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August 06, 2015


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Those cookies are about the best ones! Totally forgot about them. When I was a kid I used to feel totally cheated by them; always thought the raisins were chocolate.. But now adays I love them, so simple! Well, I use sausepan to melt the butter just because Im to lazy to watch the microwave..

Nice blog by the way, love your work and envy the way you can crochet! My fingers and wrists does not agree on my wish to crochet all the time. Any suggestions or tips on how to avoid pain i hands?

Best wishes!

barbara micheau

Love your flower garland! Will you be sharing the pattern?

Nicola Wray

You have such a hectic life, do you Journal? I've purchased a Midori TN, you would love one of these!!! I'll leave you to check them out on YouTube!!! Xxx

Jennie Craine

Crazy weather here too, and never seeming to tie in with what the weather pundits tell us!

I made the Deliciously Ella banana flapjacky thingys, but instead of sultanas I used Craisins (dried cranberries), and one less banana, which gave a better balance - not too sweet or banana-y.

Those felt animals look like they will be fun, and a change from crochet. Love those little flowers : )


Where I come from in the American Midwest, that yellow light landscape is often a precursor to tornadoes, yiiiikes.

I can't wait to see the finished blanket. Your work is always so beautiful. :)


Lovely post xx


Oh, British weather seems to be like we had it last year. *yaaak* I hated it. Always humid, every day raining. Almost no summer. I felt almost cheated last year ;-) This year we have a great, great summer. Temperatures about 98°F and more. To be honest, sometimes a bit too hot. But everything is better than last summer... So I enjoy it as much as I can :-)


Hello Lucy
There is crochet inspiration on a grand scale in Bristol at the moment. We have a Shaun in the City arts trail which consists of about 70 very large models of Shaun the Sheep (from Wallace and Gromit) in a trail around the city running over the summer holidays. They are all different and fantastic.
One of the best this year is "Woolly Wonderland" which has been made by Vicky Harrison and is entirely crocheted. It took her hundreds of hours to make but is really completely amazing - google it and have a look. The pictures dont really do it justice, its beautiful !


In the Netherlands the weather is great! Around 24 degrees Celsius and dry. Not enjoying it too much though... We are moving our youngest into a bigger room, so working hard inside and we only enjoy the summer temperatures during our meals in the garden (with the company of too many wasps).
I'm enjoying your blog updates about how you are spending your summer days, but also looking forward to more crocheting updates!


Hola Lucy, vivo en Argentina y aqui tambien el clima ha cambiado. Estamos en invierno, pero la temperatura de la semana pasada fue de 35 grados celsius la maxima, quizas mas calor del que tienen ustedes en verano. Me encanta tu blog, Lidia


If you are looking for some baking inspiration for baking I can really recommend the Ella's Kitchen (as in the baby food brand) big yellow book of baking as they have some great sweet and savoury ideas and its healthier but not as healthy as Deliciously Ella. Also a revelation for me was swapping sugar for coconut sugar in baking, especially cookies. Enjoy the rest of your hols. I love yor blog and have always been meaning to thank you for all of the inspiration!xx


Frankfurt/Main/Germany here - we had terribly hot weather, with a new record of 39.6 C in Frankfurt this past Friday ...

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

Oh those paper weapons are awful! I keep finding them in my son's college bag so he still makes them at his age! Here in Lincolnshire the weather has been very warm today and in my house we are practically begging for cooler evenings and a little bit more rain. To see full rainbow must have been an amazing sight. Enjoy your weekend no matter what the weather xx


OOOOOooohhh the joys of motherhood!! You amuse and feed them all very well and achieve loads, so enjoy. A lovely walk and spontaneous picnic what more could they ask for. Enjoy and chill a little yourself lovely lady Xx lots of love Joy Xx

Joyce Stewart

The weather in Northern Ireland has been dismal and depressing....we have not even had one day out this 'summer'. Have to say we had a good day yesterday but had one shower which was gone in minutes......we don't have young ones to 'entertain' - we are long past that stage but I well remember our good summers when we seemed to spend most of the day outside. I do feel for families when the children can't get out to spend all day outside....likely the sun will shine again as they all go back to school in their 'winter' uniform.


Here in Central Texas it looks and feels like we may have an early Fall. The TV weather forecasters are hinting that there are big changes coming in September and October but have not been specific. I'm wondering if I need to buy hip boots and a canoe!


If you're needing another cinema trip to fill a rainy day I'd recommend "Song of the Sea", it's a beautiful, special, magical film. My children (10 & 7) and I were entranced.


love your flower garland, so darling, would brighten any ones day just to look at it above say my sewing area.


Hi Lucy,
I've just discovered your blog and I'm addicted!
I live in Australia, at times I crave news from the "ol'dart" so your blog fulfils that craving. I was also inspired to revisit crocheting after 40 yrs and can't do enough now. In fact I was so inspired that to recognise the work of the cancer council(Australia) and my fabulous work colleagues and equally fab/brave patients we got together to crochet a wall of daffodils.

Robin Summers

Here lately I have had tons of very slow days. I would love to spend a slow day with you and the peeps. You make slow days sound so fabulous! You are such a wonderful mum!! Much love to you and the family. xxxxx


I so love following your adventures!! Anxiously awaiting the Harmony Tah-Dah!! Your patterns are so easy to follow and they're slowly popping up all over my house!! Cheers from across the pond!!!


I'm a rainy-day type of person so I always love your pics of the threatening clouds and rainfall :)

I tried the Oaty Cookies for the first time today and they're amazing! I'm in the US so to do the conversions I just used my kitchen scale set to grams, worked wonderfully. I also added a little bit of baking soda to my AP flour to help with the rising, and used dried cranberries since I didn't have raisins. I got nine good-sized cookies out of the batch and my own little people are clamoring for more. Thank you for sharing it!


It`s a shame about the weather for the summer holidays,it`s been lovely and sunny here in south Yorkshire,liking the new blanket.


Gorgeous rainbow! And love the look of your Harmony Blanket, can't wait to see the big reveal! Take care xxx


Hey Lucy. I love your blog. It is always so colourful and you clearly love some of the same places that I do. You may find this link useful with the little ones if you are struggling to come up with something exciting to do. Hope it works.



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