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September 20, 2015


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Hi, I would like to purchase some of the beautiful yarns you have, but I am in the USA. Do you ship to the USA? If so I need American pricing. I just completed your Ripple Afghan with different colors...it looks good but I think with your yarn it would have looked better. I love your colors!
I learned so much from your instructins and the great graphics. You made it easy to accomplish.
Thank you so much!


Such lovely flowers Lucy. Living on the Canadian prairies can be quite drab so I understand your excitement over shipments of colorful flowers.

Lynne Gill

I DO understand - because this is the feeling I get in my stomach each Spring - a sense of res;essness and uncertainty, despite loving the end of Winter. I think it stems from school days, September being a nw start. Also my birthday which can't be bad. On another note, we were having a break up in Hexham last week, my DH's stamping ground, and found a great wool shop which had YOUR ripple blanket draped over a chair, with the Stylecraft selection in a basket underneath. Now being a very basic crocheter, I've only ever done double crochet stripy blankets, your stripy bag (twice) and the Granny Along blanket. I put off rippling because I thought it too difficult. Anyway, after a lovely chat and explanation from the owner of the shop I came away with the requisite yarn, knowing I'd find the pattern on your blog. So SOON I shall be Rippling Along, albeit long after everyone else has moved on! Enjoy Autumn, Lucy I know you will find lots to make you happy. Lxx



Valerie White

I like summer but I really love autumn with all the lovely autumn colours.
I'm coming up to your part of the country at the weekend for Yarndale it is my first time of coming to that part of the country . Can you tell me if Woolwarehouse will be at Yarndale xx


I definitely felt the seasonal change this morning. The clouds were very low and there was a nip in the air. I'm afraid my flip flops have long since disappeared and I'm now wearing boots and looking for warm sweaters. I may have given up on summer already... xxxxxxx


I am an autumn girl - I love how the leaves change colors and how everything is bathed in such a kind light. Oh and having warm tea while watching the thuderstorms outside. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if there was longer daylight time...

Your autumn days look quite magical :) Hope you will adjust to the new season soon!

Take are
Crochet Between Worlds


You live in a beautiful area and I always love seeing the photos that you take---I love the change of seasons and Fall is my favorite season---cool, crisp and so colorful!


I love the summer and heat as well but I love dahlias too. Beautiful heads that can be spiky or pom pom.


Thank you for your beautiful post and pictures. If I could I would live in perpetual Spring, but Autumn is secon best, as I dont like extreme hot or cold. This Summer was extremely hot and dry in the Balkans, grass is brown an crunchy and trees are shedding dry leaves out of sheer desperation. I think I would like an English Summer tough. 😊


Yes, I totally agree about when summer ends and autumn starts. But I don't mind it when autumn comes along. It's probably my favourite season.

Sabine from Germany

Dear Lucy,
I´m with you in your feelings about autumn rsp September. I also don´t wanna pack the flipflops away, but it´s too cold for wearing them :(
There are so much feelings I agree - but we sure find ways to handle them!?!
Sabine from WO in Germany


Such gorgeous photos Lucy! I grew dahlias for the first time this year in a raised bed. What a success, and today our kitchen table vase is again full of mainly pink blooms in all their wonderful variety. Love them!! I do think there is wisdom in establishing some seasonal routines, activities and small treats that can be looked forward to and enjoyed. I think you've got it sorted 😊 Pip S X


I love autumn, but like you, Lucy, I'm not quite ready to give up my flip-flops yet. Fabulous flowers - I love dahlias too.

Teresa Kasner

You and I share being summer people. Autumn is kind of like a death knell of my favorite season and the rising awareness that my least favorite one - winter - is coming. But I do like the orange-gold-rust-redness of everything this time of year. Enjoy your walking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Winwick Mum

My toe nails are also pink, but my socks are back on and so are my boots - brrr! xx

Angela-Southern USA

I hope the warm temps hang around for you Lucy, but here in the Southern US summers are INTENSE and we love the cooler temps of fall. Which we've not had much of it so far (88F) today in fact but, the leaves are starting to change and the fall wildflowers are blooming beautifully. Love the dahlias! In fact I made some paper dahlias recently, huge ones perfect for a pop of color on a bare spot of wall or door. Enjoy the flip flops while you can!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Like reading my mind. Summer girl too😉


Such a fantastic walk to school! I love Autumn more than summer. I have a theory that (most) people love the season they were born in the best. It's true in my case anyway!


You've said it so well, just how I feel about September. It's such a beautiful month yet tipped with a little sadness at the passing of summer. Walking in the autumn sunshine is such an uplifting thing to do isn't it? Wishing us all many more sunny days to come! xx

Sue Lord

Autumn is on it's way here too in Sunny Suffolk. Warm enough today for cropped trousers and sandals, but going cooler now as the sun drops. Sat in my summer house/craft room to do a few rows on my Coast Blanket this afternoon whilst hubby watches the sport on TV. We had a ride through the Thetford Forest a few days ago and I felt inspired by the glorious colours in the trees especially those lit by the sunshine. I have loved the comfort and warmth of my blanket over my knees as it has grown and am planning my colours to do an Autumn one in Yellows, oranges, reds, browns and greens. Thank you Lucy for inspiring us all, I hope to perhaps see you at Yarndale next weekend.
best wishes, Sue.



Jo Kneale

My sandals are most definitely packed away for the winter. I'm holding out on my boots until October, I hope.

I think the golden sunshine is my favourite part of the waning year, especially in the morning when a slight damp-hued mist lingers and the rays are highighted against the trees.


In late April/May (after the last frost), you should plant a dahlia bulb in your front garden and dig it out after the first frost in autumn to keep it in your attic for next year.

Linda young

We have been lucky over this weekend here in north Norfolk it's just turned 3.30 in the afternoon,a nip in the air ,but it has been a lovely sunny day. We started out by going out to byfords in holt and had breakfast sitting outside in the sunshine. 11's in the garden plus a couple of hours of harmony blanket crocheting 4 full rows done ready to start assembleing it , followed by afternoon tea. Still sunny outside but quite cold. Unfortunately I have started to feel unwell with my RA so have been tucked up in bed by my husband. All snugly but still looking out as the sun begins its decent. Autumn definitely has its ups and downs,sometimes I don't think it can decide what it wants to be.

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