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July 02, 2015


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I love this blog end your posts.


As Saturday has arrived I hope you had your elderflower drink. I can't remember ever tasting it. Next year perhaps xx lots of love Joy xx

Lindsey Toms

This year is the first time I have made elderflower cordial and I am so pleased with the outcome. My recipe is much the same as yours but I didn't boils the flowers, just put them in big jars and poured syrup over, leaving 48 hours to infuse. Delicious!

Robin Summers

Hmmm I have never heard of elderflower cordial. I will have to try it sometime. First I will have to see if I can find some elderflowers. I am sure they grow here. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will jot it down in my book of yummy things to try.


Did u know...
If u can't get citric acid.... U can use 1/4 cup of lemon juice for every teaspoon xx so I scrape in pips +all the contents of another lemon... Added Blood grapefruit too my 2nd batch... X


I try to do this every summer... Its so summery.... Love it. I freeze it in large cubes in plastic bags, similar to these:

1-2 cubes are perfect for 1 glass of water. (Really good with gin too).

Love your post and photos too Lucy - as always 😊.
Summergreetings from Sweden.


Sounds lovely Luce :) I might have to try making some of that myself!

We'll have to go picking together then you could show me your favourite elderflower spots at the moment xxxxx

Sylvia OLeary

Someone gave me a bottle of elderflower and honey. I thought maybe it needed to be diluted so I took a titchy sip. Nope, just 75cl of Nectar of the Gods. Gone. All gone, in a trice.

ann clements

i made iced tea today which is delicious as well


Try a measure in a gin and tonic, it's yummy!

Mum always makes EC and my part is saving small plastic bottles from my coke, water etc in the weeks leading up to it. Then we have some back for the freezer. I like to savour it and so often don't have one defrosted until September. A taste of early summer in late summer / autumn....depending on what the weather's up to that year.

Enjoy x


Summer warmth, nature, family and creativity - bliss!
Thanks for sharing. x

Penny Rongo

A wonderful way to enjoy the summer.


Love the flip flops. I have a pair very similar here in Aus. Summer yeah.Penny.

jocelyn thurston

I had to look up elderflowers and elderberries; they may have some natural immune boosting component too...another reason for sipping your cordial. Happy Summery Days!


Elderflower and pomegranate is sooooo delicious.

Mary Pugh

That sounds truly wonderful! Have a glorious weekend! 😊🌸🌸🌸


Oh boy, I need to go hunt down some elderflower trees!!!

I love the fourth photo where the little flowers have gone onto your sleeve! Looks almost like they are embroidered onto it!

Sharon Izzard

Elderflowers are amazing, we use them to make elderflower champagne which is amazing (recipe on my blog).
I know what you mean about not missing the flat, we lived on the fens for a few years and I was glad to get back to the hills of Sussex! x


Oh please, where did you find that lovely fold-out trug? It is so beautiful! I haven't made elderflower cordial for a long time, but you have inspired me to begin again. I love your colourful crochet and mindful posts.


Such a summery thing to do, and so easy! I haven't made mine yet -I'd better hurry up before the flowers go over. My parents made me very aware of the seasons as I was growing up living in the suburbs of a large city. Now we live in a rural town, and it's a delight to have done the same with my own children, marking the seasons with traditions and repeated activities. Looking at your photos can almost smell taste the elderflowers :)
Cathy x


Love reading your posts! I once lived in a small village with young children and walked everywhere. It was divine. I, also, noticed every little thing around me, flower boxes, laundry hanging on the line, longhorn cattle on a hillside, not far from a small animal farm and orchard. Unfortunately, I didn't blog and so didn't share it with anyone. Inspired by your "eye". Your photos take me to a beautiful spot and I am grateful.


I've done mine too. 1st time ever but yesterday found more late flowers. Going tomorrow although it rained today on the Wirral.
I used the Sarah Raven recipe, less sugar and all being well I'll do what you did and steep for 48 not 24 hrs... Its wonderful... NOW im learning what to do with the berry's later on... Blackberries everywhere.. I can hardly contain myself 😊


Sounds delicious - especially added to the prosecco - YUM!

Angela-Southern USA

Looks refreshing! I've never had any, but remember your last batch. Enjoy! A rainy day here so I played hooky most of the day. ; )

Stephie B

Elderflower cordial, gin and ginger ale makes a lovely summer cocktail!

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