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September 14, 2015


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Yorkshire is truly a beautiful place! :-)


Oh I'm thrilled - I was just about to ask you to do a blanket in autumn colours; I love the Coast one and was attempting to pull together some autumnal colours but you will do it so much better than I could. Hurrah!

Marijke Vries

Succes and have fun!
Thank you, by the way, for so much inspiration on your blog!
I made several people very happy with gthe present I made, inspired by your beautiful DIY's.
Thanks again!!!!!

Marijke (Holland)


Thank you for sharing the lovely photos and your relief ...lol off being so organized with your childrens school items .I don't think those people who don't have school age children realize all the time spent all through the year on school matters .We have 4 weeks holiday at Christmas time in Australia and the mums seem to think thats a long time .We have three school terms .we used to have four which I believe was better but they changed it all .Im looking forward to your creations as it inspires me to keep trying .Sandra


Ohhh thank you Lucy for the beautiful photos of the heather clad hills. So many happy memories of the Dales and Moors even though I haven't lived there for 25 years.
May your progress to Christmas be one of calm routine!


so glad you took summer time for the little people. and happy the hooks kept going! your honesty always inspires me. Have a wonderful time with Yarndale. Find moments for your yourself so you can enjoy it too. Rachel
PS I have lots of your 'happy flowers'hiding on unexpected walls and door- backs round the house and my 6 granddaughters each have one in their bedrooms too. happiness!


Hello Lucy,the photo's are amazing. what a wonderful landscape on your back door. I see the source of your creation in the colors of these hills and skyline. I also like very much the quality and colors from your camera. Can you please share with me what is the camera brand that you are using ?


Welcome back Lucy. Love the pictures of North Yorkshire. That is heather blooming isn't it? It's gorgeous.
Always look forward to your delightful blog posts. That tiny bee is precious. My hook is itching to make one or two:-))

Angela-Southern USA

This will be us yarnaholics(hopefully)in time!


Love the bumble-bee!

It does take an awful lot of organization this time of year doesn't it, but I do love the 'back-to-school' feeling. I think the excitement from childhood of starting a new school year in September with new shoes, new pens, new teacher, etc. stays with your forever. I always feel a boost and an energy and an extra excitement about future projects at this time of year.


I am very excited to see what you are doing for Yarndale - besides the beautiful rug...
It is always so very complicated to get back to routine after the sweet lazy summer holidays... Greetings from mila

Sharon Izzard

Your heathery photos are amazing, so beautiful! I love the little bee :-) I hope Yarndale goes amazingly well. x


It's good to hear from you again but it's so special to be able to spend the holidays with your family. I'm sure Yarndale will be a super success.
Much love


Ow, those hills, how I miss those hills ...

Love the Yarndale-banner, it turned out really pretty.


Winwick Mum

More than a week to go and you had all the kit ready? Now that's seriously impressive! :-) xx


Hi Lucy,
Have missed your lovely posts the last few weeks. What beautiful pictures of the moorland. The air looks so clear and the heather is fantastic. Can't wait to hear news of your latest blankets. B x

Caitlin Smith

Lucy -- I'm so glad that all is well with you and your family -- congratulations on feeling so on top of things! I think we are alike in these struggles with "mom organization." I wrestle with it every day.

I love your little fish/needle-keeper that you keep on your scissors. Can you please tell me how to make one? Or send a link to something similar?
Many thanks and hugs -- Caitlin from Oregon

Robin Summers

Oh Lucy I love the little bee! We all should make some kind of Lucy brooch so whoever makes it to Yarndale we are able to recognize each other. That bee is some kind of cute. I am loving the start of the beginning of your afghan. It reminds me of the logcabin style of blankets. Waving wildly to you so you know it is Robin over here in the USA!!!

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad to see how peaceful you feel right before YD. I used to do a big art and craft show each year and the work heading into it was pretty stressful. I look forward to seeing the photos after YD, it always looks like such fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Robin Summers

Howdy doo Luce! I am so glad to see you back in the Attic posting away. Your calming posts and beautiful photos always take me away to England. I really want to make that trip sometime since it is on my bucket list. I love the photos on this post. I really want to have one of your beautiful pics of the purple heathers. Can you email me with permission so I can frame one for my bedroom walls? My email is under my name (Robin Summers)and above my website. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful feeling now that the peeps are back in school. Lots of love to you and the family! xxxxx

Robin all the way across the pond in the USA in the state of Virgina)


So glad you are back! But also so glad you take a break when you need :-) Wish I was closer so I could go to Yarndale...Texas--UK is not happening yet. One day!


Sooooo excited about Yarndale. Am travelling up from Manchester with friends. Hope to spot some of the flowers we knit and crocheted (66 in total). Good luck. Yaaaaaay for woolly stuff xx


Welcome back Lucy. Did miss you but knew you were flat out with yarndale and family life.
Impatiently waiting for my harmony blanket yarn, should be here any day now.
Can't wait to start it. Going to make it for my daughter who is ill to cuddle up in.
Love your blog. Xx

Angela Dwyer

Just discovered your site and it was meant to be. Oh your lovely photos have me misty eyed. I've just returned home to New Zealand after reconnecting with my family, who live very close to you, after thirty years. As much as I love NZ there is nothing like the pull of your birthplace. I plan to make your beautiful Harmony blanket and it will interwoven with nostalgia and happy memories.

Peggy in Mississippi

Along with all the rest, good to read tales from the Attic. Yours was my first blog I followed and started me back on the crochet journey. Keep enjoying life!

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