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August 14, 2015


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One of these days, I'm gonna suck it up and crochet a blanket. . Wonderful work Lucy


Beautiful colours and such an achievement! Inspiring me to try my first granny square project, but those stripes from the rainbow are calling too. Where to start! :)


Lovely blanket, thank you for sharing. I'm quite impressed with your productivity in terms of blankets over the years. I made one and I have to admit I can't face making another one :D I usually stick to shorter projects, like bags. Well done!


Hi Lucy....

Having already made your beautiful Coastal Ripple blanket I tried to resist another pack but without much luck! I've just taken delivery of your gorgeous Harmony blanket and can't wait to get started. Love your blog, keep up the great work!

Mary xx


amazingly beautiful blankets. You are so creative

Judith - in Ontario

Working with your colours, I have worked a dozen squares. Truth to tell, I just don't have patience for small squares. Makes me tense, not relaxed. I shall therefore use your colour palette to make another Cottage blanket. I admire your Harmony and the patience it took to hook it. Well done!

Arlene Bomback

Hi Lucy, I really like how you wind your yard on to clothespins. Such a smart idea. Although I am not a fan of Granny Square I do love your choice of colors in this one. I am just finishing up your Cozy Blanket and ready to start your Ripple one... exciting times!

ute Greiner

Lovely blanket ---- really wonderful. I like it to following your blog.
1000 Greetings from Old Germany

Barbara Walker

Hi Lucy
I've returned to crochet after a 30 year break and would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and creative sparkle so generously. Thanks also for providing the option to buy your yarn packs. People who gripe about this should note not everyone is confident about working with colours so your examples and suggestions are a great help. Your work is joyful and uplifting so please keep it going. On that note, is there any chance of posting the pattern for the little needle fish to help encourage me to darn those ends?
Thanks again!


You've done it again! Just gorgeous! You are a colour genius and are so generous to share your creations and knowledge with us. Truly inspirational and thank you very much for this latest, glorious blanket beauty! Just looking at the photos is a joy and uplifting on this dull August day!

Monica Grattarola

Dear Lucy

I really love your creations, and actually I've bought 3 packs and I hooked two blanket Costal and Cosy Stripe, and I have a third waiting for me Cottage blanket.

I prefer with those new colors make in ripple stiches as a costal or cottage blanket is so soft and lazy.

Lucy thank you for all your kindness making such a terrific tutorial and thank for a friend in a distance.

Huge hug from Santiago Chile

xxx Mónica


Newly retired and I have been making use of all your brilliant ideas Lucy. You are so inspiring. Busy crocheting a ripple blanket for my newly painted lounge...it's already looking great. Thank you


You have done it again. What a beautiful blanket! There is something I must tell you: I have had a ta-dah moment of my own recently, all thanks to you. I have just finished my very first blanket using your cosy blanket instructions. I love, love, love it. Thank you so very much for all your inspiration!

Lindsey Toms

This is beautiful, I love the colours and they take me right back to the Spring changing to Summer time, which at the moment to be perfectly honest, I am missing as I look out of my window at the rain tumbling down :(

I have begun to stitch in my ends as I go along with crochet and knitting and I love your idea of hanging your needle onto your scissors, think I will copy that one, thanks!


You are my color guru. Gorgeous!! Can't order the Harmony pack just yet. I have to finish a few more Cozy Stripes to make room for more yarn.


Lucy - it's gorgeous! Thank you xx


You have truly given me the blanket bug! I am working on my second blanket which has been designed by my daughter(it is for her). I am currently working on the border and like you I do love the long length of hookiness to them. Your harmony blanket is simply gorgeous!
Von xx


What a beautiful, inspiring project! I can see why you are thrilled with it, and why you are missing working on it, too. :)


BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the colours you have used. (but then I always do!)

I am trying to sew up my blanket (and ends) as I go (nowhere near your scale - I'm only aiming for lap-sized for now and that's taking long enough! I've just joined my second strip of 5 blocks!!!) but am making a real pig's ear of it!!! I think it doesn't help that my tension is not very even. I'm hoping that will improve the more I do. Your instructions are very helpful for a beginner like me.

I can't wait to finish - I am desperate to try one of your patterns!

Well done, clever lady!!!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Love! Love! Love! There are no other words.


Another fantastic blanket, I love the colours. I had to comment after reading a couple of very cruel comments, how rude are these people. I love reading your blog it is always very inspiring. Keep up the good work. You are very talented and inspiration. Thank you for helping us to create many beautiful things. xxx

Sheryl in Mississippi

Well, Lucy, if you remember my visit last November I said I was done with granny squares for quite a while ( having made 4 very challenging blankets using them). Now I must confess that I am really drawn to this one. So I have begun choosing my colors to coordinate with my living room and will use your Harmony squares and layout to work out the rest. Can't wait to see if it works in a different color scheme. Thank you, once again, for sharing your hard work and talents with the likes of us!! God Bless!!

Tammy Chrzan

I was waiting to go into a job interview this morning and read your blog post on my phone, and I have to say, just wow... 8 years is all you've been crocheting and you look like you have crocheted for 29 years!! Your techniques are just perfect. I truly wish I had your talent, you have inspired me to try, especially when I saw on another post that you had crocheted a string of flowers... Just wow. You are amazingly talented! I am going to pick up a crochet hook and yard today! Have a great week, Tammy x

Carryl Durnell

I love love LOVE those colours - and in the Cosy Stripe pattern they're superb :-) I think I may well be ordering myself a pack or 2 of yarn from Wool Warehouse later.... :-)
Thank you for such a positive, inspiring and welcoming website - I am now going to make an effort to look in on every week at least to see the latest happenings in the Attic.
Keep doing what you do x

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

LOVE these colours! About to finish a cosy stripe for my sisters wedding present and was wondering what to do next. I think it's a no-brainer now. Haven't got the patience for granny squares though so will stick to stripes!

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