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October 08, 2015


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Peaceful Artist

I'm writing from the land of June 2016 and scanning thru the comments after seeing this lush, spectacular body of pure creativity at its finest. But wow am surprised at the "knickers in a twist" some had/have. Love grew this to a proportion that commanded other plans be made. Everyone involved on the receiving end of the thousands of flowers gave this thoughtful consideration and came up with a fitting solution. People, people.. If we can't accept this small of a change in plans that is only about creativity and caring, it's no wonder bigger issues are at such a disaster level in the world. My hope is that we're all together now on this subject nearly a year later and can immerse ourselves in the beauty of the tangible and intangibles of this amazing project of the heart. 💜


you the best !



Hello Lucy, the flower display is magical. A real work of art! I feel they should stay together and be sold at auction for this great cause. This would probably bring much more money (and is more effective) than selling them individually. I wish I had donated some flowers, I'd be so proud to be a part of this wonderful and special art installation!

Cathy B

Wow, I went to Yarndale and somehow managed to miss these beautiful flowers... I was obviously in too much of a hurry. I never usually reply to blog posts but somehow felt the need to... I understand both points of view... some people made flowers expecting them to be sold, and then the plan changed... but I think that's life, plans change. As long as the intention is good and plans are changed for good reasons we just have to let it go. If I'd found myself in that situation I might even (rather than swearing never to bother again) do quite the opposite... make loads more flowers, perhaps even replicas of the first ones, and sell them locally for the Alzheimer's charity... why not? More flowers in the world, more money to the charity too, and fewer 'bits' to use up. I am new to crochet but I am going to learn to make flowers just so that I can do this!!


It is really nice, cute and interesting what you have done,congratulations. Your notes are very interesting, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Clare Herbert

It looks amazing. Have you or Sheila considered contacting the Eden Project to see if they would display them and help raise funds - there's an obvious link and I believe they gave exhibition areas. My mum once embroidered a hanging of her vision of the Eden project whilst it was being built and Tim Smit happily hung it in the Lost Gardens of Helligan. Just a thought. Good luck with all the fund raising - it's such an inspiration on so many levels. Thank you.


I remember people complaining about the Mandalas too. Just pray for them and keep doing what you are doing. I understood from the beginning that they may or may not be sold. It only cost me around $4 to post from the United States, if I recall correctly. $4 to participate in something special and beautiful. What a bargain!


Stunning! I wish I could have seen this in person! It is a work of art created not only by those who pinned the flowers (your hands must have been so sore) but by loving crocheters all over the world. I hope it raises a lot of money for your cause. Oh, I like the idea above about making and selling postcards. You could also consider making a calender, note cards, or note pads. Keep up the good work ladies!



comment vous contacter ..

Susan Carder

Beautiful job, well done Lucy! The panels make quite an impact and are truly works of art. You have inspired me (and so many others, obviously) by sharing your love of color. How wonderful that Sheila was so moved by the pleas to keep this art together to potentially inspire many more people. My husband died from this awful disease. It was heartbreaking. And my heart is sore for you from the negative comments, although proportionally few, that have posted here. Your innate goodness shines through, please don't ever change.

Ana Sudy

You are great and Sheila also, of course. Soon I will have the time to cooperate like yoy with people who needs. A big hug from Chile

Catherine Maudsley

Oh Lucy I hope you are OK. I am so surprised at some of the comments. Remember the old saying ' You cant do right for doing wrong' and ' you cant please all the people all the time.

You have worked so hard to make Yarndale the success that it is. Please focus on the positivity that has come out of the event and the flowers and not the negatives.

Hope to see you in Coopers one day xx you have got me crocheting and it is like Nirvana to me.... x

Robin W.

Lucy there are no words when I saw the completed display....you just look with your mouth open...WOW indeed! I applaud you and all the others who worked so hard for Yarndale. I wish we had such an event here in my town in the U.S.A. You are truly a gift to crocheters and knitters. You do so much for our craft and in doing so it helps make crochet cool again! Just look at how you brought a connection to people all over the world with the donated flowers! And a special thanks to Shelia for her vision and desire to make a difference for those affected by Alzheimers ...no matter what her age...she is out there getting things done! Just wanted you to know how lucky the world is to have you both! Don't ever let the nay sayers stop your great work and talent!


I truly do not believe that I have ever seen anything so beautiful. Huge congratulations to everyone involved for being part of such an amazing project.


