story! Thanks for all your posts and tutorials....you are so talented. I'm learning a lot from you. Have a great New Year!


I thought of you when I heard S*****n had flooded. We also wondered how the Strid would look with all that water rushing through. Nice to see that you have had lovely blue skies and your Christmas sounded blissful ☺ xx

Penny R

So happy you all had a lovely Christmas. It is still raining her in the mid Atlantic state of NC, USA. Has been for the past 5 days. We are beginning to grow gills. Forgot what the Sun looks like. Could you please send some sunshine out way?
Thank little Miss for thinking of us out here in Attic 24 land. We do appreciate it.
Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year. Love and ((hugs))

Ingrid van Kaam

I wish you and yours all the best for 2016. I wish you a lot of creativity for 2016.


Happy New Year from Havertown Pennsylvania. I have been enjoying your blog for several years and finally trying one of your patterns. It is inspirational and enjoyable. Some day I hope to visit my family's heritage in a small Hamlet named TRETHEWEY in Cornwall. I hope your weather takes a turn for the better. Here it has been unseasonably warm and we haven't seen the sun in over ten days. Wishing you and your family many blessings for the new year. Love just hunkering down and irking on my blanket. Thank you!

Gillian Roe

Ah, Bolton Abbey, I miss that walk. It was a real favourite of ours, and always worth the hour long drive from Leeds. So lovely to read about your family Christmas. Bella received similar books and pens to Little Miss, and requested vouchers or money to go shopping with, along with some new Playmobil and Sylvanian Family toys - she's still little. :-) I think our Christmasses were very similar indeed. xx


I love the details of your children's Christmas presents - and what your daughter wrote in the sand. She seems very proud of you! xxx


Lucy, your story was inspirational. What wonderfully 'cozy times you are having with your family.

mrs. smythe

You've inspired me to take the family out for more group walks, Lucy! Thank you.

Catherine Curran

What a lovely post. You really do know how to count your blessings. Your children are very lucky to have such a positive, loving, involved and inspiring mum, especially since you had such a tricky start yourself. Happy new year, may it be joyful and full of love.


Looking forward to seeing your new socks! The kids presents all sounded great and I.loved the colouring in book. I hope the sky continues to be blue and sunny for you now and wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year :-)


You were so lucky to avoid flooding in Skipton. We were not so lucky in nearby Hebden Bridge where activities since Boxing Day have mainly been volunteering to clear up town following the enormous flood. Certainly not the restful Christmas everyone was hoping for. Hope 2016 brings better things for Yorkshire!


Really loved reading about your post Christmas activities and glad that I am not the only one guilty of sitting back and enjoying the season for a while. Little Lady's beach writing is magnificent and so precise, certainly artistic qualities there. Have a fun new year and I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic works during 2016.


Glad you were not personally affected by the floods. The TV pictures have been horrific. Bushfires and floods here in Australia over Xmas. Thank you Little Lady. All the best to Attic 24 for 2016.


Sounds like a lovely Christmas. Glad to hear you haven't been flooded out. One thing about blogging is that you start to know people in lots of places, and my heart has gone out to people I don't know in real life but know through blogs etc who have been affected. Glad to hear everyone in the Attic is OK. Love the blue skies reflected in the water in your photos. Happy New Year to everyone in the Attic xx


And another hello from Australia! We're in Toowoomba, mid east coast and 2 hours drive inland. We love living on the heights, and love the cooler weather. We do feel for many suffering floods in your country, as we remember a few years ago similar happened here. At that time, we were evacuated from local floods and cyclone in Vanuatu to another safer area on the island. Praying you enjoy the blessings of home and family, all good gifts from our Heavenly Father, love, Marilyn

Annie Chermak

Oh, we have such gray, gray, gray and snow, sleet, snow in Eastern Washington -- this silly little cloud is camped above and stubbornly won't go away!!! I'm ready for some blue, too!!!!


Lucy, you have been in my thoughts and prayers for many days. Glad to here that your family is safe and dry. Will keep an eye on the weather for your area..


I do enjoy your posts Lucy. Loving to hear your details of the joys of your family's Christmas. Your eager chance for a nature walk despite the unpredictable weather that has pounced on your territory. I second your daughters creativeness in the sand such a natural advertising for Mum. I also receive The Enchaned Forest and looking forward to spending time enhancing these so well illustrated pages.. I have been watch the destruction from the rains. I can't imagine what it must be like to see your belongings floating around the house. Keep safe with the next storm and keep up your fantastic work. Happy New Year🎉🎉


hello from Australia where it is HOT-39 Celsius today . I am enjoying your CAL but am only up to square 8. I actually don't mind the darning. I do each square as it is finished and as I turn and darn I love to admire all those scrumptious colours in different orientations!


Thank you Lucy lovely blog post and pictures thank you too for the sand art Little L enjoy your holiday time in spite of this relentless rain ,here in Cornwall it's the constant wind blowing down the chimney. My gang liked their chocolate blanket . Need to sort my wool pile and plan what to do next Happy New Year to you and yours and to all the lovely postie friends round the world love Jenny xx

Claudia W

I thought about you and hoped that you were all alright when I heard about the floods. So glad you are high and dry!
Thank you for sharing the beautiful scenery in your area. I am left with gray skies, no blue, but "they" (the weather experts) tell us we will be drying out for a time. YES! I am really tired of the mud it has left me to muck through when I go to feed out animals!

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