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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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August 22, 2015


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Recently discovered your blog and love it. The cosy stripe blanket is on my wishlist and your idea to use the harmony colours for the stripe blanket is very very tempting indeed. As I am not familiar with the yarn you use, what colours would you suggest for the cosy edging and how much should I then purchase extra. Many thanks


I love the reason that you make blankets! I think I do it for the same reason. I also love knowing that the things I have created are being so well used and worn.

Angela-Southern USA

Hi Lucy, it's me again! lol With another work of art in crochet (flower rug), flowers no less this time. It's in all white, but imagine in a rainbow of colors...

Angela-Southern USA

Just came across this, art with granny squares and thought of you.
Have a great one!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Filipa, I think the pattern you want is the Neat Ripple pattern. It's on the left of Lucy's home page in Patterns and Tutorials. Good luck with the blankets.

Filipa Direito

Hi, can you help me? :) Sorry my english, but i'm a portuguese mom and english isn't my first language. I want make two blanket's for my children. i like the little waves. the colours are: white, two blues and red. Can you help with pattern simples? thank you :)

Lindy Bryans

Hi Lucy,I just love the harmony blanket you have recently finished. The colours are a beautiful mix and I am inspired to make one for my daughter's double bed. However,this presents me with a quandary! Making two single ones and joining them together would look odd, any advice on how to approach this as designing is not my strong point? That's my daughter's expertise but can't ask her as it is going to be a surprise. Can't wait for your next installment! Hope the little people are enjoying being back at school and you are loving the extra 'crochet' time!


So good to read your words. It's like that I can watch the landscape.
Nice to know that you are alright and that your family has been together.

It comforts me to come from time to time to your blog.
Happy new week.


Morecambe is where my dad last lived as a boy, before the family emigrated to California. A little village called Caton, Brookhouse parish. Before that, they were from Morpeth up by Newcastle for many generations. I so long to see his old stomping grounds.

thanks for sharing, from those of us whose families have ties to the British Isles.


So kind AMD beautifull i love THE silene and i lissen to THE sound of it


Oooh, the blankets are so lovely and cosy. And the English coastline *swoon* I'm so in love with your coasts. Never been so far north, would love to visit the region you're at.

We went to visit the Welsh coast this summer, so my blog is now full of Pembrokeshire coast photos. My gosh that's beautiful as well.

We Dutchies have beautiful beaches and dunes, but the wild rocky coasts of the Atlantic just - I don't know, touch something in me.


I'm into the harmony thrill... Harmony blanket that is. Just finished adding the second strip and looking good. It really is fun interchanging those glorious colors on every round, the combinTions are so pretty. What can I say Lucy, you did a marvelous job on the pattern and color selections. I can honestly say that your instructions/pictures have been the best tutorials I have used. Thanks again! If I may say, the picture of the blanket doesn't do it justice; it is way prettier in the real!


You're such a good mum. Your kids might take your beautiful blankets for granted now (as they should) but they'll look back and remember them warmly when they're bigger. Those blankets will be heavy with memories of love and home.

I hope the Yarndale preparations are going well. And good luck with the back to school transition and the change in routine that brings. x

Lindsey Toms

Looks like you had a lovely break and the blanket looks beautiful as always :)


Starting my new blanket today and looked here for inspiration. Thanks Lucy!

carol partridge

I had a crochet querie, so looked on your patterns and sure enough there was the answer I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge ,Lucy. Also I've never found clearer instructions than yours. I know you want us to "get it", ha ha.


Lovely pictures!

Sharon Inglis

We have a blanket an elderly neighbour crocheted about 50 years ago from new and recycled yarn lovingly known as the 'sick' blanket. It's taken me and my children through many colds, coughs and various illnesses over the years. Recently my daughter said if I was thinking of getting rid of it, could she have it even though she has some beautiful ones she has crocheted herself. Although associated with feeling unwell, it gives a cozy safe feeling to be snuggled under it (well that and a bowl of Heinz cream of tomato soup!)

I've just taken delivery of the 'Harmony' pack from the Wool Warehouse - beautifully packaged and arrived next day - can't wait to get started.

Pam Richardson

Hi Lucy, I'm trying to order a blanket pack for my mother who is 84 years old. In Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 34; page 34 bottom left hand side, the centre blanket. That is the one she wants to re-create and I'm not sure which blanket pack to order. Is it just the DK Special Style Craft one? Also will the pattern for that particular blanket be inside. She quite likes the tiny squares too. She has crocheted since she was ten years old and is still learning! Many Thanks


There is nothing better as a nice soft and fluffy blanket for the coming winter. Everybody loves blankets :D


Caravanning makes me so happy too! At my caravan, here in Portrush, I have a little corner seat where I love to sit, watching the sun set whilst hooking myself some squares for your colourblock cushion. School is back here on 1st Sept & i'll miss this easy way of life. But my colourblock cushion is nearly finished, my momento of the carefree caravanning life this summer, & it's been soooo enjoyable to hook - my 1st project....1st of many (I'm hooked!). Thank you Lucy x


I just came from a one week vacation on the beach, and the first thing I found me looking to was if you had a new post. This is the Attic effect. Thank you for that and for all the cosyness(a new word I just made) you bring to us.

Amy Sandwell

Your children will remeber those blankets with such fondness I'm sure. I grew up with many crocheted blankets that my grandmother made. I used them and used them, played and just simply loved them. One in particular stands out but I loved them all. Love your work by the way.


I'm a fan of your work for several years and I congratulate you.
I just created a new blog, I think you'll find a bit of you in !!!
You can go here: http://latelier149.canalblog.com
Thank you for inspiration.
See you soon


Lovely pictures & crochet galore - what a joy! I'm sure your wonderful blankets will be a big part of the happy childhood memories-in-the-making for your Little People.
All best - xhaafner

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