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November 15, 2015


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Margaret cotter

My corners are not great where I start the rows with the 6 stitches . You say yto work 6 stitches and space them , I do that but when I check there seems to be a hole there and doesn't look right . I have now changed down to a 3 MM. Hook to try and get the measurements right

Janet Burge

On pattern square 3 and 4 for the log cabin you have number 16 as Magneta on number 3 and number 4 square on 15 you have magneta so if 3 & 4 go next to each other you have the same colour

Jen Wallace

Thank you.

Jen Wallace

Thanks so much for sharing your creative genius, over and over. I have peeked into your site almost since you started posting, I think. Just look at all you have done with your energy and spark and talent! Merry Christmas!

Teri Sullivan

I wasn't too crazy about the pattern and a little hesitant to start. But by the time I finished the first square I was Hooked and in Love. Thank you for this awesome pattern Lucy! You are an inspiration to us all!


Can't wait for the week 4 colours sometime today! Loving how the first 54 rows look.


Wow. It's marvelous! Thanks for the scheme. I like the way you display it. Looking forward to see more.


Lucy, the colors are beautiful and the yarn a delight to work with but is anyone else having problems with the center curling? I am a little behind because of receiving my yarn late I did rounds 1 & 2 with 4mm hook and 3rd round curled. ripped it out and did 3rd round with 4.5mm and it was flat. When I tried the first 3 rounds with 4.5mm the edge curled. Should I use 2 diffferent sizes of hooks? Thanks for all of your help. I do wish you sunshine.


The blanket looks great - very colourful.


Thank you Lucy I've been following you since 1 started crochet 2 yrs ago and have completed your ripple, cosy and granny stripe blanket as well your bag and cushion now I'm working on both the granny and log cabin together and want the harmony pack for Christmas I just love blanket making its so addictive please keep sharing your patterns ps any chance of your poncho pattern


Always, always, always the best colors and the best designs. You are so good at what you do, Lucy and such a blessing to all of us.


Hi Lucy, I am doing the Granny stripes, and am just loving it, the colours just give me a lift every time I take it out especially on these awful grey November days, am loving the log cabin , can't wait to see how it turns out, it may be my next project!! Thank you!!!


Hi Lucy, loving this blanket. I'm doing the stripes. Initially I wasn't sure about the colours, but having completed up to week 2, I love them. The depth and brightness of the colours reminds me of the beautiful colours in the sky at sunset. The bigger the blanket gets the more beautiful it becomes. Now for week 3...


That is Courthouse Steps, not Log Cabin - with Log Cabin the strips are added in a spiral, not in opposite pairs.

Sarah-Jayne Bisley

Hi Lucy, thank you for releasing such a cheerful 'sunny' pattern. The weather has been so grim recently and it's really brightened my mood every time I've reached for this bright bag of yarn to work on a block. It's a lot brighter than what I typically go for but it certainly grows on you very quickly and I'm really enjoying using these vibrant colours. I'm hoping once finished to also have a go at your harmony blanket as I love the parma violet colour of the stylecraft special.


I went to a quilt retreat this past week-end but I did take this project. On Sunday it was 63 and the sun was shining on the deck. I took my crochet out there and even had a quick nap in the sun. I'm loving this project!!

Colourful Cottage

Beautifully colourful :)


What a colourful blanket. Love your colours for 'Court House Steps'!

Liz T

Nieves, your sc is right, Lucy is using UK terms so her DC is a US single.

Angela-Southern USA

Isn't it wonderful whatever the weather, crochet and a bit of color play can change the mood?! No rain, but a gloomy day here too, I think I saw the sun for all of five minutes today. German chocolate cake and a popcorn stitch cushion is helping make my day. ;) Enjoy the fire, p.j.'s and hooky play! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Angela Williams

It's all looking so very lovely 😊

crafty mema

thanks for the next step
mine -of course- is left over stash -so is not as bright as yours
but some veteran will love it

xooxoxoxcrafty mema


It's all looking good Lucy. You paint such a delicious picture of the fire and a little crochet on a wild and stormy day. I'm just back from the park, and that sounds like exactly what I need. Hope you're having a good Sunday. CJ xx

C French

Hello Lucy, Your generosity amazes me. You are a lesson to us all.

nieves urbina

Not sure if this will help anyone but, I was noticing that my double crochet stitches were too loose and my square was looking kind of hole-y. So I unraveled my work and opted for six rows of single crochet instead. I'm also using a smaller hook because my square was huge! So with the sc and smaller hook size my squares were coming out smaller and more uniform looking.

Thank you Lucy for this pattern I love it!

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