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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 21, 2015


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claire goddard

I too could be a professional potterer, or fatter too! Your home looks lovely, so welcoming and ... well, homely! Xx


Yes, I love your blankets and I love your colors, but most of all, I love to read your posts. I have been waiting your new post every week for so many years!

And now, I am also waiting for 1st of November. Yarn pack is waiting already here in Finland on my kitchen table!

Anja (ChériesCrochet)

Love your cosy, homy post and looking forward to your CAL !


I love the colours in your new blanket can't believe they are the same ones as are in the squares as for some reason the squares just didn't float my boat but boy the stripes do!!!
I so wish we had a cosy fire , central heating is not the same, enjoy half term ,were did half a term go?

Pom Pom

Lucy, I love seeing your knitting on I-gram. Wow!
I hope you cozy in and have a lot of home time now that Yarndale is over.

Robin Summers

I am a fellow padidler as well. I love this time of year when you pull out the candles and grab some snuggle time when you can in between the honest to goodness cookin and house chores. My favorite candles are hazelnut, sweet pea and light linen. Of course there are others that pop in between the favorites. I have a pile of blankets that I am seriously franticly working on. Your pile urge me on. LOL


Pootling sounds like what we Yanks call puttering. The best!! Especially this time of year!! With crochet, watering plants, getting out the Halloween decorations, bringing in the potted plants to winter over inside, baking! Love your blog, love your colors, love how you share your happy life with us all! Thank you, Lucy!


Love your home looks so cosey . I agree nothing better than chilling out with a cuppa and some crochet . I'am busy trying to finish off a bobble stitch blanket as have your new pack calling to me but have said not till this blanket is done as find it hard to have to many crochet things on the go .


Ahhh...a fellow potterer! I do like a potter and inherited this skill from my lovely Mum who is the Queen of Pottering! I must say, I only potter at home whereas I do love a pootle around town, just mooching and delighting in the odd bargain or lusting after a twinkly treasure. I have another skill that I try not to use too often as it is detrimental to day to day life...I am the Queen of Faffing!! 😄


I'm a little further south than you, in Preston, and my blankets are starting to disappear upstairs too. I was fortunateenough to pick up some fleece at the market for £1 a metre, which as made a great backing for extra toastiness! Enjoy your pootling x

jayne mcclenaghan

I read your first two paragraphs of your blog and decided it was me that you were describing. A
Art from going out to work four evenings a week I enjoy my own company with my best mate, my westie. I am either painting or crocheting.life is bliss in the Autumn

Sigi G

Sunshine, all the way, with your bright cozy blankets. Yes, we have pressed ours into service here too now. No fireplace in this house, but I do remember the days, when we had one. Enjoy yours - it looks (and must smell) wonderful - I always loved the crackling of the logs, as they burned!

Bruissement d'elle

hello, je suis, tout comme toi, accros aux bougies et aux couvertures crochetées?§ touts ce que vous faites est magnifique / Hi, i love candles and blanket too, all you do is beautifull!


a lovely snuggly post as we move from summer through autumn and into winter. All very cosy and I look forward to seeing the new blankets xx lots of love Joy xx


I need to learn to pootle more - it sounds great!

The tiles on the base of your fireplace are really nice - all different colours (or they look like it in the photo).

Marijke Timmer

Hello Lucy, I admire all of your work so much! I've crocheted 3 of your wreaths, spring, autumn and winter. I thougt you promised to make the summer wreath also. So I'm waiting for it all this time and I'm looking forward to it. I know you have a simple-one already, but I want to make one with lots of summer flowers, bees and butterflies. Can you tell me if you are thinking of making this in future? Greetings from Holland.


Love the pile of blankets but I can't keep up with all your CAL's!!

reality Jayne

Hi...Do you still have your studio above the coffee shop?


That stack of blankets looks perfect for cozying up this time of year. Love the colors in your new blanket as well.

Michelle Gladwish

I love cozy xxx


How cosy and beautiful your home always looks. I love the sun streaming through the windows as well, especially at this time of year when it always seems a bit more precious. That's such a scrumptious pile of blankets, particularly the lovely one at the bottom. I shall look forward to seeing what you have in store for the Crochet Along. Two blankets, yay! CJ xx


I too have been enjoying fragranced candles the past couple of weeks. Spicy, autumn scents are just delightful. I still have your 'Cosy' pack sat waiting and I think I will start this blanket when your CAL begins. Have a lovely half term with your family.

Angela Hollands

I commented on your last post saying I would love to leave New Zealand and come and live where you live, the canal and buildings and walks you go on look amazing! Can I change that now, can I live in your house as well? Ha ha! Joking of course, but it does just look so very cosy and colourful and a lovely place to be. Thank you for sharing :)


Tis the season to be cosy and do some serious hunkering down, loving the blankety goodness
Clare xx


Hi Lucy,
I have only discovered your blog in past few weeks and have become a daily visitor! You have no idea how much your patterns and ideas have excited me, I am almost finished your cosy blanket and its been such a delight, so relaxing. As a full time working mother with a husband and young children my daily treat and 'me time' has been working on my cosy blanket. I have the sunny pack here ready to go, I am not a big fan of the dark winter evenings but I have a feeling this new project will keep me going. Thank you for the inspiration and keep it coming.X

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