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November 22, 2015


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Sarah-Jayne at 12.26pm, if you look at post of 26 October Lucy has stated the sizes of both blankets. The log cabin is square, 150cm I think, the stripe rectangular, 120 X 180 so they won't fit back to back.
Nice idea though and with all the great tips Lucy has on this blog you could probably adapt your stripe to fit your square. Make your starting chain 25% longer then just follow the stripe pattern and stop at 150 cm.
My thinking may not be right, I've only been crocheting a year and only made one granny square blanket and a gazillion cosy neck warmers, oh and a small cosy stripe blanket for a furry friend. Yarn for the ripple coast blanket being collected today, after that it is the sunny stripe. It's addictive. Thank you Lucy for all the tips and advice, and gorgeous photos of your lovely part of the world.


Hello Lucy, thanks for the wonderful sunny blanket pattern! I've actually finished Squares 5 and 6 already, and was wondering if it were possible to get the next patterns from you before sunday. I do so want to gift this blanket to my sister before Christmas.....Please let me know if you can. My email is [email protected]

Marney Simmons

Lucy, your work is beautiful and I LOVE all the bright colours. Gorgeous creations!

T'onna @ USS Crafty

I'm loving these squares! Such great colors! And your yarn is stored so neatly! I have mine in bins in an antique wardrobe. I need more storage space in my craft room/closet.

Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party http://www.usscrafty.com/2015/11/submarine-sunday-143.html


I love your craft room so very much!! Great yarn storage. We are moving house soon and then I will be able to have a craft room, which I am very excited about!


They're quite wonderful - have finished the sunny squares and will start on the log cabin additions this week. :-) They've been quite helpful in de-stressing a couple of bleak weeks at work. Take care....

Catherine Maudsley

Hi Lucy will we be able to find the Kirsty chat anywhere? I think we are all wondering how it went. I am wondering if you got my parcel at Coopers?

Teresa Kasner

You are so organized on your posts with the colors and designs! I'm glad you're having fun with it all. But you're young. :-) I hope you had fun during your interview. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I agree with Carol that I love the bag that the Wool Warehouse sent the yarn in. I'm on the third round with my colors and the blanket is getting big and beautiful!!!!! I'm so glad that I decided to do this CAL.

Catherine Caspersz

I went away for a week on holiday and now I am a week behind. Never mind, I will catch up sometime. I was wondering if you ever considered a contemporary granny? Like wide stripes to start with, the going more and more narrow, even single rows and then widening again.


They're coming along very nicely Lucy. I know what you mean about the week flying by, I'm convinced they speed up at this time of year. CJ xx


Your studio is just lovely. How inspiring to have all your yarn out and visible!

Tammy Davis

I am really enjoying the granny stripe. I had most of the colors in my stash and only had to substitute the Claret and chose to put in Saffron! I know you aren't a yellow-lover, but I think it is turning out well.


Hi Lucy I'm a teeny bit late to the party and have done all the middle granny square's and just about finished the first Sunny Log Cabin colours from week two.....must remember to tag it! I'm recording all the colour sequence's in a notebook (as you post them) so that I have them to hand as I need them.....guessing it'll be well into 2016 by the time I'm done at this rate !! Loving the colours as always....Thank you x


Thank you so much for todays pattern. I am really enjoying this CAL. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the clear instructions on what to do. It has been such a pleasure to follow your pattern. You are a most generous person sharing all this crochet goodness with us. Thank you!

Liz Davies

I've finished my sunny square, & blocked it as per instructions, but the corners are still bigger than the sides. What am I doing wrong please? This is my first crochet project, so I'm clueless.

Angela-Southern USA

They are both coming along beautifully Lucy! I agree, there is nothing like hooking on something easy in the evening before bed. I find if I don't, I'm grumpy. lol Have a lovely day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rebecca Bagnall

Loving my granny stripe blanket!! 😃 It's like a guilty pleasure to me, I feel like slinging it over my shoulder and bursting into song to Joseph & his amazing technical colour coat!! Lol
I'd told a friend she could have this blanket, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to part with it...... Oh well, I'll have to make another one! 👍
Thanks for sharing this with everyone x

crafty mema

i am going to cross "the pond" just for some time at coopers and the studio

xoxoxoxoxoxcrafty mema


Hi Lucy, I can confirm I am enjoying making these delectably bright squares immensely, especially the moment the first green strip goes on each as I'm finding the greens are the colours that really bring these squares together (also may be slightly bias as green is my favourite colour).
I also have a question for you as this week I happened upon an idea. I decided to do the log cabin as my cal but I must say the granny stripe is looking so inviting that I'm wanting to buy a second pack. I then thought wouldn't it look fabulous if the granny stripe was indeed the reverse of the log cabin blanket......double colour fix yummyness and extra toasty warmth from a doubley thick winter snugglefest! Now obviously at the moment I don't know how these rainbow window panes are to be joined or what border will frame their sunny glow so my question is if I start making the granny stripe now as it is written will it come out the same size as the log cabin? Or should I wait a while and see if I need to make adjustments once the log cabin is finished?
Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Sarah-Jayne x

Margaret Simpson

Love, Love, Love the beautiful colours of the new blanket. Getting quite warm here in Central Queensland, but I have almost finished my Granny Square blanket, a Christmas Present for a very dear friend.
Love and Hugs from DownUnder :-)


Yes! I'm loving the CAL...it is very satisfying hooking the blocks and then seeing the blocked squares in a neat pile ready for the da dah moment. I love the colours you've chosen...they are indeed happy and sunny and brighten up these grey days. Thank you for all your hard work on this project, I really appreciate your time and sharing. :-))


Just started a Granny stripe blanket using left over wool -first crochet project (I'm a late starter) and inspired -thankyou so much :)


Lucy did good!! I was in the audience yesterday with Kirstie and she was great!


Glad it not just me that finds the weeks rushing past so fast . Great colours as always.

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