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November 23, 2015


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beautiful photography! you have a very artistic eye.


Wow, sounds like a great day. I had a Big Day Saturday too. It was my brother's wedding days do he was marrying a beautiful Yorkshire lass. We travelled from Birmingham to Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire. I did all the driving there and back, the most I've done in the three years since I passed my test and boy did it rain on the way home. But we had a fantastic day and I'm more determined than ever to leave the big city of Birmingham and move a beautiful Yorkshire village like Kirkbymoorside. I love the North, Yorkshire and Cumbria are such beautiful places to live, I have to say, as happy as I am with my life and wonderful family I am a little bit envious of yours ;p


Dear Lucy, what a wonderful post! I love your blog for many years, but this time I can't stop watching your photo and reading your inspirational words.
Thank you very much for sharing all of this with us! <3 <3 <3


I'm sure you did wonderful!! Isn't it nice to visit a large city but know that you have your special place in a small town? I like that as I live in a small town and always appreciate coming home from the city.
I finished my CAL Granny Stripe blanket!! I even put the edging on!!!! Getting ready to order more yarn from the Wool Warehouse. I love that I can get a Lucy package as that leaves all the decisions about color to you. I love your color ways so how could I not love your yarn packages!!! Thanks so much!


Hooray for you! What an inspiration stepping out of your comfort zone in front of all those people - very impressive. And I am sure your talk was just like your blog, full of colour and vibrancy that left everyone who attended bursting to get out their crochet needles. Well done :-)


Just found your blog today, Lucy, while looking for crochet holly leaves (thank you!). We seem to have almost identical lives, except my focus is my tarot blog and five dogs - kids are teens now. We live in a small Welsh village and my daily pleasure is walking in the nearby woods. I, too, have felt as though my life has closed in over the last few years. We home-schooled our children, so everything revolved around them. After reading your post (and heart beating fast as I drove around Manchester with you!), I feel better about loving being home and content with my 'small' life. Thank you again.


You have such a beautiful way with words! Thank you for sharing bits of your life, thoughts and comfort zone with the rest of the world!

Maria João Machado

I wish I lived in a place like yours. That field and nature... love it! XOXO


Thank you Lucy, for your insightful blog, inspiration in all things creative and wonderful photos. It is like walking along the banks of the River Wharfe and visiting the New Inn again, rather than it being a distant memory. Priceless.

Penny L

Do you know Lucy, I think this is one of my favourite posts ever! Its so full of thankfulness, and just lovely to read of a life well lived. In a world so full of sad and scary things it's just aliitle bit brilliant to notice the good. And I have no need to leave my comfort zone either!! I am so glad it went well on Saturday , I really wished that Manchester was not so far from lovely Dorset! Thanks for sharing so eloquently. Lots of love Penny Lxxx


Looks like a touch of Adriafil on your feet! One of my favourites.


Congratulations on a job well done! And may I say how envious I am of the rural countryside you live in? I visited England for the second time last month and spent most of the 9-day trip in the Lake District. I fell in love with Grasmere and Ambleside. In fact, I'm quite in love with your 'foothpaths' - they are magical, leading you from one amazing place to another, all the while trampling through wonderful countryside. Love your blog and your pictures, especially those taken on your walks! I live in Mumbai (India), and rarely get to step into the countryside, so I am living vicariously through your blogwalks :-)

Ali Whale

I have always thought you to be very lucky in that you have been able to make the choice to stay at home and that your relationship with your husband is such a strong one. You seem to live exactly the life that you want, filled doing exactly what you want to do. No wonder your husband is sometimes a little envious!
Having said that parenting and blogging is a job and you do that extremely successfully and your approach to it is now taking you into things that you wouldn't normally choose to do. Enjoy it Lucy, nerves and a step outside the comfort zone are good and you are so naturally lovely that you can only come across well. You inspire so many people (me included) just by being you. Keep up the good work...x

Grace Edwards

That's so great that you decided to step out of your comfort zone even for only a few hours. I know the people who came to hear you talk are glad you did! I think it's good to do stuff like that every now and then - long term wouldn't work, but the occasional tummy butterflies is good for the soul. Thank you for being so generous with your ideas, thoughts, designs and color combining gift.


Beautiful autumn colours!


Beautifully said, as always. Totally relate to you on the comfort zone thing, familiar suits me very well too. Well done for your Kirstie interview!

sue godfrey

So pleased to hear about your day with Kirstie. Ilive in the North West, Lytham St Anne's and hadn't heard of the event. Hopefully it will be better advertised next year. I have just recently retired, I am a quilter but am keen to broaden my horizons 😀 do you have any advice on where to start to learn how to crochet? Hugs Sue x

Rural TN

Lucy, you are awesome! I read your "chat" link. A million readers! WOW! Would have been in the audience is I lived close. Thanks for a great blog. Love your directions/patterns. Happy Thanksgiving from the country in Tennessee in the US.


Hello dear Lucy, I'm on row 43 of the Granny Stripe but using the Harmony colours. It's very hot here in Aus but I can't resist the relaxing feel that comes with crochet,even when it's hot. I taught myself to crochet after coming into contact with you. It's changed my life. I'm onto blanket no.5 and planning the next.
Your explanation of what makes your life so happy and content has reassured me about my own life. I'm 62 an empty nester living with my hubby of 41 years. My life is filled but simple and sometimes I have felt I should have done more eg worked full time,made more money etc etc. you have helped me feel worthwhile again. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

Bruna Ferreira

Lucy, your blog is my comfort zone on the internet! love you!


Your blog is worth reading every single word! I like your style and of cause your beautiful blankets. At the moment I have to deal with a big change in my life. I'm not longer shuttleing between the country where I earn my money for our 150 years old school house which we (we means - I earn the money he is working at the house) are restoring. A lot of happy crochet projects including the cosy blanket helped me over the last 4 stormy years with very less comfort zone. Thank you Lucy for your guidance through this time. My blankets keep me cosy and warm in this beautiful but at the moment a little bit cold home. Inspired by your Yarndale we had a creative garden event - appx. 20 visitors, but a lot of fun and nice chatter. And I know all things need to be STARTED!
I love your blog - and know I'm in a community of thousends of people all over the world.
Maybe I start the CAL but with the Cosy Stripe Blanket ;-) - keep individual


love your work so much , I tag you on my blog , so you win the Liebster Award . See that on my blog ( I can't post the direct link sorry ... :/ )


As someone who thrives on routine, I can completely understand this. But life never lets us stay comfortable for too long! I quit my job of 13 years two years ago and moved 300 miles from home. It was horrifying! But I continue to enjoy the adventure of it. Still, it is nice to come home at the end of the day... (Also- I knew you would do great! xx)

Jennifer Tuggle

Dear Lucy, I have read and loved your blog for many years, since the very beginning. Your words and your work are inspiring. This post, in particular, moved me to comment. It is so heartwarming and encouraging to read about your CONTENTMENT -- with your family, your home, your job, everything! So many people now are searching for that contentment and happiness, and you have found that BEING ENRICHED by the SIMPLEST THINGS is what it is all about! I love that, and I love the reminder of that. I feel that you never take your blessings for granted, and that being grateful is indeed a way of thinking and living. Thank you, thank you sweet Lucy! And isn't it fun to think we are like long-distance friends--I live in Athens, Georgia--a long way away!


And r-e-l-a-x! Having clicked your many-colours-including-ruby sock heels together. You're so good at getting experiences across in writing Lucy, carry on blogging x

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