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August 03, 2015


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You live in such a picturesque area.


Just beautiful descriptions of an expedition into the dales. I just love to see your photos of the wild flowers and commend you,for your stored knowledge of their names. I yearn to see the dales again. At the moment I am living in Singspore which is vastly the opposite. Walking with family is such a wonderful education. How important it is to enjoy nature.🌱🍃🍂

Crystal Wall

Thank you for sharing. I could just be right there by your story and pictures. You live in a beautiful place. How gorgeous is the Heather and that river. How lucky we are. As always loving the blog.

Angela-Southern USA

Always a holiday with mum is off cooking duty! ;D For me, any water found in nature soothes the soul. A lovely outing, thanks for sharing Lucy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lucy, thanks for share the view of a beatiful place,from Veracruz Mexico I send to you blessing and hugs. Excuse my bad english, I hope that you understand me :)


Edit to my original comment: Actually I just realised Lucy, I don't live near a national park so that's probably why I don't see any wild flowers, ha ha! We probably do have them growing in our national parks, will have to look into that one and maybe visit one or two!!


Absolutely delightful post Lucy! Thank you for sharing :) I am so going to go to the National Park in the Yorkshire Dales when I'm over your way. I just love wild flowers! For some reason here in NZ we don't get a lot, some grow on road sides but end up getting sprayed by the council as they are classed as weeds :( Thank you for your post Lucy and have a lovely day, actually it's probably your evening now :):):)


The common spotted orchid was the first wild flower that I took a photograph of and of which I am very proud, thanks to a friend who explained all the settings I needed! lol I've not improved any with my photography but am stupid pleased that that photograph has been used on several leaflets, interpretation panels and website from where I used to work. One day I will practice those settings again in the hope of taking photo's somewhere near as good as yours. :-)

Daisy jones

We went on a very similar walk on Sunday, my Mum is visiting from the States and it was lovely to share an English Summer day with her....
bestest to you Daisy x
Ps Repetitive is comforting is it not?


Lovely! I was camping in Appletreewick two weeks ago :)


What a lovely day. We've just come back from North Wales, and the heather up there is looking beautiful at the moment. I took loads of photos of wildflowers to look up later. Lots that I don't seen down here so much. My boys spent about an hour every evening skimming flat slate pebbles into the water, they were obsessed with it. Just one of the things I am missing in this post-holiday week. Glad you had such a lovely Sunday. A meal out and no cooking or washing up is SUCH a treat isn't. I don't really care what I'm fed, it's just the luxury of not having to prepare it and clear up afterwards! CJ xx


Love the contrast of the red phone box against the green fields.
A pub dinner sounds just the thing to finsih of country walks, yum!




j'aime ces paysages, je rêve d'habiter là-bas ou quelque endroit identique. merci pour ces belles images rafraichissantes.


I agree so much about the fact that being near water makes us happier. I used to live 5 mins from the sea when I live in Newcastle, now live on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and our nearest coasts are at least a 45 min drive :( I so miss the smell of salty sea air filing my lungs...I need to go home for a holiday I guess. Thanks Lucy for your wonderful blogs x

Lynn Dee Butler

Your pictures are very lovely and green! I live in Southern California and we have landscape watering restrictions due to the ongoing drought. Most lawns, parkways and such are brown. This year, outside watering is very limited and non compliance can result in huge fines. Everything seems scorched, dead and brown, as it should since we need water for living, but it looks so sad. So it is very soothing to my soul to immerse myself in your pictures. Thank You!

Any new hooky on the needle? You surely have something new going on. I can't wait to see what it is!


Lucy, you might like this book, if you haven't read it already:


It's about how being near water makes us happier.


Janet's Foss is a lovely walk, a magical end at the 20 min stroll. Double back on the path behind the blacksmiths shed in malham and just follow the path round! Kids can have a paddle at the end, if it's nice warm weather of course, don't forget to point out the fairy cave on the right of the water!!!
Love Nicola xx

Winwick Mum

When somebody else is doing the cooking, I'm on holiday :-) xx


Hello Lucy, your Blogs also are a part of my repetitive rhythm of my life. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wonderful creations.I am working in the High Tech industry but still find time to crochet. This is for my soul...I am amazed from the quality of the photo's that you are publishing on your Blog.Which camera are you using ? Sending you my very best regards from sunny Israel.

crafty mema

best sunday ever
xooxox crafty mema

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