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October 26, 2015


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I am so anxious to try out this Awesome pattern! Thank you for sharing this awesome pattern with us!

Pamela Lawson

Lucy I am doing the grannt stripe Sunny crochet along, but cannot find tehe colour sequence. Is there one for the Sunny graany stripe? Thks Pamela

Tracey Bryan

Ok I ordered your pack which is the first one I've ever ordered. I'm in Australia it arrived before Christmas I didn't open it and have just opened it on New Year's Day and just love the colours so I'm a little behind but wanted to savour the moment. It came in a see through bag to show off its beauty with a bow on top. Now to get started. Thankyou Tracey

sumita anand

Hello Lucky. I really love the colours and the design. Would love to do it. Could you please tell me how will I come to know that you are starting cal. Please enlighten me. Will highly appreciate. Thank you

Joy Costello

Hi Cherie George

Wash the Icelandic yarn in hair conditioner and it will be beautifully soft 😀


What time can we expect part 2 Lucy? So looking forward to it!!!!


Simply beautiful:


I love your new color pack. Each time the colors are so beautiful together yet different from the last one. I am amazed at your color expertise!!!


As a quilter, let me just say that the Courthouse Steps block is a variation of the Log Cabin. Don't see any need to nitpick over such a beautiful blanket as yours!


Errr, Lucy - As a quilter, I thought I'd mention that your design is actually called Courthouse Steps. That has a strip added top and bottom to the central square, and then to both sides. Then top and bottom, then both sides, and so on, just as you've made it.
The Log Cabin has a piece added to the side of the central square, then pieces added continuously clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Love your work, and have been inspired over the years to produce some crochet blankets because of you!


Oh lors! I have three blankets to finish, two for Christmas and one for my Dad's 90th in early December... One cottage ripple, a Sophie's Universe and a granny stripe using the coastal pack. And I sooooo want to do this granny stripe! Well I am buying the yarn pack tonight and I'll just have to get started as soon as I can. *Wanders off muttering about there not being enough hours in the day to crochet all the things I want to crochet!*
Love O. xxx


Simply LOVE your Sunny Log Cabin pattern!
Happy crocheting! :-)

Penny P

C'mon Lucy, my pack is here and crochet hook poised ready!

Karen W

I'm really excited to be joining your CAL again. I did your cosy blanket last year and loved every stitch. The blanket is a permanent fixture on my sofa. My yarns arrived yesterday from wool warehouse packaged like a gift.
I'm going to do the granny stripe version for my toddler.I've found that the great advantage with striped designs is that I finish off each stripe and it's a usable blanket each time.... And will go in the washing machine after being loved by the kids even whilst only half made!

Mary Walker

Looking forward to starting here in the Uk what time does it start GMT?

Christine Timpson

Love the sunny yarn colours. Think I will try the granny stripe blanket.
Thank you Lucy for doing the CAL. Christine

Susan Beard

Just ordered my sunny pack to do the granny stripe blanket for my Granddaughter.

delphine 44

Hi Lucy,
What a great idea you by sharing with us this log cabin colouresd crochet cal. I just wait to recieve the yarn and i'll be ready to do it with all of the ladies who makes the cal.
thanks a lot for your lovely colored blog ; it 's the sunshine for me everyday when i open your blog and see that you've posted a new article.
thks from Nantes in France.

Ann Boulton

Gorgeous. I'm just finishing two little blankets for twins I love the log cabin blanket. I must do this one next.

Alicia May

You are an absolute creative genius! This is stunning. I thoroughly enjoy following your blog and crochet masterpieces.

Cheri George

I am currently making a Granny Stripe blanket for my grandson. I am using Red Heart Super Saver in Icelandic. He and his girlfriend picked the color. It is very scratchy, and will need to be rinsed with fabric softener when complete. I miss my Stylecraft and Ice Magic softness. Jeez, why does it have to be so scratchy!??


Wonderful colours, log cabin work looks so nice but is also lovely to crochet up isn't it!


Looking forward to this CAL! My yarn arrived yesterday, and it was a welcome pop of color cheerfulness on a stormy day. Fast shipping from WoolWarehouse too...I ordered on the 21st and it arrived on the 29th....from the UK to San Antonio, TX. :-)


Technical question! Are they just regular wooden clothes pegs you use to hold the yarn? I'm just so excited about starting this xxx


It's a lovely pattern Lucy and I love the log cabin idea and of course the colours. I am unsure about the yellow,orange and spice group colours in the middle starter square and keep thinking that maybe for me that spice should be a more jolly pastel blue or lime green would that be OK I wonder...I shall have to try it. I do enjoy having a project for the winter month's and was intending to do the coastal ripple but I think maybe I shall join the CAL as I so enjoyed doing the Cosy Stripe one last year.Thank you x

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