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August 22, 2015


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Robin Summers

Hi Lucy! So glad to hear your wonderful thoughts, words and pics. This sentence especially made me smile : Warmth and colour, happiness and love, right there in those stitches! So true my friend. Your children are recieving the most wonderful thoughts of color and hookery. You are such a wonderful person and mum! So much love to you and the family. xxxxxxxxxx

Robin from across the pond. :)


I'm sure your kids will remember your blankets long after they have grown up, so much colour, so much love. I still remember lazing in the sun on my Mum's. Hx

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy! I enjoyed your blanket thoughts and your relaxed enjoyment of your Connievan adventure. We just got back from 12 days at our lake camping trip.. and I gave you a shout-out in the post for inspiring me to make my colorful blanket and cushions. I hope you have a few moments to pop over and see the fun photos I posted yesterday. Thanks again for teaching me the pleasure of pretty colors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Ali Whale

We too have a caravan and I love that the pace of life when we are in there is so much slower and more relaxed. Having said that we did Portsmouth in the van for our holidays this year and visited sooo many places that it wasn't as relaxing as usual. Although sat outside in the sunshine with a glass of wine in the evening was very nice (We were lucky with the weather).
I am putting together colours to make a blanket for the caravan, I have been told that it must 'fit in'. So not bright rainbow colours then...... Bother!


Thank you for sharing your lovely blanket pattern. I can't wait to use your join as you go method.

Ellen Farmer

Warmth and colour, happiness and love, right there in those stitches

Sounds like a wonderful wall plaque - painted, cross-stitched, on a pillow cover ??

Warm and colour
Happiness and love

third line needs some work ..

Right there in my crochet stitches ??

Lucy, you bring more joy than you can imagine by sharing your talent and your stories ...

JOY JOY JOY !!!!!!!!!!

Linda Sherman

What beautiful work Lucy. You really inspire me. I want to just sit down with beautiful yarns and start stitching away.


Silverdale, I remember it well. My husband's aunt and Uncle lived not too far away from there so we frequently visited the area. Happy memories of our family and our children when they were young. Love all your colourful blankets. Your family is lucky to live amongst such love and colourfulness.

Annette My Rose Valley

Super! In a blink of an eye the new blanket has become just as familiar as all the other blankets. Happiness on high level that is.


We too have just returned from a little break with our own Connie van (23 years old)just 20 miles or so to our lovely Norfolk coast, it has a crocheted blanket with bunting at the windows! I just love the feeling of freedom camping gives you. Not sure where it comes from because my Mum hated camping so only really happened for me adult years. Your children will have such wonderful memories in years to come Lucy.


It looks like a wonderful break Lucy. One of my favourite childhood holidays was at Holgates in Silverdale. I expect it's a huge affair now but back then it was pretty small....but it had a swimming pool. Oooh the luxury. I must have been about 15 and slept in a small tent at the side of our caravan. That felt very grown up.I remember my Dad complaining that the site fees were a pound a night...true Yorkshireman :0)
I loved your Harmony blanket by the way....sorry I didn't comment on your ta-dah post.
love Jacquie xxx


I hope my creations can become as much part of our home and family as yours have. so lovely.


Margaret Simpson

Glad you had a lovely break Lucy. It is great to get away for a while, but there is no place like home. Love the beautiful photos. ☺️☺️

Angela-Southern USA

Most definitely will be wrapped in their memories of the hooky-ness rainbows! I have such memories from my childhood of quilts and crocheted afghans. Look forward to the connievan tales!


Back before you were a twinkle in your parent's eyes my family stayed in Silverdale. The house we rented had no electricity and an outhouse. My sisters and I loved playing on the beach, it was a magical place. I'm glad to hear that it is still special.

Angeles Huerta

Hola Lucy, te saludo desde México. Y te felicito por tu excelente trabajo, a mi me gusta mucho el crochet, así que disfruto enormemente tus proyectos y ni que decir de los hermosos paisajes que compartes

Pamela Hw

Just taken delivery of my harmony wool and pattern..so here I go and this im going to keep for myself...take care Lucy..Pamela at the Old Church Scotland

Isabel Sánchez

Unión Nacional Nº38
Villa Pan de Azúcar


Hi Lucy back in the 1950s I went camping with Girl Guides to Silverdale ,can remember clearly the playing of the evening
post the silvery notes ringing poignantly, the flickering camp fire and the flag being gently lowered ,gazing out over that beautiful view which is still beautiful thankfully. Love Jenny x


The camping spot looks like a wonderful place to stay for a holiday! I miss the sea...

The blanket is such a beauty! It will go on my long, long to-do-list :)

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds


I too have a tourer which I love, love love!And it contains 2 huge crocheted blankets, crochet bunting at the front and rear windows and a couple of crocheted owls!


As I keep telling my hubby, you can't have enough blankies! Just need to finish a granny square blanket then on to a cosy blanket using the big bag of yarn bought for just a few pounds at the charity shop. You can't have enough yarn either! I'm sure that as your children grow and fly the nest, your blankets will fly with them! A cuddle from a 'mum' blanket is almost as good as a cuddle from Mum. Thanks as usual for all you do for us yarnaholics!

Georgie Garrick

😂 Everytime I fold my blankets....😜

Georgie Garrick

Every time told my blankets I wonder what my kids will do with them! I'll probably have a big stash in the corner of my care home!
Thanks for your blogging Lucy and all the work you do on this! You have been the instigator for me learning crochet!


I love your blankets Lucy, I have just won the Handicrafts cup at our local show this weekend with your beautiful Coast blanket. The judges certainly spotted a lovely design. I also made your Cosy blanket, but that was spoken for before it was finished by my granddaughters! Thank you for inspiring us and I think the Harmony blanket may also be made very soon.

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