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July 14, 2015


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Diane Tulloch

You should also know that you have the ability to lift the spirits of others - what an amazing gift! X

Pat McKay

All of these are moments of grace. Thanks for sharing so beautifully.


what a glorious bphoto with all the blue colours and flowers. what a gift you have. Thank you for lifting my tired soul. have a wonderful colourfull break.

Denise Marshall

Lovely to hear from you and that you are keeping a positive spin on a busy time. Take care and enjoy your Summer break. xx

Robin Summers

Glad to see you Lucy! I have missed seeing and reading your posts. As always your pics are so beautiful. I have a huge rose bloom on my desktop right now. It is so beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel like I can smell it's awesome fragrance. Enjoy your days but take some time to rest ... you deserve it.


and breathe Lucy ... lovely little evening walk and we are having two "knit and natter" sessions creating some flowers to send up to your neck of the woods for Yarndale ... a new venture for me and I am loving the planning and sorting. I hope it is successful and will continue after our flowers are done. Enjoy your holidays and I hope you get some rest xx lots of love Joy xx


I just went over to Yarndale. Flowers will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T!


It's lovely being busy but remember always to take time to do something to make your soul sing..... xxx


I'm glad you're back, I've been missing your posts. The Yarndale flower project sounds really nice, I'll send some flowers with lots of love from Italy! Enjoy the summer holidays :-)

Sue Harper

Hi. Sorry you are so busy but just a quick question please. I have done a number of your blankets with great results and am now ready to start another! Dare I ask when the harmony blanket details will be available? If it's soon I will hang on if not another ripple calls me. Absolutely brilliant site thank you so much for all your hard work and enjoy the summer.

Sharon Izzard

I hope you have a fantastic summer break. The flowers are a lovely idea. i will certainly be trying to join in. x

Nell Ward

Such a beautiful post full of good things and gratitude. Like you, I cannot go past a feather. Years ago I found a poem that says:
If you find a feather,
A present from a bird,
Pick it up..
Put it in your pocket
It is a treasure found.

Not sure who wrote it but I have recited it to hundreds of kindy kids with hundreds of feathers over the years! Happy holidays to you.


Everybody needs a break once in a whole. And relaxing is for schilderen not the same as for the parents.
Looking at your colorful flowers and beautiful photo's you make me happy. I am glad following your blog.

I wish you a great summertime, Margaret


Oh Lucy, I need a break too. Since 9 month I'm the proud mom of two lovely twins, I adore them but I'm really tired. My husband stays at home only the weekend, I need help with the babies so when he is out I live at my parents' house. I feel happy and unhappy at the same time, no time for me. I hope on September it will be better. We chose Scotland for our holiday but we will go to York and Skipton too, in my mind Skipton in like an enchanted place. Thank you and take care :)

Wendy's Mhaaksels

Beautiful landscape pictures and lovely flower-crochet.
Best wishes, Wendy


I have been on our winter two weeks break from school. I definitely needed to recharge my batteries ready for the next busy term at school. Luckily it's been sock knitting weather here with freezing mornings and lots of sport on telly. Enjoy your break from the humdrum of school runs and enjoy what comes for your break. I look forward to seeing the places you go in your photos. Take care!

Sandy Johnson

Many thanks for your blog. You have inspired me to get out the blanket I started over twenty years ago and I am determined to finish it this summer. Will post when it is completed!


I think a lot of bloggers are finding it difficult to find the time to blog at the moment. There's such a lot to do at this time of year, isn't there? Your posts are always appreciated and your creativity is always an inspiration. As for the little peeps, there may well come a time when they prefer to do their own thing instead of the activities you have always done with them. Now that ours are grown up, we are still doing fun things with them, but more on their terms, and it's a real pleasure. Hope these last few days aren't too stressful :)
Cathy x


Love your blog. Have a nice summer,
grtz from Belgium

Winwick Mum

Why is it that although things are winding down for the summer there seems to be more to do than ever? Hang in there, only two more school runs! I think this always seems to be a huge time of change - there's something about finishing a school year that makes you realise how the time is moving on and your children are growing up. Not always easy but somehow we cope! xx

Sigrid Swinnen

I also love to gather feathers and little stones or other stuff when we go out for a walk!
The pictures of the sky and the last one with the rose are my favorites in this post, but you always take nice pictures! I still have lots to learn..
I hope the last schooldays will pass soon, and wish you and your family a great holiday!
Sigrid x
ps: Reading your blogposts makes me happy, you're my great example I look up to.




beauty ♥

Angela-Southern USA

Always a pleasure to find a post from you, whenever you have time. I hope things settle down soon and you can enjoy some lazy days of summer.x


Lucy.... Your posts are treasure finds every time I come visit you. Look forward to seeing what you have posted frequently as I know there are good things to see and read. I'm so glad I have found your site and thankful to say the least. Thanks...and take care.

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