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August 06, 2015


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Susan Smith

Weather is weird everywhere I think at the moment Lucy. We, here in Southern Victoria in Oz are having the coldest winter in 20 years and it has rained every day so far for the last 2 weeks. I love what you're doing for the holidays in the way of craft and little outings, baking and going slowly. When it's so inclement, there is little more you can do and you at least got away for a bit of sunshine down south. Love your new crochet bits and like me, once that sunshine comes out, photos of our crafts will be clicked. (Mine is a quilt that has been 7 years in the making!). Would love to be able to visit Yarndale again, but that's not going to happen, so look forward to your updates. Keep calm and take care.


Oh Lucy I still have that mosaic puzzle from my childhood. I may have to get it out just to play again. Wonderful memories


that second photo...that light right there. that is my favourite, it never fails to take my breath away when we get days like that!

Your daily view beats my 'blinds and office buildings' view hands down!

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

We are more than a wee bit over the rain in Kintyre, Scotland. Luckily the sun came back yesterday and is, miraculously, still shining. Might even get some beach crochet in. Lovely felt stack! Not sure I can risk a peek at that site though. :-)

Carolyn Jackson

Always love your homely blog, what a lovely pile of felt, I have that book too, and have made several of the animals,hope to make more but with lots of crochet on the go too and cross stitch, never enough time. I am eagerly waiting for the harmony pattern, cant wait to try that, you are so good to fit that in when you are so busy. I have 3 flowers ready to send off for Yandale too. Thank you.


Heer in Austria, is it. too hot for weeks: 36, 37, 38 degrees, too hot and humid to play outside or to cycle. The swimingpools, lakes are full, water is restricted, You cannot sleep in the hot nights... A Little Rain would be fine.. :)


Ooh Paper and String is looking great and, dare I say, a little bit Christmassy! I'm working my way around the shop making a list ... I'm also very excited about the flower garland. The cooler weather does encourage crafting with yarn, so that's a plus : ). So enjoying the comments from around the world from this post. What wonderful people out there! Pip x


It's our Winter here in Perth Western Australia. Not enough rain, happens during this time. But when it comes my plants have this happy look on them. Soon enough it will be Summer again, not much happens in the garden at that time of year. Too hot to go outside. So a really enjoy, Autumn and Winter. Thank you for sharing your days with us. Love your photos. Look forward to seeing the Yarndale calendar. That's on my wish list. Also on my wish list is to be able to go to Yarndale. Maybe next year when have a 8 week holiday over there.

Sue levings

It's winter in Melbourne Australia. People are complaining about how cold it is, 9° in the day, 4° at night. Still able to get outside and garden though, & take the dog for a walk. I think the slow days are as important as the busy ones, although I'm glad I no longer have to entertain small children.

Colleen Donnelly

Here in Southern Arizona, we love a rainy summer day. We're always desperate for water anyway, and a good monsoon storm cools the temperatures from 100 to 85. A cloudy sky is also a relief from the relentless glare of the sun. And the desert smells delicious afterwards.

Jo Kneale

Sounds like a good time to me. And time spent as a family is never wasted, but is building up a future of happy memories.


Ah there is OUR rain and clouds- most wanted here, Slovakia, we re suffering hottest hot for most of the summer with no rain at all:( not much fun either especially when you re preggo with energy bursting toddler and not many places to go :/ your countryside looks bueatifully green, mostly yellow stuff here... Let s do some witching magic to swap wather;) we could burn eggs sunny side down or something:D

Pom Pom

You have real beauty happening there, good Lucy! I hope the sun shines soon.


Lovely pictures! Enjoy your summertime with your familie.

Hula Loop

Lovely post! The weather where we are has been dreadful, wet and cold but with the occasional moment of summer sunshine. Lets hope it improves soon :0) Sarah xxx


The holidays can be hard for mum. I had so many plans that went poof June/July. They all revolved around me doing a lot of kon marie de-cluttering. We saw Inside Out too. I cried, I always cry in Disney movies.

I also wanted to tell you we have started a little crochet group to make beanies for homeless. I made a new friend and we share it, it's been ace. It's been lovely to be part of. Thank you for inspiring me Lucy.

Kim xx


Oh great I now have another favourite Etsy seller, Paper and String, looks like I'll have to take out a mortgage. What a lovely shop and I'm afraid I ooohed and aaaahed over her buttons before I read your 'don't dare look at the buttons' - I'm smitten, if one can say that about buttons and felt. Lovely little felt book too, your little ones must be enjoying making their felt animals. Please show us the finished results :) As far as the weather goes being August, here in NZ it means it's not far away from Spring time (yay), I'm already seeing daffodils, jonquils and freesias growing along the road sides :)


Weird weather here too. It seems to be raining regularly, and yet the soil isn't soaked properly so I still need to go and water things. I don't seem to be achieving much at all, and yet I still end up rushing around far too often. I'm going to try having a quieter time next week I think. Get the chores done first then see if there's time for anything else. Summer needs to be slow! I hope you have a good weekend. There's a little sunshine forecast here, so I hope some finds it's way to you too. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

I really enjoyed your light and easy post.. it's really how life should be lived.. with ease and pleasantness. Enjoy the quiet as I know things will be heating up with YD coming up! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


You've made me itcy-fingered and itcy-footed. I have an urge to:
1. Play with that mosaic puzzle.
2. Walk across that bridge!

Ariadne Skyrianidou

I love Laura's felt animals, they are so so beautiful! I enjoy her blog too with all her crafts and days out! I get to know England better!AriadnefromGreece!


Forgot to say, your girl might like this project - you might not! but she will....


My girlie is crocheting at the moment but the weather is weird isn't it. We gave managed stilted trips to the park dodging showers but it is hard to make a plan. Jo x

Sally Richmond

The weather here has been hot and dry most of the time. The harvest is well on the way now and as soon as it is all in we can start wishing for rain rather urgently. The countryside around you looks so beautiful.

Winwick Mum

The weather in Winwick is no better and we haven't had any rainbows either. It's quite a task to find things to do when the weather is rubbish that isn't the easy opt-out of watching TV, but as you say, the alternative is the guilty feeling of holidays wasted. Hurry up and come back, sunshine! xx

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