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June 02, 2015


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Love love love your walking posts and pics with family stories. I'm thinking there should be a method to settle this type of family dispute (mentioned in the post), with husband getting the final say only when there is no consensus. Resentment is eliminated because one person is not forcing his/her will on the rest. Voting works. Or drawing straws. Family matters settled this way are beneficial to all; the children will feel they have a voice too. We did not do this in our family and I often found myself resentful and our children rarely enjoyed family outings. Felt they were imposed on them. Looking back I wish we'd handled things differently. Our children are fine adults but still. Lots of family discord during family vacations and outings, which mostly put a damper on things, might have been avoided.


After using photographs of Whitby taken by my tutor on a digital photography course some years ago I fell in love with the place and have wanted to visit there although I have not made it yet ....sigh I will as it's on my bucket list. Thank you for your post Lucy. Just wish you hadn't told us about the secret cafe and cakes though!


After using photographs of "Whitby" taken by my tutor whilst on a digital photography course some years ago I fell in love with the place but haven't got there as yet....sigh.... but it's on the list. Thank you so much for your post Lucy....I loved it! and I can understand even more now why people talk about the place with such passion.


I'm an Aussie Lucy so I have to tell you that while our beaches might be incomparable, your cliffs always leave ours for dead!

Pamela Lawson

I lived in Whitby with the nuns for a couple of months and I still remember the beautiful walks me and the sisters had. A very dear time and I miss England so much.


Not being near Whitby is one of the things I miss about leaving the North East for Dorset. I agree about the tourist feel. I have never visited Whitby without it being heavy with tourists, even in the colder months but somehow the beauty and the spirit of the place over take any annoyance.

Julia Unwin

Please don't let little B pick up hairy caterpillars, the hairy ones are often poisonous. They can cause really nasty skin irritations. Smooth ones are fine. If it's hairy pick it up in a leaf. Gosh, I sound a real worrywart like my Mum!

Elsie Pop

Aah Whitby's lovely! Used to love my little trips there when I lived in Yorkshire! xx


I love walking too, even more so as I've got older. Have also found that walking side-by-side one-to-one with a child is a great way to chat properly - even with a teenager! In fact, probably more important with a teenager.

Love your honesty about your mini row! Yep, normal life!

Isn't Whitby great?

Sharon Izzard

Such an honest post, family life is great but not always perfect :-) Thanks for sharing your walk, I do love all the virtual walks that get blogged, I can't walk far at all myself so I love 'coming along'on the online treks you all post up. x


Loved following your walk Lucy, you bring it all alive, and you had good weather!


Looks like a great walk. Pity about not getting down to the beach. You can agree before the next time you do this walk that you'll go to the beach. Would save having an argument! The coffee cake looks delicious. Coffee cake is one of my favourites. Just about any cake is good though.


Your honesty is so refreshing. Family life is not perfect is it and that's what makes it so much fun. You are spot on with age of child = number of miles they can walk. We would walk miles with ours all over the country and now they are both at university they walk for pleasure which pleases me no end. I wish more children had the opportunity (usually denied them by their parents) to walk or cycle. Just walking or cycling to school would be a start. I get so depressed when I hear of teenagers learning to drive and then driving to school. Driving a car is not cool, it is the polar opposite in today's world.

Jennie Craine

Happy memories of Whitby but it's years since we were last there. What lovely photos - you've turned the clock back for me to my children's early teenage years. I am glad to hear that even perfect-sounding families can still fall out big time!

Rosie Kirkham

Thanks for the pictures. When my girls were small we used to spend holidays in a cottage near the top of the donkey steps. This brought back happy memories.


Oh that cake looks so good! I would take up walking if there is cake involved.


What a wonderful day u had Whitby is on my to do list 💗 for now I will settle for travelling visually on your blogs 👍😊


Just too beautiful! Hoping to visit someday!


Lucy, what beautiful pictures of your lovely rambles. I was a little concerned though, about what the white flower is in your third photo. We have a plant in the US that looks very similar to it called Poison Hemlock. It looks very similar to what we call Queen Anne's Lace, but it's larger- it can grow to 2 meters tall. I was concerned when you said Little B was poking about in the underbrush. I'd hate to see him come in contact with this plant as it is highly poisonous. You can tell it usually by the flowers, its height, and the stem is hollow and sometimes has purple dots on it. Hope you're not running into Hemlock on your rambles!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conium_maculatum - Poison Hemlock
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daucus_carota - Queen Anne's Lace


Don't mind at all trekking along with you on these delightful walks! Thank you for sharing them. I'm delighted to have recently found your blog.

Shirley Flavell

A wonderful trek Lucy, I felt that I was with you all the way. Giggles with the" hissy fits". A great treat for rewards at the end of your journey. Shirley N.Z.


Well that looks lovely! I would have wanted to go down the stairs as well...and may have raised my voice as well! It happens in all families. Looks like a lovely time!

Jennifer B

I fondly remember Whitby from our visit to England 10 years ago. My husband was driving, I was map-reading and navigating. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the Pier Road down by the water.

Our hotel was up on the cliff and I found a road that would take us there. I told my husband to veer left onto "Khyber Pass" to get up to the West Cliff and he thought I had lost it and was looking at a map of Afghanistan.

We still laugh about that a lot in our family!


Went to Whitby for the first time last year, loved it. We did a lot of walking too.

Jill S

I had a holiday in Whitby with my now ex husband many years ago and I loved it. I can even pick out the B&B we stayed in from one of your photos. Even though he's an ex, I still recall that short break we had with very fond memories.
Thanks for the photos :-)

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