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July 02, 2015


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I always have elderflower cordial on hand, love it.
So enjoy your blogs


Just yummy Thankyou x

Barbara Farmer

I think it's so lovely to be where you are! I am here in Florida and it's just too hot to go outside so I spend my time indoors:(
Plus, You can get all those lovely hooks in sizes we can't get here like 3mm, 4.5mm etc.
I just can't wait for fall when the weather cools and our friends come for a visit with all their lovely tools and we can have a proper sit down and just crochet away to our hearts content!

We will think of you!!!

Thanks for all your beautiful inspiration.

linda van den hurk

Hello Lucy,love your blog and follow it quite some time.
It is really great and very relaxing. Love all those beautifull places and creationes you make.

Heléne Fransson

Gin, ice and elderflower cordial (no water!) is a great sommer drink... This year I tried to make marmalade using the left over lemons. It tastes great, like summer, but it only made half a jar.
I do love your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration and patterns!


Hi Lucy
I've been reading you're blog for sometime now. I love all the colours you choose and wondered if you have ever thought about doing a Yorkshire moors blanket, you are so good with colours and often show pictures from your attic of the moors. it was just a thought.

Maria João

I wish I could live in a place like yours. So lovely the idea of peace it presents. XOXO


Missing you in New Jersey! Hope all is well! Lisa

Elisabeth Kane

Hope all well with you. Miss reading your posts.x


I never knew this was possible Lucy. Thanks so much for this post. I have missed the season here in Winnipeg but will try this next year.

Lovely pics too!


Just echoing others, hope all is well with you and yours. Missing you! xx


Lucy, you've been quiet for nearly two weeks, is all well?


Here in Germany we drink Prosecco with Elderflower, Lime and Mint, it's called "Hugo" and is THE drink of the summer for a couple of years now. Must say tho, the homemade version is much better then the pre-bottled stuff, it's too sweet for my taste.

Ankita Vj

hope all is well at ur end...no posts after 2nd July....its 10 days...

Simple Joseph

Hi Lucy.. I have been a reader of your blog for almost two years now.. But have never left any comments..
Glad to see you enjoying summer with your family..
Was wondering if the inside of the bag was lined with the pretty fabric by you?

Angela-Southern USA

Checkout this yarn bombed tramway!
Have a great day Lucy! <3


Looks delicious! It's also yummy if you put a splash into a gin and tonic. Tastes like summer x

Robin Summers

New from Caroline Rose Art that has your name all over it! LOL


Kim Clark

That sounds amazing!! I have a random question for you Lucy. I've been looking for a crochet pattern for a shawl. Any ideas? I love all your stuff and thought you would be the gal to ask!!


The recipes I've used (Swedish) always says that you should leave it for 6-7 days with a daily stir... :)

Jean Parker

Sounds good 🍹


Oh, you make me so homesick! Your lovely photos just remind me of my life in the attic at the top of Byron Street many years ago and foraging along the back of the rail line through the hen pens! Although I do live in lovely Eskdale (and have just gathered my Lake District elder flowers) I miss the old place and its , mostly, fabulous memories. Like walking to the Girls High School on the heady days of these last weeks of term- we were allowed to wear summer dresses and stuff our hated berets in the back of the cupboard. Mine is possibly still there.....

Carol D

Oh my Lucy! You've gone and made me thirsty! Save a bit and I'll be by for a sip...
oh how I wish!

I feel like I'm able to enjoy your English countryside through your eyes - and your words are so descriptive and truly give us the full picture of what you are doing.
Thank you once more!

Jacqueline Ford

Beautiful post, Lucy, brings back memories of childhood.
Love the blanket, Jessie.

Angela-Southern USA

I've found my next blanket project. Check it out!

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