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November 18, 2015


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I'm really looking forward to reading your knitting post, I've loved the sock making that I've glimpsed in my little forays into IG lately. My plan is to ask for sock yarn and circulars from Father C and try using Christine's tutorials in 2016! Exciting! I like having crafty resolutions.

Lynne Gill

BY the time I type this - Sunday morning - it will be all over and you will be - nearly - back down to earth! I hope it all went well and you forgot your nerves enough to enjoy yourself!

I find myself coming back to your blog quite often- even when I've read the post - in order to scroll back through the posts and gazing at the wonderful woolly colourfulness spread before me! It's a real tonic, Lucy on so many ways.

I can knit, but not very adventurously. If you can do for my knitting what you've done for my crochet I'll be hugely grateful! (But don't abandon your first love, will you!) Lxx


Loving the colours in today's post Lucy...autumn is great for the eyes don't you think! :) xxx


So thrilled you've joined us "knitters"!!! Can't wait to see what you've made... Good luck for the Fair. xxx


That's so exciting to hear you will be at the Christmas Fair with Kirsty, you are almost as famous as her and those who visit will have a wonderful time seeing both of you! I think I first started following you years ago when you were mentioned in Country Living and that must have been over 5 years ago! That was long before Yarndale or your Red Nose projects. Your Autumn pictures are wonderful too. Sarah x


Good luck have a great time and don't be nervous. Kirstie is lucky to have you. You've given so much of your time and creativity for free, you should enjoy each and every opportunity to share your 'brand'.


I enjoyed reading your three 'interviews'. Just finished your Cosy Stripe blanket and I will be showing it on my next blog.

Good luck with Kirstie. Wish I could be there.


Guess what Lucy? You're famous and everything too!! You'll be fine - I have very confidence in you. Go out there and ENJOY!! Will be thinking of you.

Winwick Mum

It really was a lovely walk in the woods and I couldn't get over that rushing wild water - it looked alive! xx

jocelyn thurston

Hi Lucy,
I am half way through your Granny Stripe Blanket and enjoying the crocheting very much. I also ordered the wool pack for my 82 year old mother who lives in Newfoundland and Labrador; of course she has her blanket completed. So I've now ordered her the Coast blanket pack. Your wool shop has provided splendid service for us both. Many thanks and good luck!

Rural TN

You are awesome, Lucy. Your interview will be great.


You'll be brilliant!


Received my sunny yarn pack today(I am in Florida) Of course I am trying to catch up now but my centers are cupped. Solution? Read your interviews and you have no reason to be nervous. Wishing I could be there for the Friday morning natter and hooky.

Annie Chermak

Gosh, I just want to be you! How much fun to dink around with a friend in all that beautiful landscape and have coffee and a treat! I need to find a friend to do that with in my little corner of the world! And knitting is SO on my bucket list (along with all the other creative things I'm pining away for and ultimately doing very little of). Where is the time???? Enjoying your posts immensely!

Joyce Stewart

Lucy - dear Lucy - why on earth would you be nervous about an interview with Ms Allsopp...????
I admire her greatly on the Location, Location Location programme but Lucy you are streets ahead of her in the handmade category.....streets ahead!!!!!
Hold your head high girl - you are as well know as she is....
How can I put this...I find I cannot 'take' her handmade programmes at all. They come over very artificial to me and I often wondered was she actually doing this stuff herself.....I hope she was but if she was gifted she wouldn't need the experts.
Having had my say now 'I'll get my coat' - no doubt lots of folk won't agree with me. Just my two pence worth.

Robin Summers

Such lovely pics as always. No matter how gray it is outside you always make me smile. Unfortunately I am having the hardest time (which is unusual) getting the circle right in the middle of each log cabin square. The UK terms have me all screwed around. I am used to them normally but this time...hmmmm. I have no clue what to do. My circle won't turn into a square. :(


You'll do amazing if you are just your self. You are such a beautiful and humble lady. Remember all of the people who follow you are cheering you on as you have cheered us on. You're knitting?????????

Susan Conklin

Good luck with your interview. I understand being uncomfortable about it, but really -- you are a bit of a celebrity yourself, you know!

Lori V

Read all 3 interviews - they were lovely! Thanks for sharing the links. Best wishes at the Christmas fair with managing your nerves - just be your genuine, sweet self as you are here, and I am sure it will go amazingly well :o) Reading your blog always adds a bit of sunshine to my day, no matter the weather - thank you!

Angela-Southern USA

Those hydrangeas are growing on you! lol I recently crochet(in thread)a hydrangea ball in three shades of purple (on Flickr). I pinned all the tiny flowers to a styrofoam Christmas ornament ball. I have it hanging from my ceiling fan chain. On another topic, a messy fun to make with the kids craft for Christmas. Have you seen the yarn/thread wrapped balls you attach over twinkle lights? Dip the yarn in glue, remove excess and wrap around a small balloon when dry pop and remove balloon and slip over twinkle bulbs and attach. Would be great in a craft room/studio too looks like a ball of yarn.lol Have a great one!


Lucy, you are a CROCHET CELEBRITY and don't you forget it. Attic 24 is known around the world by crochet lovers and although your face might not be as well known as Kirstie's your colourful blankets are instantly recognisable. Really you have had an enormous influence on, and been a huge inspiration to, the world of crochet. Three cheers for you! Hip hip hooray!!


Wow how exciting Lucy to be meeting Kirstie, how wonderful for you. I can't wait for next week when you tell us how it all went. xxx

crafty mema

thanks for the wonderful walk

right now i have lavendar in my little vase-love the smell

oxoxoxcrafty mema


You may be going through a spell of poor weather, but your beautifully colored crocheted pillows, afghans and works in progress definitely brighten things up. Good luck at the Fair!

Sigi G

Yes, color of yarn or fabric makes any gray day bright! I love to immerse myself in my downstairs sewing room, where I only see a little of the rainy, windy weather outside. Love the beautiful trails and winding pathways you keep showing and all of your beautiful projects. Beautiful!

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