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November 29, 2015


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Vera van Os

Dear Lucy,

I just finished the beautiful sunny blanket granny stripe. Last year at this time I started with your gorgeous cosy stripe blanket in the attic original colours. Never thought I would finish a whole blanket. But you turned me into a blanket addict and with this one I just finished the fourth blanket in one year. Thank you so much. The border of the sunny stripe I did in Claret, Citron and Spice. Not really the Lucy rules bust just because I love the colours that I learn to appreciate with this blanket.


Hi Lucy, just wondering if we'll be using the Citron any more for the log cabin blanket? If not, I'm going to use it for another Christmas project!


Hello Ms. Lucy
you dont know how much I like your posts in your weblog! I really do!
I admire all your very nice works and your very nice and talent personality and the way you thinking.
I have your webloge in my favorite and from time to time i visit you and really enjoy watching your colourful pictures and I encourage for new work.
I love doing crochet and knitting too.
Be healthy and safe and continue living better and better.
Im from canada and I dont remmber if i ever write to you, but its long time that I know you.
So now I write to you dear thank you thank you thank you very much;because "He who does not thank people,does not thank God!


I'm still behind you Lucy,about to start square no 4 and if anyone is struggling on the colour changes it does get easier ...I'm cooking on gas now and loving it.

Lucy did you see Kirstie Allsop's New Homemade Christmas 1st of 3 episode's last night? I clapped my hands with glee and delight when the guy with the Crocheted Decorated Tree won! He looked great too in all his homemade jumpers.


Please know that Woolwarehouse gives excellent service to the US. Iam in Florida and it takes about 8 days In the upper right hand corner of their website you can change currency but exact amount will be determined when it clears your bank and the exchange rate that day. After 3 blocks have decided the log cabin is not for me. Have ordered 2 packs of Sunny and will do a granny strip or cosy strip or prayer shawls for my church ministry. The yarn is great to work with and the colors chosen by Lucy are brilliant. It,s a win situation. Thanks, Lucy.


Just finished a Granny Stripe blanket (which I adore). Now here we have a Sunny Granny Stripe, oh wait, how about a rectangle using Sunny Granny Stripe colors and sequence. Thanks to you, Lucy. You are so very talented. You are an inspiration. Got my yarn from Yarndale a few days ago and am hooking furiously to catch up. :-))


I love your whole work. Everything is simply amazing.

Greetings from Germany!


I'm trying to find a decent map of UK to figure out where you are....
How far from London area are you?
I'm taking a once in a lifetime trip to England to attend a Yarn Retreat in Lyme Regis (see link here: http://www.devonsunyarns.co.uk/shop/yarn-retreat-with-dedri-uys-2/ ) and would SO love to be able to visit the Attic while in UK.
I am being hosted in England, so don't know how much free time I'll have. But I would so love to meet you and see your beautiful studio!
It seems as if you are quite far from London, though. Is that correct?
So I guess visiting will be out of the question - but Lucy should Pop in to the Retreat and surprise everyone! Wouldn't that be a hoot!?
I so admire your work and have commented many times on your beautiful color work and your photography skills as well.
Thank you so much for all you do for all of us out here in crochet-world, Lucy! I want you to know it IS SO appreciated!

Angela-Southern USA

The CAL is coming along beautifully! The secondary pattern starting to emerge. Hooking for Christmas here. Wishing you a week of uplifting colors!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tell me, Lucy, do you ever sleep or do those hooks of yours go 24/7? I can't believe the amount of work you turn out and each thing is more beautiful than the last. You are amazing!

Sherry in MT

After much pondering I too decided I needed some brightness to work with during this cold winter grayness. I am doing the granny stripes but with colors I could find here. Looking forward to the border lessons - not that I'm even close but so I have a picture of things to come!


Oh lovely, lovely, lovely. And there never was a day more in need of a cheery blanket than today. It's been a day of gales, grey skies and driving rain. Thank you for a splash of sunshine and colour. CJ xx


Thank you, thank you! I am having so much fun working all these glorious colors.


Love the colors! Are the yarn packs available in the United States?


I have finished my blanket and somehow I went with 96 rows. I LOVE LOVE my blanket!!! I love the yarn and am getting ready to place another order for this yarn collection and the yarn to make the blanket that Heather made. I thank you so much for doing this CAL and I have been obessed with working on this blanket. I also made a baby stripe blanket with the left over yarn and still have a little yarn left. I'll do the pegs next so that I have the colors. But I like the colors you choose the best.

crafty mema

lynne gill--i want your summer room

oxoxoxoxcrafty mema


Lynne Gill, you are hilarious! I identify so much with your dilemma :)


I think the first shrimp on row 76 should be spice?


you've also used shrimp twice. is that correct?


Beautiful color choices...

Lynne Gill

Aghhhhh! I WISH you hadn't posted this! The photo of the Granny Stripe blanket …. I made one years ago, and saw this latest version, sent for the wool… and then saw (retrospectively) you Cosy Stripe Blanket and fell in love with that. Oh dear. I had changed my mind and was sorting out how many balls of wool I still required to make the Cosy Stripe (not many actually as I have quite a stash of Stylecraft thanks to you!) but now I see the Granny Stripe again …..

Oh WAIT!!!!!!! Of course! Why didn't I think of that!!! Solution staring me in the face! I can do BOTH!!!!!! Would it be so bad of me to have TWO blankets on the go? I think this might be the answer. Now just got to finish Ripple Number 2…….

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