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September 23, 2015


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This is lovely. I don't know if you'll see this comment, hidden away in the back end, but I just read a picture book to my little 4 year old fellow called "Extra Yarn" (by Mac Barnett) and it reminded me of you - a little girl finds a magical box of yarn and brings color and warmth to her whole town as she knits sweaters and coverings for everyone and everything. You should check it out - it seems like just your cup of tea :)

Tita Carré

Olá amiga, adorei a postagem, parabéns, sempre delicada, visite meu blog também, beijokas
Visite meu blog - Tita Carré - Crochet

Jo Kneale

The flowers were a real show-stopper. And how wonderful to think each one could tell a story, if only yarn could talk. I was there, but I didn't disturb you, you were so busy and surrounded all the time. Well done, and fantastic effort, everybody! Please can I come next year?

Jan Doling

Hi Lucy, we had a fantastic time at Yarndale and it was so good to meet up with you in person. Thank you for being so patient while we all had our photos taken with you. I purchased your chunky pack and really wished I had also purchased the Harmony pack (will get one from Wool Warehouse soon). I just had a guilty moment about spending too much as I already have so much stash! xx

Kelly Marszycki

Incredibly beautiful post, Lucy! Someday I hope to be on your side of the Atlantic when Yarndale occurs -- must be an amazing event. Warm regards from very chilly Connecticut!


Hi Lucy, beautiful flowers and gorgeous colors!!
Just wanted to say that I bought two Attic24 yarn packs from WoolWarehouse for the cottage and the ripple blanket and can't wait to start my work!! But before that I have to finish the lace curtain I'm making for the bathroom window :o( super long work...
Hugs from Italy :o)


I bought my CAL pack need to start


Those flowers are amazing. Unfortunately I couldn't go to Yarndale this year. Maybe next year.


wow the flower walls look amazing. and the yarn bombing is fabulous. I would love to see yarn dale unfortunately it's a bit far to travel over from Australia so i will just have to content myself with waiting for your next blog post.


22 countries blows my mind ! How precious each and everyone of those flowers are. I would be totally humbled and moved as well.


I would love to visit Yarndale, I will have to make one of my trips home to England coincide with it. Those flowers are very impressive indeed!

Hula Loop

Love all the amazing colours. Those photos are magic. Wish I was going to Yarndale, maybe next year. Have a wonderful time, love Sarah xxx

CL in CO

Lucy, So lovely to meet you at Yarndale today (Sat). I wish I had had more time to chat. What a fantastic event you help to organise, so much fun!
Sorry for being a bit emotional - I blame my age, and thank you for the hug. Look forward to hearing from you when you have some time, and the dust has settled after the fest. best, CL in CO xx


in 2014-i said i would cross the pond and get to yarnsdale-in 2015-but so much personal stuff happened -i am now saying 2016-for sure. I totally love yarn bombing and would love to see it all

oxoxoxox crafty mema


So lovely all of this. The fish are so cute. Such a great project the "Flowers for Memories" and the flowers are so beautifull, so full of life and colour. Best luck in yarndale.


The colours, gorgous! I love Autumn. x

Lynn Butler

Have a wonderful Yarndale! I too will have to wait to experience it through your pictures. I just know it is going to be fantastic!


Lucy I love that your blog is meant to be all things beautiful and instructive for those who have something in common. I love trying different foods and seeing someone else's ideas on crochet; making wonderful things out of colorful string. Is this a talent or what? I visit your site for these reasons and look forward to all things new.

Sharon Izzard

I hope you have the most amazing time at Yarndale. I would love to come one day :-) x


I find telling people that yarn bombing is 'fun!' is a little patronising (as on Facebook). It is only fun if you find it so! Personally it is moderately interesting and I am not offended by it. However,some people find such things an eye sore (looking at garish brightly coloured crochet is not pretty to them) and they see it as graffiti. Personally I don't have a stance on the actual display as I won't be there and if I were, it would be ameliorated by it being a temporary feature.

I do have a view though, that any dissenters seem to be discounted as being nothing more than killjoys. Different things amuse different people don't they? That said I agree 5 days out of the year won't hurt anyone.

I don't like the bolshy, defensive and distinctively tetchy tone against people who disagree however. It's rather unnecessary and I find it a little rude and inconsiderate. Other people should always be considered too. I think a thought might be given to people who have their local space taken over and upset by a surge of visitors every year. Some people like restful and peaceful environments. I am sorry that their views are not considered too.

All things considered, I don't see why you should not have a display for 5 days, but a respectful attitude for those who don't like it would not go amiss. You cannot insist though that it is fun for everyone. A park is an open space provided and paid for by local people and for the use of all, not just those who like crochet! Some of the comments on Facebook about the 'whingers' are just rude. Why are only some people entitled to an opinion?


Best of luck with Yarndale. I'm sure it will all go well. :) xx


Lucy, so looking forward to your photos! What an inspirational event that Yarndale and such a good place for it. Love to be there too. I will be purchasing one of the calendars for sure just waiting for them to be available. Wishing you a great weekend at Yarndale!


I so wish Yarndale were doable for me! Living West Coast in USA - and not able to do much physically right now (and being rather 'broke!'). it's totally out of the question....but I DREAM of Yarndale...and will enjoy your photos when they are posted. I swear, next year I WILL do flowers or whatever is being asked - just so I can feel like a part of it, even if I can't make it!
Think of it - IF I could make it, I might get to actually meet Lucy and other of my fav hooky idols as well as take part in that event...
Maybe sometime...........
Best of luck to you, Lucy, and all who've worked so very hard to make sure Yarndale is just awesome! I know all who attend will not be disappointed!
As they say in show business, "Break a Leg!" (means do a great job and WOW the attendees!)


Ohhh I would love to be at Yarndale, but sadly not this year, so really looking forward to your photos Lucy. All those flowers are just wonderful and brought a lump to my throat. They must be magnificent all together. Have a fantastic weekend.


Ooooh, I can't wait! I'm coming on Sunday with a friend from work - I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely crocheted flowers, and walking through the park to see the yarnbombing again....oh and hopefully buying lots of lovely new yarn xx

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