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October 07, 2015


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Everything looks beautiful as always!
I really do not mean at all to be a naysayer in any way, really, but when I see all of the gorgeous mandalas you have posted, I can't help but think if I am the only one to be wondering if any of them were inspired by the gentle and generous-spirited Wink of A Creative Being. I would like to hope that somewhere she is seeing them too. I know that so many of us associate them with her at this point!

Barbara Harrison

I wrote a little bit on my blog about Yarndale and my next blog post is a photo of a wreath I have made using your wonderful crochet patterns.It is busybusybeejay.blogspot.com

Angela-Southern USA

Congratulations to you and all that worked so hard to put such an advent together! I s-ooooo wish I could have crossed the pond to attend! It's wonderful to see the bunting and mandalas again, I didn't spot mine so I guess it's at the museum. This years sheep twins are fabulous!I look forward to seeing and hearing all about the flowers for memories, maybe I'll spot mine it those. Thanks Lucy for sharing!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


thank you from a person across the sea who couldn't go to your yarndale, but got to experience it from the computer. Love, love, ALL your pictures. A lot of hard work on your part and others, pat yourself on the back. Amazing colors, yarn etc. thank you

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Thanks, Lucy for sharing Yarndale to us in the US. We missed you SO much but totally understood that you needed to be busy offline and then just be UNbusy to recover.


Thank you Lucy for this wonderful post and the amazing photos. Just wish I could have come too!

Ali Dufty

Loved reading our Yarndale post - it looked like a whole bunch of fun !!!Well done for all your effort in organizing such a riot of colour. Really good to see it all 'come together'.!I'm quite dizzy !
Your little lambs are an adorable addition too.x :)

Victoria - ECY

Love this post! We were vendors, and we had an amazing weekend - Yarndale gets talked about an awful lot when we're at other shows; it has quickly become much-loved and talked about. I love how the organising team put in so much effort (this is not always the case), and I love the things like you having proper seating areas, exhibitor toilets, etc.
Anyway, I didn't actually get time to look around because we were so busy, so I'm relying on blog posts to see what I missed!
I blogged about our Yarndale prep which I was working on from March onwwards: http://ecyblog.com/2015/09/02/yarndale-news/
And once I finish unpacking and updating the website, I'll do a post-show blog post.
Thanks again to all the organisers!

Gingercats mum

Loved the whole experience once again and seeing all the results of each year's community project brings back warm memories of creating. It is such fun to get involved with the appeals then to look through the displays in the oft-vain hope of finding ones own creation/s. I did find at least 2 of my flowers this time and gave Christine some socks. The bunting continues to make me gasp each year, as do the crowds!! And to look closely at the mandalas was a treat.
Thanks to you and the team, not just the team of six but all your many helpers. Everthing there was so bright, inspiring and joyful. x




Thank you for sharing Yarndale 2015. Wished I could have attended but reading your blog is the next best thing. I felt like I was there seeing all the fabulous exhibits. Yarndale is a wondeful contribution to the community and you deserve as much recognition for your hard work as is possible. Cuddos for a job well done.

Sigi G

Thank you for sharing. Loved the little 'twin' sheep. Wow - really appreciate all the work that went into this Yarndale 2015!! An exciting week, for sure!

Hélène Berthou

J'adore tout, I love everything you do and post, you're amazing ! Merci !

Nancy Swank

Love, love, love all the photos! Thanks for sharing them - it felt like I was there!

Sharon Izzard

What a fantastic insight into Yarndale and what an honour to play such an important part in such a well loved event. I am unable to come but I love to read about everyone's adventures at Yarndale :-)


I had a great time at Yarndale and enjoyed reading your post about how Yarndale was for you, very interesting hearing about what goes on behind the scenes. I'm just hoping that I manage to get there again next year, I had to miss the first one as it was the weekend my son was moving in to his uni accommodation and next year will be my daughter's turn, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't clash with Yarndale. My blog post is here:-


Congratulation Lucy! Good job :)


Lucy, I'm always in awe of how much you manage to pack in, especially with three children. Seriously, I just don't think I could do it....and I can only imagine how pooped you were after the weekend. I can imagine you being bombarded non stop all weekend at the show. Both exhilerating, yet totally exhausting! Lot's of frothy coffees and a bit of down time for you now I think are in order! I would love to get my act together to travel up for a yarndale experience, although I'd be way too shy to say 'hello'! ha ha!

So glad Yarndale is such a success. I totally love how yarn can bring so many together with a shared passion. So much joy and colour xxxxxx

Robin Summers

I had to come back and show you this blanket that reminded me of you and the family on the beaches with beach huts that you have shared with us. I am definitely going to make it for sure! The inspiration was the beaches in Cornwall. Even if you don't make it I hope you will at least look at it. : )I will go back and look at the rules at the bottom of the tutorial and if I am allowed I can send you the pattern. If not it is 3 pounds and some change.


Tiny Lautenschutz

I have recently discovered your wonderful blog. But this is totally amazing what I see displayed here! I love visiting England. Perhaps it is time to find my way to Yarndale and experience this outpour of colour but most of all love.


A great write up about Yarndale Lucy, I had such a lovely day and I can see just how much hard work goes into it to make it such a resounding success. I was sorry not to see you in the Knit and natter lounge this year but managed a quick chat with Christine. Can't wait for next year. :) xx Thank you for listing my blog x

Jane Allan

Attending Yarndale is in my bucket list. I have begun a saving plan to get me there. The saving might have to take a while as I'm in Queensland Australia. In the meantime I have your beautiful photos and links to keep me motivated. Thank you so much for the chance to peak into this wonderful affair.

carolyn jackson

Thank you lucy, lovely to see so much of yarndale from so faraway. Pleased my bunting,mandala and flowers were there even thogh i cant be there myself. A great credit to you all who work so hard. Your blog is my favourite. Thanks again, carolyn.


I've been waiting for this post! Since I hadn't seen a new post this past week...I KNEW it was Yarndale - and I started waiting to read this post. Thank you. I was NOT disappointed!
Oh! How I wish I could be there....I so wish I could be one of those who met you and gave you a hug for all the inspiration and joy you have given me!
One of the first "real" projects I did was your large Blooming Cushion. - and I've been so proud of it.
Because of you, I LOVE color, color and more color in my crochet! I have been inspired by you to keep working harder and harder to improve my own crochet skills. You and Dedri (Look at What I Made) have posted tutorials that helped beginners like me crochet projects that are listed for Intermediate - and beyond!

Thank you, Lucy. You are still my favorite blog. If I don't see a new post, I worry about you. I feel as if you are a dear friend - even though we've never met! I so wish we could meet at Coopers for a cuppa and chat and hook together for a bit.
Maybe by next year I'll win a lottery or something and be able to afford a trip to England - and Yarndale! - and maybe just a bit of a jaunt around Skipton which seems such a lovely little town.
Thank you, dear friend!

Robin Summers

Oh Luce, I always look forward to your Yarndale posts. The yarn bombings on the park posts are awesome. My fave of those has to be the underwater fish with the air bubbles. Just love it! The twin sheep this year are just absolutely precious. A lovely little twist but still sticking to the Yarndale mascot. :) I just have to start saving so I can make it to Yarndale so I can oogle all the yarny goodness. I have a huge case of the wanties where that is concerned. So to tame the wanties a bit I ran over to the warehouse and bought the Sunny (logcabin style) blanket pack you have lined up for the next CAL. Now those colors take my breath away!! tons of love to you and the family!! xxxxxxx
Robin from the USA

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