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October 20, 2015


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Thank you for the gorgeous photos! They are soothing to my eyes. Here in brown California I've missed Green!!

Gena Resende

I meant beautiful mind and face, :)

Gena Resende

I come often to read you as I told you before, here and on Facebook. I assure you your photos are absolutely astonishing.
Cosy home, simple living. Happy family. Magical hands, serene figure.eautiful mind and face. It's good to have you in my life.
I wish I could have had a daughter like you.


As I look at this lovely pictures, I can almost feel myself sitting along the side of the water, drinking in the wonderful sights. The colors, reflections, the lovely scents of green and fresh air....the music of the trees as they dance in the breeze....
I feel so relaxed by just closing my eyes and picturing myself there...
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Along with a few other of your lovely posts, I will save this and refer to it when I need that peace and relaxation....
God bless!


Thank you, Lucy, for the beautiful photos, as usual. The reflections in the canal are just wonderful. I like to read your blog and I'm delighted with your great talent to recognize the beauty of life, nature and common things. Your posts are always a great inspiration. Thank you very much!:) Lily


It's almost as if the water is actually a mirror in some of the photos. I really love Autumn, the colours, the smells, the crispness of the air.


beautiful photos as usual, Lucy! thank you. I can close my eyes and imagine myself strolling along in the woods along the water....
OR maybe dropping a fishing line in and just relaxing there.
Colors are so rich and beautiful! Makes me want to go and visit somewhere where the foliage is colorful...probably the ONLY thing I miss about Northeast US....since I live in Southern California - not too many fall colors here.

Thanks for the lovely photos!

Laurel Pries

Your photos are such an inspiration!!! I have just introduced my new daughter-in-law to your sight and she can't wait to order the Harmony Blanket that I am working on. What's next....maybe a fall colored one from these beautiful photos?? Just a thought. Keep up the good work Lucy, love your blog!!

Amy Williams

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and the story of your getaway. I read this last night after returning from being in the hospital for 3 days. My mind is overwhelmed with the pain I suffered and the sights I saw. This story helped me to hope again in beautiful walks outside and healthy days with my family.


Wow those reflections are amazing! Sarah x

Heidi / Virkkuumania /Crochet maniac

I have been reading your blog about four years. You have so beautiful pictures and your crochet is just amazing. I live in Finland, in Tampere (which is inland city, between two lakes and rapids run through the city).
I hope that one day I could travel to England and visit the countryside.


Stunning photos :-) xx

Michelle Gladwish

Simply lovely xx

Ingrid van Kaam

What a beautiful photo's I love the way you took them. Spring en Fall are great for taking the most beautiful pictures.


Such a beautiful autumn we are having this year, the beauty of reflections in the water always takes my breath away. Hx


Ooooh, maybe that last picture you could use to make a nice color combination for a new autumn blanket?? I'ld love that...

Robin Summers

WOW! These pics are lovely! You have an awesome eye. There is nothing like reflections of such beauty!

Cherie Chudyk

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's. Love those autumn colours and reflections. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those colours find their way into your crochet work. x

Chel C

Stunning! Especially picture 7. How lucky to see the canal so still. xx

crafty mema

love it
xooxoxox crafty mema

Angela-Southern USA

A lovely Autumn walk with wonderful reflections! I enjoyed one last evening, but the water was full of fallen leaves so no such reflections for me. But still enjoyable! Enjoy the day! x

Sigi G

Beautiful pictures!! I always enjoy my 'walk with you' along those beautiful pathways! Maybe today, I'll grab a friend, and take a walk along our trails too :)!

Selina Baihn

ohhh my, your photography is amazing, i too was totally lost in all those reflections! so very beautiful!
thanx for sharing


I must make the effort to go into those woods sometime soon. Its been quite a while. Thanks for the lovely photos as usual Lucy. We should go alfresco on a nice morning and take our knit n natter down to the canal side for a change of scenery xx

Hula Loop

Lovely photos. Autumn is such a beautiful season. Your photos make me want to go for a walk as well. Lovely blog post, love Sarah xxx

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