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June 25, 2015


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Chris Loverseed

Beautiful post :) That shortbread looks DELISH!


That card is adorable. And the short bread looks divine, i want to make some now.

I've never heard the expression "up-skittered" before - is it a Yorkshire saying? xx

patricia farghaly

It does my heart and soul good to see such a loving family.Please do share the shortbread.God Bless and thank you.


This is a sad day. I have finally caught up to your posting after reading straight from the beginning (I started sometime this past winter)! Now I will have to wait for new posts like everyone else. ;)
Love your blog, Lucy. You've inspired me to take note of the little things. Thank you.


Oh Lucy, such a smart boy your Little B is! Only five years old and writing you such a sweet and correctly spelled card! You must be superproud and hopefully well too, by now. And love the peonies, have a few bunches of them here as well. In the garden they don't do too well this year, unfortunately, after relocating them last year. I guess they need a sunnier location, so I have to move them back again...


Simply beautiful x

Fiona Jorgensen

Hello Lucy,
I love your blog. I hope you're feeling better when you read this. Your shortbread looks delicious, it's one of my favourites!
best wishes, Fiona

Phyllis Modgling

So sorry you were feeling ill and I'm so glad you're better now. I'm sure you covet those sweet little boy attentions while you can. I'm a grandmother of 2, one of which is an 7 year old boy who regularly tells me he's "too old" now. Yesterday, I was blessed with 3 hugs during the day, and was absolutely giddy! What a gift, that big boy's sweet hug! Thanks so much for the photo of the peony. It looks like a strawberry ice cream cone! (I confess: I'm on a diet, and a lot of things look like food! Blessings on your new week! Phyllis Modgling, Texas, U.S.A.

Winwick Mum

Phew! Glad you were OK yesterday! Why do these virus-type-things always appear at times when we're mad busy with everything else? Perhaps you released something from the Corner of Doom - a good reason not to do it again! :-) xx


HI Lucy! Hope you are feeling better by this time!
Those little genies keep on surprising us everyday.
Don't they.one never know what's going on into their beautiful heads.
Could you possibly share the recipe for the shortbread? Would be very grateful, as I don't think I know what is it. But looks fab,indeed, so I wanna try.
Send you a big hug.


Hope you are better Lucy, I love peonies and live in hope that the pink one in my garden will bloom one day. I want some shortbread now too. Hx


Oh the joys of displacement activity! I find that whenever I have something urgent but tricky to do all sorts of other little jobs get sorted along the way, to postpone the necessary evil. And I do pretty much always end up doing the thing I was avoiding as well, so pretty much win-win you could say.
Thanks as ever for the lovely blog Lucy, both useful and beautiful.


it's those little things that mean so much - that is just so sweet
Caz xx


How sweet are our children! And yes, I'm in anticipation for that bud to bloom too ...


That little card is a "keeper"!!! What a sweet little fella!


Love your three sweet things. Enjoy all your blogs from your family trips to your new creations. Thanks for all you do Lucy.

Margaret Simpson

Bless his little cotton socks!! They are so Precious. Hope you are feeling a little better Lucy. Get well hugs coming your way from DownUnder. 😊


Hope you are fully better soon Lucy. That card is so precious.
Jacquie x


Peony are £3 in Aldi at the moment. = very happy me.


Oh that pudgy, misshapen little heart he's drawn! Heart-melting.


What a lovely little chap little B is, I loved reading your blog, it's the first time I've read one , I follow you on Facebook and love all your work, you inspire me to try more with my crocheting and not to give up , thank you, have a very happy week, hope you're feeling much better now 😃 x

mary pugh

I hope you continue to improve. Shortbread ought to do the trick! 😉 Mary. X

Angela-Southern USA

Bless his little heart! Your sensitive child. The peony looks promising, to be a beaut! Glad you're up and about, have a great weekend! x

Robin Summers

Little B is such a sweet soul! Hope you are feeling better today. Not too much happening on my side of the fence. I am working on a wonderful heather gray afghan with stripes of wine, teal, brown and other manly colors. Kind of different for me but for some reason I kind of like it.
Can't wait to see your peonys. :)


Hi Lucy, I have never opened Peonies myself rather let the ants do them for me... then I have a house full of ants. I will be "googling" that one for next year.

Glad you're on the mend.

Regards from Canada ~ Arlene

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