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August 03, 2015


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BRAVO ! Vous faites un très joli travail, j'adore, j'adore, j'adore ! Bonjour de France


My husband, our two sons (9 & 6), and I went for an impromptu walk down to our local shoreline yesterday to look for crabs under rocks (a new fascination for the boys after a recent holiday trip to Holy Island). The weather was stunningly beautiful, so to try and take full advantage I suggested we walk a little further down the road to our local pub for a drink in the beer garden. But I was only met with serious moans from the boys, and despite my assurances that was a climbing frame and space outside to run about, they took turns in refusing to move, claiming they were too tired. I'm ashamed to say I sulked for the entire short walk home. To cut a long story short ("too late!") your post has reminded me to accept how our children grow and change and to adjust our expectations of them accordingly. I shall also aim to be less sulky myself!


Such simple entertainment - the best!

Robin Summers

Now I absolutely loved this walk! Appletreewick with a beautiful red telephone booth!! Absolutely the best thing I have seen in a very long time. Unfortunately there are no phone booths in the state of VA that I have seen. :( The wildflowers.. simply stunning.


I had to share! I purchased four of your Cottage ripple packs and I just finished my biggest project to date, a California King Size bed cover! I must say, I am quite pleased with the outcome, but at the same time, glad it is over. I love the colors, pattern and yarn. I just purchased the kit in the blues and greens, looking forward to making a crib blanket for our first grandchild, a baby boy!

Thank you for the ideas and the yarn selections.



Looks like a beautiful place. You can't beat a pub lunch after a walk in the countryside :)

Penny Rongo

So love this post. Thanks for sharing with us all. You have a way for making us feel like we are walking along beside you experiencing everything you see and feel. It is wonderful.
You are blessed with a special gift.


'Appletreewick' - what a sweet name. And we love getting out onto the moors too, albeit on this side of the Pennines. Having said that I've always fancied a trip to Bolton Abbey.
My mum taught me about wild flowers too. I'm currently drawing and painting a nature-themed alphabet and knapweed is my 'K' (yet to be drawn).
I've noticed that as summer moves towards autumn the fields are becoming a little less colourful. All the pinks, yellows and blues have faded away but autumn's coming and it's a beautiful time of year, especially up hill and down dale :)

Amy Williams

Beautiful post thanks for sharing your world. Happy thoughts for me to take to my world full of work, summer camp, Grandma care etc.


What a glorious corner of the world you live in!


We live in Wensleydale and I love all my walks out with the dog. I share your leaving the house dramas with 3 children ranging from 8 to nearly teenage and it is blissful when the fuss is minimal and everyone ends up enjoying the outdoors in this stunning part of the UK whatever the weather - which included hailstones last week!


It's a shame when they get to the moaning, or at least less enthusiastic, stage, but they'll probably remember your walks and outings with pleasure and nostalgia one day!

I just looked up your pub menu, salivating rather, and noticed you can still get chicken and chips in a basket, and for under a fiver! My husband nostalges about this as we've not seen it for years and certainly not here in France, and I tease him and say it was so eighties and really not always all that nice, when it came in a nasty yellow plastic basket, but now I wish we could head for Appletreewick and eat some with a good pint of beer!


Oh, Lucy! Your posts always ground me.
(Could you adopt me? I'd love to be part of your family! I'm nearly 50 but I'm a child at heart!)

Bernie Birkett

Your walk reminds me of the lovely walk we had along the Wharf earlier this year. A glorious place to be. We then had lunch in Appletreewick as our grand son ,aged 4, thought it was a lovely name. Next time we may bring the whole family if I can round them up at the same time. Include our children and their offspring there are 12 of us ! Are the dales ready for that I ask myself. We are back again early next year so I will pop in and see you again

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Sounds like a wonderful family summers day to me!
I can totally relate to the repetitive rhythm of family life! xx


I neglected to give you link. Here it is,


Lucy -
I was following some links from Pinterest today when particular flower caught my eye. This picture (link)was taken from Flicker, with credits to another designer...LOOKS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE YOUR HAPPY FLOWER DECORATION! which was posted - hmmm! some time ago.
Someone called "Annie'sDesign" taking credit for this pattern...
frustrates me to no end to see someone take a pattern they've seen online (such as YOURS!) AND then claim it as their own....
I recently heard of one designer who has taken her blog, her Facebook and Ravelry pages down because she got tired of others taking her patterns and then putting their name on them...and then SELLING them for profit....when she had given freely to the crochet community out of the goodness of her heart and her love of crochet! I just wish there were a way to prosecute them - that is STEALING!


I just love your stories and pictures Lucy. I can remember when my siblings and I got to the age where we started to balk at family walks or rides. My mom had the perfect solution to that. She would pull out a list of onerous (to us) tasks that needed doing and said that we could stay behind if we wanted to complete one of the tasks instead. She was so darn sweet about it too. lol Lickety split we were in the car waiting to go with family.

Arlene Bomback

In love with your photos of the red phone booths. At home you'd be lucky to find a public telephone and when you come across one it is not charming or a lovely red and probably not working either :-)
Thank you for sharing all these glorious photos.


So lovely! Wish I were there but thanks for the pictures.


What lovely memories you're making for your family. It's funny how children go "off" walking when they get to the age of 14 or so but I'm pleased to say that mine (21 and 19) now love coming on a walk with us again. The best thing about walking with children - uninterrupted time to chat.


You are so lucky to have the Yorkshire Dales on your doorstep - as you appreciate!

Isn't that odd (and cool) that you went there the same weekend last year?

Teresa Kasner

I enjoyed you taking us along on your family outing. I especially loved the river and mostly the image of the bridge and quiet pools of water and the pretty grasses. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Judith Solecki

I remember Appletreewick from The Missing Postman. At the time, I assumed it was a name invented just for the movie.


Rural TN

Very beautiful. The British have such quaint, descriptive names for places.

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