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November 23, 2015


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A lovely post and I know exactly what you mean about being at home ... sometimes you just need to chill and crochet/knit to your hearts content and let the world go on bustling around you. I recently visited the mainland four days in a row and didn't bother to shop. Not shop ... no couldn't be bothered. I have lots of projects on the go as usual and just want to snuggle up in the warm and do them just like you are feeling!! I look forward to hearing the sock story!! xx lots of love Joy xx


i MISS Whalley range manchester so much but boy i see it has changed.There is no place like home..xoxo

Noel McGonigle

Thanks for sharing this story. I'm so glad it went well for you. Your post was timely for me as I too am trying to get up the courage to step out of the stay at home life I have been living for the past 8 years and begin teaching and talking about knitting again. I always enjoy your posts,especially the splashes of color. Thanks again and congratulations!


When I last visited Manchester, I got lost!! Mind you it had been a fair few years since I had been there. Oh! Lucy, I do so admire you. Keep up your wonderful blog, and of course your beautiful crochet. xxx ☺️😁


Lucy, thank you for being my inspiration for couple of years, I hope you keep sharing your posts, photos and, of course, crochet patterns! Good luck!


As a nearly 60 year old Mancunian - now living a world away in Singapore separated from family and friends - I so identify with your delight in small pleasures, simple routines and their cosy familiarity.
I often used to feel I had never had a big adventure and unlike so many younger than me had never travelled the world or stepped outside the security of my life in the UK, albeit latterly in London. Last year, nearing retirement, I decided to risk it all and up sticks and move to a new country for 2 years.
What a mistake. Or maybe not. It has taught me how much I really value so many things about my life in the UK, what I miss, what I enjoy and what is really important to me. I am now counting the weeks until I can return to that life. The grass is not always greener.Your blog is a taste of home and all that I realise now I value.


I am glad 'Kirstie' went well. How nerve wracking! Lovely photos once again; you do live in a beautiful part of the country.


Your blog is always so honest and real. Thank you.

Charlotte Hodge Thomas

Ahh Luce - big old scary Mancs! Well done for being super brave. Love remembering our time in Manchester and LOVE reading your very clever blogs. Can't you make the I.O.W. one of your comfort zone destinations - for the odd holiday or two?! Love to you, J and the kiddies. Char xxx


I was one of the 180 in the audience! You were so naturalong and relaxed, you didn't seem nervous at all! Really enjoyed your session!


A hello from Finland! What a lovely post,lovely countryside! Sticking to one's comfort zone and moving in smaller & smaller circles is exactly what I feel at the moment, as well, being a mum of four, working from home. (+ I also studied in Manchester in the 90's :-))

The cities have become a bit scary, and the buildings seem bigger every time :-)

I think crafts and comfort zones are somehow connected, knitting creates a sort of comfort zone!

Love your work


Congratulations! It is so hard to get out of our comfort zones. I am sure you did a great job. I love your writing, your photos, your crochet and your blogs. You make me want to try to learn more than the little crochet I know. As I was scrolling down to the last photo and your feet came into view the knitter in me thought, "Those look like hand knit socks....wonder if she has a knitting friend who gifted them to her." Can't wait to learn about them. :-)


You are an inspiration to jump out of your comfort zone but so nice to jump back in at the end of it all. Well done Lucy!


So many people would love your life. People work long hours to get out of the big cities to visit little towns like yours. I live a similar life as you, getting to pretty much plan my days the way I want, creating in my shop, sitting by a fire. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Actually, it's absolutely wonderful!


You are amazing such a personal blog revealing your inner thoughts which we all feel from time to time. Love it. The colour around you constantly brightens up your wintery surrounds and mine even though I am living in the tropics.


Love the socks....looking forward to going on that journey-story with you!


Lucy, I'm so pleased you stepped out of your comfort zone to have that talk! Your message is one of color and cheer and positivity, and we need more of that to be broadcast into the world. So thank you!

Earlier this year, I quit a full-time job (14 years) to stay at home with my family. My kids are older (ages 11 and 17), but it seems they need me more now than they did when they were little. Just today, as I was doing the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and 100 other little caretaking things that needed doing, I was SO thankful and glad at heart that THIS is now my full-time job. I too am in my comfort zone, free to create when I can, and I never take it for granted. So to come to your blog and see you in the same frame of mind was quite nice.

With friendship - Erica


A most enjoyable read. ..well done Lucy would have liked to have been in the audience !


I also met my husband while studying in Manchester. On our first date we took the train to Edale, we were both desperate to be back in the countyside. Strangely after many years living in and around my favourite city we have settled only a few miles from Edale! I couldn't imagine ever living anywhere bigger than our little town now.
I love reading of your adventures big and small and am psyching myself up to make one of your blankets, if I can ever make up my mind as to which one! xx

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, I love the easygoing way you began this post and how it evolved into such an exciting event and then you took us on to your relaxing and being glad it was over and done and a success. I'm proud of you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Karen B.

Well done Lucy! Congratulations on your speaking gig! Thank you so much for all the photos you share of Yorkshire and your travels. Manchester looks nothing like I
imagined lol! And a huge thanks for inspiring us in blog-land to do bigger & better! Looking forward to the story on the socks!


That is such a contrast between your Friday and Saturdsy. Congratulations for coming out of your comfort zone and enjoying the public speaking. It must have been a good way to celebrate by revisiting your life of 20 years ago. Sarah x


Wow well done Lucy! I think we have to have the occasional non confort day to really appreciate our normal routine world. You are a very inspiring person and I'm sure thanks to you lots of people have started blogging and enjoyed the community feel because of you. What I love is that you realise that there are so many people who like simple homespun activities that are therapeutic and very productive. Thank you .. Barbara

carolyn jackson

What a lovely blog lucy. I feel the same as you very often, there is no place like home with our families and hobbies. A few days away is refreshing and exciting but always lovely to be home again. I would have loved to hear you chat with kirstie, i enjoy her programs and would really enjoy hearing you.we may see the event on tv. I am so pleased i found your blog and crochet,thank you. Carolyn.


Great to read about your adventure Lucy. I'm so glad it went well. You are totally inspiring.
Jacquie xxx

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