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August 12, 2015


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I'm inspired... that cushion is gorgeous.


Just received my package across the seas to my home in Australia. Bless you.
I love the colours and can't wait to start. Thank you again for the effort you have put into this and all the kits.
Blessings Gail

Joanne Garratt

Hi Lucy
How many rows of crochet did u crochet on one side of the ring I roses cushion please

Joanne Garratt

Hi Lucy
Just wondering if you used a htr or treble stitch to do the cushion

Alison C

I love your garland and cushion Lucy. I presume we will be able to buy the calendar online but what about the pattern for the garland. Could you tell me where that will be available please as Yarndale is too far for me to go?

Marilyn Jackson

The ring of roses is just asking to be a summer hatband. Perhaps you might design a hat for your Little Lady and take it from there?


must make cushion--Love the subtle colors of the green cushion and the grey-violet of the blankie joining yarn. MMMMM. Soothing.!
...AND is that bit 'o edible scrumptiousness a BAKEWELL TART? If you have a recipe of your own, could you share it? I adore almonds, being from California.


Hi Lucy, I made the flower garland using 100% cotton yarn. I enjoyed making the flowers and went back to your tutorial on Flowers and Leaves and made them like that except I modified on the leaves. I found that the cotton yarn I used was pretty stiff and split too much for my sanity. I'll have to try a blend of cotton with something else if I use cotton yarn again. Guess this is how we learn about how yarn behaves; have to use them! yours turned out lovely!

Kim W

Oh Lucy! What fun! I am glad this year's Yarndale project is for charity. I just don't have enough time to do it. :( OH well there is always next year.
Happy Hooking!

The little farmhouse

I love the cushion, and in two weeks I'll have a piece of cake at the Coopers Cafe, too!


Joanne Garratt

Hi Lucy
Is the pattern the same as the blooming flower cushion
Just love the rose cushion it is beautiful

Jen Keast

Gorgeous cushion Lucy. I'm a little worried though - do you mean you have given up your studio, or you just haven't had time to get there?? I hope its the latter. xxx


Think I'm going to have to purchase that calendar to get my hands on the Ring o Roses pattern. It is simply stunning.


You have been busy love the garland and wow that cushion is just fab, coming down with a case of the wanties
Clare x

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

Oh Lucy, that cushion reminded me of little 1920's hats with an elegant lady walking along a village high street wearing gloves and a fitted jacket. I have an active imagination. Beautiful cushion! xx


The new calendar sounds like something to look out for!

Glad you are still able to go the to crafter mornings! Some of my work collogues had to bring their kids to work last week as school hadn't started yet. They were quite bored at work but at least the dog one of the ladies brings to work every day helped (and the dog enjoyed the cuddles too). :)

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds


I wonder if those of us across the pond will be able to purchase the calendar?
I'd so love to have one...that sounds so yummy and so very inspiring! If so, hope it's not too much, as fixed income rather restricts spending...eek!

IF available, perhaps I can convince my Imp-Man to buy one as a gift....I shall certainly try!

I just love watching your projects come together, Lucy. I am awed by your talent and your sharing of so much with us. I'd love to fill my home with all of your colorful projects...I just don't know how you manage to do so much hooky time while at the same time taking such great care of your Little Peeps (and the big one!)

Thank you again for all you give so freely to the crochet community! You have inspired so many of us. It was YOU - and your patterns and colors that convinced me to pick up the hooks again after they'd been hidden away for years....and YOU who convinced me that I could do it. I just wish I weren't so slow getting things done.

Bless you, Lucy - and your family.


Lovely cushion! Can't wait to see the finished blanket. Take care xx

Penny Rongo

Gorgeous cushion. Can't wait for the calendar to come out so I can get a copy. Looking forward to the blanket instructions. I so love your blog and look forward to each new installment.
Thanks for sharing. Love 'n' stuff.


Fantastic cushion, I love it. I shall look forward to seeing your harmony blanket as well, I bet it's beautiful. Well done you on working so hard on it, especially with that tricky background of little people. Mine are driving me bananas this morning. Funny how some days are wonderful, others completely exasperating isn't it. Good to see you are still getting a couple of hours at Coopers on Fridays. One day I shall wend my way up there. CJ xx


I love the rosy cushion - duck egg blue is one of my favourite colours. I look forward to the blanket pattern.

michelle smith

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the cushion Lucy ,and can,t wait for thr ta dah moment tomorrow xx


Your rose cushion is stunning- personally I think you should use the subtle colours more often - they make a bigger impact when you can see all the details instead of just a rush of colour- if only I could crochet I could make all the things you do but in quite calming shades- you are very talented.


Just wanted to say this is so pretty!!!

Jane Allan

You clever, clever lady!

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