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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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July 14, 2015


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Ankita Vj (India)

Waiting eagerly for your next post...its been looong time...hope whatever you are busy with, gets done perfectly :)


Can't wait to see what you make with the little colorful flowers :)

Patricia O'Sullivan

It will be good Lucy to see you back in the Attic doing your crochet, you seem a lot more stressed then you were last year. You inspired me with your joy in every day, please take time to do some crochet soon.

Ellena Hill

Hi Lucy,

I was wondering if you have a contact email you could give me, as I would love to invite you too one of our charity events.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Many Thanks


I know just how you feel. Since returning to work I feel I've really neglected blogging and I do like it so much, both writing my own and visiting others. I hope you get some time this summer to slow down and do some things for yourself, not always for others. Take care. xx

Anne Marie

I know what it's like to be pressurised and having no time as I've had over the last few months - I'm afraid my housework etc is being given a miss so I can 'help' myself relax a bit with some lovely hooky!

Your lovely work must give you joy though, even though there's a lot of it to get through just at the moment. It's certainly inspirational to so many people including me.


I saw another blog recently where she mentioned Yarndale - and I immediately thought of YOU! That has been such a big part of your life for a long time...
I assumed, since there were no new blogs from you, that you were again busy with Yarndale...I check and see if there's a new blog from my 'bestie' Lucy...because some of the others are right....your blog is inspirational. It DOES help one relax. It DOES bring back memories for many of us whose children are grown...memories of our own little ones were with us - and we held those little hands in ours - and so relished those moments of love and sharing this beautiful world with them.
Oh my! and my grands are so very far away (I live in California, USA - and they all live near the "other Coast"!
But I do so relish those precious memories - and so love reading of your "adventures in nature" withe your "Little Peeps"!
Thank you, Lucy! You are loved by so many of us! I just wish I lived on that side of the pond for a bit - just so I could meet you in person and give you a big hug of appreciation! Please accept this 'virtual hug' - given with deep feelings of appreciation!

kathleen mckirkle

I think you need some'me' time. You have a lot to contend with Fortunately you are still able to appreciate things money can't buy ie., nature and your family life and your passion for crochet. Try to find some time to remember who 'Lucy' is, not the blogger, busy mum, wife and the other slots you fill. You give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people, now it's time for some pleasure for you. Take each day as it comes and find some space for just for you.

Carol Gonzalez

Hi Lucy!!! I have been following you from Florida for a few years, at least 3 Yarndales. I made some Flowers to send to Shirley and it will cost 16.00 Dollars to ship to UK, I may have to seen you a picture of them. I am looking for a less expensive way to send the Flowers over from the USA.

Kivimäen Jenni

You have such a lovely way to write. I adore your blog, atmosphere here is soothing and comforting. Thank you for posting even though you are busy. Hope it eases up soon! I am still at work, too. I will begin my summer holisay on Saturday. Can't wait.

Vivian Costa Manso

lucy.. hi... i´ve just found a pattern in the internet that your going to love( i presume) took the liberty to send to you here... tellme if you liked!!


Lynda Harrison

Thank you. That's really not enough to say, but as this is my first comment on your newly-found blog, I can't think of anything else right now. Thank you for the memories of after-dinner walks with my husband and children, when the children were small, for all the moans and complaints, for all the feathers, stones and twigs - and more - we collected. They are all grown up now, and have children of their own. Thank you for the memories of little hands holding mine - that now continue with the next generation......
All best wishes - I have enjoyed reading your posts very much!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Lovely post- I really enjoyed this xx


Good luck with the yarn bombing! I've just come back from a wool show that we have here in Australia ( my haul of yummy yarns are on my blog lol). I love your Colourful wellingtons .....we call them Gum Boots here! Take care, Sharm


I just popped over to see if you had done any blogs as I hadn't seen any lately and I found this one and I know thatyou are a marvellous blogger ha ha Thnkyou


I have followed your blog for years and I absolutely love the peaceful way in which you write. I have also to thank you for providing me with the inspiration to start my own blog as I have found it a really amazing journey.
Thank you!

Elizabeth Keith

I think most of us who read you, are enriched and lifted by your blog. No pressure Lucy!

Teri Sullivan

Dear Lucy I so very much enjoy your blog and all your posts. You are like a wise old soul who looks at life thru very young eyes. Such a delight. Hope you are feeling much better by now and continue to amuse us with your beautiful stories. Take care, Teri Sullivan


Thank you for reminding me that life is beautiful and that quiet, soul-refreshing moments must be fought for and cherished.

Gingercats mum

Flowers!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like another eye-popping display and busy postman re Yarndale and for such a brilliant purpose. I have flowers all over the house so will be really happy to contribute once again and hopefully make the journey to Skipton once again in September.
Have a brilliant summer ''break'' with your littlies/not so littlies and your mister. Always a pleasure to share your blog. I recently met a complete stranger from another part of the country and we just happened to discover we both enjoy blogs. We then spent a good hour nattering about you and your blog to the amusement and surprise of nearby people (we were in a cafe). It was as if we were part of this friendship group.....which of course we are. Names are irrelevant (excluding those of blankets). Thanks. xx

crafty mema

love the yarn bombing idea
my house and deck are all yarn flowers

happy summer
oxoxoxox crafty mema


I have often thought about having my own blog but know in my heart of hearts that I would be a little
erratic with my postings. My life is so much more simpler than yours...I have no live in children to care and worry over only a hubby and one very loving and fast becoming elderly dog that has just been diagnosed with diabetes(sigh). My life is hectic enough with just those few things... so you deserve all the free time you can capture Lucy enjoy it as much as you can. As others have said your posts are like a breath of fresh air Thank you.

Jenny Every

Beautiful post as always ........ your blog is so inspirational to us all and makes us realise how fortunate we are. Good luck with all your projects - I love them all and get sooooo inspired when I see them. Now is the time to enjoy every moment of the summer break with your family savouring each moment of special hooky time without letting the bigger picture cast any negative vibes. xx

Marylin Ollivier

Good to see a blog post again and thx for sharing your enthusiasm for life in general...it`s always appreciated. Flowers for Yarndale...YES!!! Hugs, MO


Ex. Haust. Ed.

What you said.


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