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August 02, 2015


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Lovely. And what a gorgeous view from your childhood bedroom window! It's like a picture postcard. :::swoon:::

Sarah Clay

Looks gorgeous Lucy :) Glad you all had a lovely time and got out and about what ever the weather.

I think I've only ever been to that general area once and never to the places you have shown. I really must try it as it looks stunning.

Welcome home! We'll catch up for a brew soon

Wendy Bassett

Glad you got to Ham Hill. I spent many a Sunday afternoon there when I was a child. It's my eldest daughter's favourite place, along with Weymouth. She's coming over from USA with her children for Christmas so no doubt we'll be going even if it's blowing a gale & freezing cold! Wendy x


Yes the weather was cold! Did you notice how cheap the cinema in Dorchester is? We went recently with our daughter when we had to kill some time in between orthodontic appointments. I love your Dorset posts -they remind me not to take my surroundings for granted.

Val Edwards

Sorry folks, a bit off topic....For Judith Solecki (2. Aug above) Have look at
http://www.wdlh.co.uk/webcams/ for the W. Dorset coast. Husband and I travelling to Weymouth tomorrow - a bit further east and more commercialised, but picturesque Dorset too.

Winwick Mum

Your childhood bedroom view has a similarity with your Attic view now. I wonder if that's what sold you the house? It sounds like you had a lovely time and I hope your batteries are back up to full power again now xx

linda van den hurk

Thanks for sharing these beautiful places. Feels like holiday to me. Can almost smell the sea and the wind.

Margaret Simpson

welcome home Lucy. So glad you had time to relax and recharge your batteries. It is great to have the chance to get away, but oh so nice to come home!! Loved the beautiful photo's. Greetings from DownUnder. :-)

Elsie Pop

Lovely! Sorry the weather got in the way for you a bit, but starting and finishing on the beach can't be bad! :)


Oh, lovely. I can smell the sea just looking at your pictures.


Superbe région qui me donne envie de la découvrir ! Cette côte, ces falaises, ces plages !


Oh that view from your window is glorious. I'm glad you had a good week, it always sounds wonderful down there in Dorset, I'd love to visit again one day. It's nice to have familiar routines isn't it. We've just come back from a week in north Wales, I do love it up there so much, it was a real wrench to leave. A little post-holiday blueness now, although of course it will pass. Enjoy the rest of the summer. CJ xx

Winifred Waite

Lovely photos & great memories. I love beaches too spent my childhood & teenage years there. Then it was taking the children, now it's taking grandchildren. Time does fly!

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds like a great get away! So glad to see the boats again, I just adore them! If I run across a small one I of a mind to plant one myself, down by our stream. lol I was admiring those small little yellow flowers here over the weekend, here they can be found mainly along the edge of paved roads for some odd reason. Barefoot and in the shallows... one of my favorite places to be. Thanks for sharing Lucy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


What a lovely holiday! I love that you sit on the beach and make dinner and cuddle under your beautiful blankets. What a wonderful way to relax.


Do you ever find shells? Or are the beaches all stones?


Just lovely Lucy, thank you so much for sharing with us. :) :) :) :)


Love all your photos, I am lucky to live an hour away and regularly venture into Dorset, it is a very special place. I notice the view from the Attic has similarities to the view from your childhood bedroom :-)


You were just a few miles from us when you visited Ham Hill! I'm in agreement on the Montacute review, it is a little staid; although the outpost of the National Gallery on the top floor is a delight if you're interested in paintings/portraits from that era. Barrington Court is more relaxed and family-friendly.

Robin Summers

Lucy I came across these Minion slippers that you can make for the little people!

Be sure to post if you make them. :)



Just lovely Lucy. So glad you got some family time.
Love your photos as always.
Jacquie xxx


We're two of the NT pensioners and we felt exactly the same about Montacute. Very busy, even before the Wolf Hall connection, not very interesting. I would second the vote for Barrington Court, and you may like Lytes Cary - much smaller, much quieter, and amazing gardens. I can also recommend the kites in the shop, our grandchildren love them!

Darlene martensen

Beautiful country. I vacation through you lucy. Keep posting pictures. . There amazing and gorgeous. Loved seeing your crochet blanket.

Teresa Kasner

I think your unscheduled but wonderful holiday sounds perfect. Low stress and comfortable. LOVED all the great photos. We are also home from a 3.5 week road trip around the SW and Midwest US. Boy are we tired! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Irene Porter

Now now Lucy, don't be pensionerist. : ) Loveliy post.

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