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June 02, 2015


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Joanne garratt

Hi Lucy,
Love your pattern in the harmony blanket. Can't wait for the pattern on how to make it. Look forward when you have it up and running.

Rachael Iddon

Also, I noticed one of your previous commenters wondered about craft shops in whitby. You may be able to pass on that there is a fabulous yarn shop called Bobbins in a converted chapel on the main drag down from the 199 steps. There is also a little fabric shop away up behind the shops on the other side of the harbour called Judiths. It's on Brunswick Street. My Mum spends a fortune in there and has made my boys countless brightly patterned shirts with the fabric.

Rachael Iddon

Oh, that beach. I've spent many happy hours there as we often park our caravan at the site above it. If you ever go again, I can highly recommend finding the stream at the bottom of the hill, not far from the path and playing dams with it. Granted, I'm not sure where the stream comes from but none of us have ever suffered any ill effects. I love, love, love Whitby. I don't care how many tourists are there. It'll always be one of my all time favourite places.


There is a Whitby here in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. Doesn't look quite like your Whitby but has an interesting history all its own. In WW2, it was home to Camp X, a secret training ground for several hundred Allied spies, many of whom moved on to serve in Europe in the war effort. There were rumours Sir Ian Fleming trained there as well but I don't know if that's really true.

Silly Little Sheep

Oh, how beautiful!!! :) And that piece of cake looks GIANT!!!

I was curious about the caterpillar, so I looked it up, it looks like black-veined white. You can use this guide to identify caterpillars with your kids


I bet there will be lots of caterpillars crawling around very soon. Have fun :)

Penny Rongo

Thank you for sharing your walks with all of us. I for one do so enjoy them all no matter where you roam. The pics are spectacular. Makes me feel like I am really there. Enjoy it so much.


Thank you thank you thank you! It's lovely to walk with you!

Penny L

What a perfectly lovely post Lucy. English family holidays at their best! The photos are fabulous. Thank you. Penny L in Dorsetxx


Hi Lucy,
your Whitby post reminded me of the best times I had in the UK years ago. Whitby is certainly one of my favourite place. Went to the Bram Stoker's attraction too and and and -- the best Fish and Chips I've had during my stay in the UK. :) It's good to see Whitby in blooms. When I went there it was too grey even to take pictures.


I love going on walks with you! Such splendid countryside. Looking forward to our next walk along instalment :-)


How blest you are to have such beautiful places to walk. I had to giggle a little at your family spat. I can remember some good ones we had traveling with the children and it brought back funny memories. England is on my bucket list to visit one day and I hope to see some of the sights you have shared.


Lovely post and brilliant pics, as usual. My first visit to Whitby was in the late 1950s, during a week's field trip to Robin Hood's Bay whilst studying for 'O' Level geography. Your little peeps seem to be enjoying a wonderful childhood, I so miss the days when my three were young children. In order to avoid minor bust-ups I was adamant about applying the D rule, i.e. democracy. With 5 people this always works. To take a vote, which gives younger family members a voice, is never a bad idea. For one person to insist on doing what they want to do against the wishes of four others is really nothing short of selfishness, and not a good example to young peeps. Nuff said.

Carol D

You hope we don't mind?
Oh, Lucy! I do so enjoy "our" walks! Since I can't be there to enjoy it, seeing it through your eyes is just wonderful! I'm so glad that you share these magnificent walks with us! I am so jealous that I CAN'T be there!


Thanks for this lovely post! I have my first trip to Whitby booked for a week this summer (and I'm taking my crochet with me!) I'm going with three girl friends who also enjoy coastal walks, so I'll see if we can find this one and definitely look out for the cafe you mention.
How's Whitby situated for craft shops?

Angela-Southern USA

Saw this and thought of you.
Crochet playtime.


Wish I could have joined you on that beautiful walk! You've inspired me to get out and enjoy some exercise, if the rain would just stop.

Winwick Mum

Is that the biggest slab of cake in the world? Just the thing for fuelling up again when you need to walk back! Lovely seaside photos xx


So pleased to have a recommendation of where to eat in Whitby as we've never found somewhere as nice as Sander's Yard looks! So thank you.. Love Whitby. Whitby is REAL.


i always love your detailed tales of all your walks. i am sorry hubs was recalcitrant.


Such gorgeous views and colours! Again, thanks for the walk! :)


I'm loving your walks on vacation. Please continue and continue. Love the pictures and descriptions.


Oh lovely!
It's funny to see the same flowers blooming over there as here in the Netherlands. Though I think the rapeseed is past its prime flowerwise here, they started out somewhere in april. We're up to our necks in buttercups right now! And cow parsley, I think the white ones are called in English? We call them "fluitekruid", literally "whistle herb". Because you can make whistles out of the stems.
Ahem, sorry, getting distracted. I'm so in love with all the wildflowers in spring ;)

Angela-Southern USA

The next best thing to being there! Thanks for taking us along. So very beautiful. If you happen to be a passerby of one of our outings, you would definitely hear "discussions" about which way to go or what to do, usually amongst the peeps. lol I look forward to our next walk. (I too am a lifetime walker/hiker.)

Janet Brown

Such a shame Elizabeth Steam Bus will no longer be in Whitby. I really enjoyed seeing her there.


Oh how wonderful!!!! We have been living in Whitby for half an year 30 years ago and your pictures just brought back so many lovely memories! Thanks so much, hugs Martina

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