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November 28, 2015


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Fantastic sock knitting. It does get easier. I struggled with my first pair but now I have a plain sock pattern memorised and churn out loads of them as I can't wear shop socks. It's interesting to see how different people like different needles. I can't get on with the tiny circulars at all but I'm super speedy with DPNs although at the start it is a it like hedgehog wrestling as you say but the tiny circulars just give me cramp.

Can't wait to see more of your socks as well as your blankets as I'm addicted to making those too.


Very well done, Lucy! Your very first pair is a (sometimes tricky) set of identical twins! I'm promoting you to the Intermediate class immediately. :)


Come join us over here! I knitted my first socks this year too. I loved doing it, such a good project for on the go. You did really well. Jo x


Well done, they look gorgeous. I have been wanting to try knitting the Arne and Carlos yarn too. Xx


I recently took a course to learn how to knit.
Of the one and only reason of eventually learning to knit socks.


Huge congratulations Lucy, having recently finished my first pair of socks I know just how amazing it feels!!


So gorgeous! I agree with you. I just love knitting socks. My feet , and the rest of me, is always cold so I can relate ; )
Happy knitting!


I have never knitted socks, just thought they would be way too complicated. Your post has whetted my appetite. One question: how did you manage to get both socks exactly the same? As the rainbow wool makes the pattern in the first sock, how is it replicated in the second sock?

carol fun

Oh sock knitting is sooooo satisfying... I've made tons of socks (you can see them on my blog) and I never tire of the process or the product. I too am in love with self-striping yarns and you can't go wrong with Opal or Regia yarns. Enjoy and I hope there are many many more pairs of lovely hand knit socks in your future.


Congratulations! You are now an official member of the Crazy Sock Lady's club. Once you have made one pair it is almost impossible to stop. I am on pair #8 of nine pairs for family Christmas gifts (I started in August), and then on to more of my own.


Beautiful socks! I switched to continental knitting in my mid-twenties when I saw how fast a German friend could knit. I've not looked back since! I just finished a pair of socks this week and now I think I need to get knitting for 3 Christmas presents for hubby, and kids. :)
I love Regia and Opal for their self-striping socks. No one in the US does anything nearly as nice or as inexpensive. Love your crochet and happy you found some knitting you like also.


Great to see you take up knitting again Lucy! I too started out crocheting and taught myself knitting from Youtube, so I also do Continental style knitting for the same reason you like it. I've just done scarves, shawls, hats, and a couple of cushions, but you've inspired me to try socks next. I'm going to need a set of those short 16-in circulars too. Love the colorful stripy socks!

Julie Hodges

I have numerous pairs of socks using this wool. I first got the bug, when I met someone at quilt group who was showing off her new socks. I had never use dpn, so went and spoke to my Mum who had used them. I now have 6 pairs, what I like is that each sock is different to its partner. They are lovely and warm when the really cold weather gets here, and so very bright and cheerful.


And you thought crochet was addictive (teehee)......
Lovely socks Lucy!


Waouh ! Congratulation for your socks ! You won't have a footaache this winter !!! Thank you for your blog : it is my little window in England. I appreciate it everyday form France.


Wow they are fab, me and knitting are not natural friends, but they look so warm and cosy, maybe just maybe, plus that yarn amazing
Clare xx

Jo Kneale

Oh my Lord!! I love the socks, but I just don't know if I can.... perhaps I should set myself a 2016 challenge to knit a pair of socks at last!! It must be about 4 years since I last had a go. And the yarn looks lovely....


I was wondering when you would rekindle the knitting bug! Such a fabulous pair of "first socks"!! I'm sure you know that DPN's (double point needles) are not at all necessary for knitting socks. I almost never use DPN's for any knitting in the round. Instead, I use two circular needles like Cat Bordhi. Just search Youtube for her method of knitting in the round with two circular needles. I prefer this method to the DPNs for many reasons. First of all, your knitting will NEVER slip off the longer circulars as it might with DPNs. Then there's the fact that you only have to deal with TWO circular needles instead of 3 or 4 DPNs. But in between the smaller parts of socks, hats and gloves are the larger round sections where those single short Addi's work wonders as you've discovered. Congrats for rediscovering the wonderful possibilities of knitting. I bet you'll be knitting some lovely ripple or lace blankets before long. Yes, you can still socialize while knitting! Hugs, Kimmy


Your socks are so, so beautiful. I love knitted socks and even though I have made loads it always gives me such pleasure turning heels and grafting toes!

jill cole

Don,t know what happened there just got this IPAd. I meant socks Lucy.

jill cole

Beatiful docs. l icy. I haven t tried the little circulars yet -it looks fun. I love knitting so sad but also crochet. I am nearly at the end of my coast blanket - double bed size 256 stitches my goodness it,s huge!
Jill Cole

Linda from Boston

I'm so glad you are now a knitter!!! I love making socks and also enjoy the surprise of what pattern will arise!! That's the best part. I don't want the socks to match. Here in the States, mismatched socks are the rage. Can't wait to see more knitting things that you come up with!


Gorgeous socks!! I am also a slow sock knitter and usually make a pair a year but nevertheless I greatly enjoy knitting them. LOVE the yarn you used, Lucy! Very colourful and pretty. :-)


What a wonderful post. A delight in so many ways. I love the sock yarn and the wonder of seeing the pattern emerge and you tell the story so well. The photos are a feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing and encouraging, I'm just about to add some circular needles to my Christmas Amazon order. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas season. Julia x


Love the socks! My Mum knitted all of her (adult) Grandchildren socks many years ago (she's been gone 7 years) but the socks are still going strong - those lovely stripes adorn 6'7" lads and the trendy girls alike!

A podiatrist once recommended applying a small amount of Chilblain cream to your feet and toes like you would a hand cream, every morning before putting socks/tights on. It dilates the blood vessels and helps circulation thus keeping the toes/feet warmer

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