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November 26, 2015


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The colored yarn is beautiful! I definitely have to find some:)

Jo Kneale

Blue are my favourite. I think they smell more.... even if they don't!


Thank you for reminding me about the Hyacinths, I must get some!

Debbie Tristram

I love hyacinths too and you inspired me to dig out my glass jar and buy a bulb to try. Which colour to buy???
Also intrigued by your lovely houses next to the hyacinths. Are they felted or crocheted or both?


I also love Hyacinths ...blue is the colour for me! although I do get a bit bothered by the smell I love to have them on the kitchen windowsill. I've transferred loads of them into my flower beds over the years....they never cease to make me smile when I see that little green head pop up.


loving your hyacinth memories and can't wait for the woolly story!!!! xx lots of love Joy xx


Ooh, spooky, Danielle's comment just before mine says exactly what I was going to say! Yay for blue sky though!!!


have never had hyacinths but you have inspired me to look for them and give it a try. My mom did not do this but it is something I can do for my grand-peeps. thank you for the inspiration.


Ooh, you remind me, I must check mine, I put them in a cupboard and haven't checked for a couple of weeks :-( You have me intrigued with that gorgeous yarn!

Estela Stuart

yo también he plantado mis jacintos,tu blog/ideas són preciosos...gracias!

Elsie Pop

Ah I love hyacinths! I might finally be able to have some in my life now I have a cat-free office - my two will eat any flower I bring in the house! xx


That post taught me that what you 'plant' in your children's childhood can stay with you and give you pleasure forever!

Wish my mum had done the hyacinth thing!


Oh, you've just brought back a load of memories I had forgotten, I always had a hyacinth bulb in the cupboard under the stairs as well. It's funny how these things come back to you isn't it. I used to love bringing it out and seeing the roots and the shoot. I know what you mean about the sky pressing down. Somehow when the sun comes out it feels as though there's more air. I went round with my camera the other day just taking photos of things sitting in the sunshine and the blue sky. It was such a relief. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

I will snap up some hyacinths next time I see some. I also like how they give me a bit of Spring over the long Winter. I look forward to your knitting post! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


You have sparked my interest in growing hyacinths again this year. I also happen to love rocks. Where did you find the ones in the fifth photo down? They are really quite special. So are you, Lucy


You are definitely a nurturer. I too love hyaciths and absolutely adore the fragrance. I look forward to seeing progress of your horticultural babies. The contrast of the colours of leaves and flowers are incredibly vivid. Keep up your wonderfully written blogs, I so look forward to reading them.

Cintia - Sol de Noche {deco crochet}

Your pics are always great! Beautiful hyacinths!

Angela-Southern USA

Such comfort, traditions. Enjoy the hyacinths. I too have one of those bulb vases. I look very much forward to hearing all about your knitted socks. I've been digging through holiday décor planning on what theme for this year.


I love hyacinths too, not spotted any yet but I'm sure they won't be long. Think it is funny the memories we have from childhood, remembering the small, forgetting the big things x

Gillian Booth

Ah lovely hyacinths. I plant mine to cheer the days when Christmas decs are down and January stretches cheerless ahead. When the children were small we always grew them in water, in special pots. Each of my three had their initials on the pot for 'their' hyacinth and we waited eagerly for flowering time. Looking back further my own grandma did this for me too, or how would I have known to do it with my children? Happy memories. Rather bittersweet though as we face our second Christmas without one of our precious daughters, left us too soon.

Winwick Mum

My hyacinths are still outside in their pot where I left them after they flowered last year. I should probably go and find them as they really do smell fabulous. Thanks for the reminder! xx


I love,love hyacinths xx


Oh I love hyacinths too! Unfortunately my husband dislikes their smell and I don't have a studio, so we don't get any inside.. Enjoy yours!

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