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June 25, 2015


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Carol D

Oh, Lucy!
I always save your blogs to read when I am a bit down and need to get a smile...and you always provide it!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us. I feel as if I know you and your whole wonderful Family - with all your 'little peeps'.

So enjoy your lovely photos and your hooky beautifulness is always inspiring! If I start getting 'tired' of hooking, I read your blog and feel revitalized and ready to get back to work.
You may not realize, but you are such a huge inspiration to so very many hooky ladies (and, no doubt, men, as well!)

Thank you for your sharing; for your inspiration; for your gorgeous colors and lovely photos. When reading about your walks through the countryside, I feel as if I'm there walking with you. And have so enjoyed walking with you and sharing the lovely countryside and charming towns and cities!

Be well and say hello and love to your family....
You are well Blessed and share your Blessings with all of us so very well!

God bless always!

Charlene Anne Lutes

Oh look at what wonderful friends you have sending positive thoughts your way. I am relatively new to your site, and I love seeing your creations. You are a very special creator putting out happy things into our world. Blessings to you. I hope to try a couple of your projects soon. Take care!


Oh that note is so sweet <3! And I immediately got shortbread cravings :). When I checked the recipe, it is the same as in what we call 1-2-3 cookies, due to ingredients ratio. So I think I'm making it soon. Wishing you very speedy complete recovery.


What a sweet thought by Little B. Lovely coloured peony.

Ann Clawson

That card is adorable, hope you feel better.


Oh that little card! How utterly gorgeous. Sorry to hear about the virus and I hope that pesky admin (I know admin's lurking, niggly ways) hasn't casued too much bother.

I've come to love peonies this year and that one looks like those rather posh swirly meringues I see in bakeries when I visit London sometimes, all raspberry swirls and sugar. Beautiful

Sigi G

Awww love the Get Well Note! Glad you are feeling better. The shortbread looks delicious! Enjoy your Peony - they are worth it. I have one still opening outside, but all others are pretty well finished.

Sarah Green

Ahhhh............ so precious!!! Peonies are one of my very favorite flowers, ours bloom in late May early June......... Sweet edible items are always a must and treat and nothing beats the love and thoughtfulness of a child.......... even though you were sick yesterday, it was an awesome day for you!! Hope you feel much better today!!!!


Oh that card is adorable, what a sweet little man he is. I made shortbread yesterday as well. A huge amount of dark chocolate chunks in mine though! The peony looks fabulous, just like ice-cream with some sort of fruity ripple round the edge. Strawberry with raspberry ripple maybe. Deliciousness. CJ xx


What a gorgeous little scrumpet your littlest boy is ^_^


HiLucy sorry you had a virus not nice. Love peonies made a crochet cushion celebrating their beauty will try and put it on Face book page. Love shortbread too.take care love Jenny xx


Oh Lucy how dear that card is!!! Ive so many little treasures tucked away from my own once wee ones.. all grown now and flown the coop as it were.... Would love to have a recipe for your Shortbread cookies... the only ones available here in the States are tinned ~ I'd imagine making them fresh from scratch would be a dream to enjoy late in the afternoon.....
If you are inclined to share: [email protected]

Elsie Pop

What a sweet little card to receive! Shortbread looks yummy too - that should make you feel better! :) xx


Little, lisping, "Are you feeling better, Momo?" from the three grandkids is the best tonic there is! Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Hope you are All Better tomorrow!
:) m & jb

Penny Rongo

So precious of little b, bless his heart. Happy you are feeling more like yourself again.


How lovely! Thanks for sharing your moments... you've inspired me to think of mine x

Cherie Chudyk

Thanks for sharing Lucy, little b's card is so precious, one to keep in your memory box. Glad you are feeling a bit better, do take it easy xx

crafty mema

feel better
i had one peony this year-crazy spring -july flowers are in bloom

xoooxoxoxcrafty mema

Jo simmonds

God you are starting to feel better. Love the card,makes me wish my children were 5 again, and the shortbread.


Such a lovely post Lucy,Little B sounds a loving little boy! Glad you are feeling better today,take care 💐 xx


Aren't children just wonderful at getting it right when you need them to, their compassion is awesome. I love peonies, sadly my dog managed to kill ours off this year :( but the sweet peas are more than making up for it, boy that colour is fab.Well done on taming the Corner of Doom, I think we have one in every corner! I am waiting (not too patiently) for a Wool Warehouse order ooooohhhh so excited!!


What a cutie pie! Glad you are feeling better x
Take care and let that shortbread work it's magic!


Soooo precious! The best of mommyhood (and now I'M weeping!)

Barbara Seiver

My beloved grandmother had a row of peony bushes along her driveway. I so looked forward to this time of year and their blooming. Grandmother always said the reason peonies had ants on them was the ants eat the sticky off the buds, allowing the blooms to open. They needed each other.


Glad it was just a short-lived lurgy (do you know that word, is it just a Lancashire one?) I have some peonies in the garden, just fat buds at the moment, but, oh, when they burst open...

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