Beautiful words Francesca!
I unfortunately didn't participate this year but next will surely do. Donating is always a wonderful thing but donating crochet handmade items is even better!

Marylin Ollivier

My Mom has dementia and it is a very sad thing. The flowers fill my heart with joy...the colors, the work that went into each flower, the hours that went into making the display, all of it is overwhelming. I think cards and note papers, calendars or something to that effect, could be done with pictures to generate some funds from that. I'm sure the perfect idea will surface, but it would be a shame to dismantle this "Flowers for Memories" display...it is awesome!!!

Christina Tomlinson

An old quote is appropriate here. " If you do a kindness wanting something in return, you are not doing a kindness, you are doing business"
Well done to Sheila for such kindness and all the people who donated a flower, in kindness, wanting nothing more than to help. It seems kindness is a concept alien to some.......

Lyn, Germany

The flowers are absolutely stunning. I unfortunately had no time to make a flower this year but I made a Mandala last year. All the people complaining should just not send anything in the future. There are lots of other people out there who will crochet or knit something for the next good cause in 2016. Keep up the good work ladies.

Gingercats mum

You did explain clearly Lucy!
Loved every word you wrote Francesca and Simone.


Remembering Memories

One gloomy day some time ago, Lucy's plea was heard loud and celear
Let's help Sheila create 'Flowers for Memories', isn't that a wonderful idea
Get out all the colourful yarns, a rainbow effect would be fun
We'll fill all those hearts with sheer happiness, in a carpet of colour and sun.

I think I can manage a dozen, with the thread that I have here to hand
Some patterns are free, not hard to find, so what's stopping me now to get on.
Such joy was felt in creating, these beautiful petals, then flowers
Why not add a little pearl bauble, in the centre to glisten and shine

A dozen created quite quickly, with just enough yarn to go round,
Didn't look much like a rainbow, so off to the shop in the town.
Purchased every hue in the spectrum, small balls of each colour was fine
Then back home again quickly, taking hook in the hand one more time.

Each spare moment available, more flowers were worked every day
Sewed pins on the back as requested, the piles and piles growing quite high.
Nearly every bit of yarn now used up, sorting the colours to find,
When counting them up there were 70, many times more than what had been planned.

Dementia is gaining ground quickly, funds are needed to fight, every day,
To protect our loved ones from the misery, of not remembering the time or 'which way'.
The flowers look truly fantastic, 5000 pinned to the wall
Let's use these to raise more awareness, of the disease that may soon get us all.

No one person can do this alone, but there is power in numbers as seen,
400 kind folk took hooks in their hands, creating this colourful scene
Which took breaths away, and caused tears to fall with happiness, sadness and joy,
So let's keep it as a reminder, of our resolve to keep Dementia away

Many thanks go to Sheila, for having this wonderful idea.
Lucy, thank you for letting us join in, and take part in the Yarndale Fair.
People of the World came together with one common aim in their minds
To fight the battle of Dementia, an Army with hooks in their hands.

Unconditional giving is wonderful, and something that should really be felt.
Giving freely is a blessing, warm satisfaction inside just melts.
The anonymous donor feels radiant, knowing good will come out of this
So when that option is spotted, grab firmly with joy and openness

With thanks for a tremendous joint effort, with so much hard work put in, to date
Let's rejoice in the love and well meaning, of our army of hookers and mates
Involved in the creation of something, that will grace walls for years to come
It is bright and vibrant, just lovely, and will go on to raise more and more funds!


Wow! I'm an infrequent visitor to your lovely blog, but I'm so glad I popped in today and saw this post. How inspiring. And Sheila's idea of using the amazing displays to raise more money for the cause is inspired. I feel blessed, encouraged, and challenged - in so many ways just reading about this. :^)


Please ask her to make postcards it looks so amazing and she can sell them and raise more money x


Thanks for info, Crafty Mama. I thought my copy was late , now I realise why!
Lovely to see more supportive comments for Sheila and Lucy. How they enrich the lives of others.


just found out-that there is no more simply crochet magazine-so sad
oxox crafty mema

Jacky Russell

Bonnie, that's a great idea! Certainly each panel on its own would be stunning!
Simone, I have been involved with both exhibitions and fund raising - they are a huge amount of work. My point was merely that charity fund raising and commercial events are best kept separate. I have to say I felt a little sad for Sheila, that her ideas and enthusiasm were hijacked -

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