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June 12, 2015


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Susan Doyle

Just came across your site to-day. It is beautiful I was so interested in your crochet lesson. I am only learning to crochet so it is very helpful. Thank you for such detailed information. I love your photos I would just love to visit the south coast, you make it look lovely. I am in Ireland and so enjoying browsing through your site. Keep up the good work :)

Lisa Wallace

Hi There,
We had abundance of rain and wind in this part of the world. Winter is certainly upon us. Seeing all your delicious buttercup photos makes Summer seem not so far away.

Bernie Birkett

Great photos. I also love that light. Nice country walk today but started my hay fever off so now am sneezing. Still love the summer.


Simply lovely xx


Gorgeous photos, looks like you've had lovely weather, we have too but Blackpool isn't very picturesque lol.


What lovely long evenings you've been having. We've had several days of grey blustery rain so I'm enjoying seeing some light filled photos!


Wishing you a happy weekend too, Lucy. Sounds downright lovely there.

Jane Garry

These are such special moments, & this is how we build & make memories for our children. One day little lady will be taking her children out on a summer evening & re living her memory. How lovely ☀️


I miss those long english summer evenings, those photos are perfect. I hope the sun stays shining for you.

Claudia W

For the first time ever I am experiencing late night light. 9:30 at night, it's still daylight out! Amazes me!!!

Annie Chermak

We have wonderful late sun in the eves here in northeastern Washington, too -- setting at 8:47 tonight (though a 4:50am sunrise is a bit early for this household)! This is my fav time of year here cuz everything is so recently green and flowering, so I'm right there with you! Thank you for the lovely pics!


Nostalgic for me too, especially as I now I live in Australia. I miss those long summer days, the wild flower meadows and the English villages. It makes me happy to see your photos and read your stories 😊

Anja Hofmeister

I love your photos and words!

Daffy Suburbia

I love love love that single buttercup photo - stunning:)


Those photos were taken at 9pm? Wow. Here in temperate Australia the sun is well gone by 9pm even at the height of summer.

Sara Jenkins

Wonderful! :) I hope you all have a great weekend and more happy memories are made. It's blowing a gale here and the sun has disappeared! I'm hoping it remembers to shine soon as cricket is due to be played this afternoon! x


Buttercups seem better this year. We have some lovely fields near here. Enjoy the Gala.

Angela-Southern USA

Speaking of flip flops, I've been wading our stream in mine recently, catching minnows.lol This evening a wonderful breeze has been blowing and we've been out strolling and enjoying those long days too. Wishing you the same Lucy!<3

Jennifer Crewe

Your photos make me so homesick. WE have nothing that I see in my part of Western Australia to come close to your beauty. I would love to just meander down some of your country lanes and through the fields. Here I have no fields and if there were your are not allowed in them.

Mel Almond

Lovely photos Lucy, I am on holiday next week, I can feel a new crochet project coming on 😉 x


Makes me think back to when I was younger and we use to make Daisy chains and pick buttercups put one under our chin to see how much we liked butter. Funny thing was it said I didn't like butter and it was right I don't. Happy Summer days for you.

Margaret Simpson

Sitting in my chair early this morning I read your blog, Lucy, you always manage to bring back so many happy memories of my childhood. Your phot's are so beautiful. Thank you Lucy. ☺️


Lovely photos Josie! We've had rain this afternoon and after the rain stopped we had a balmy evening. Especially like all the buttercups, so pretty. I always love visiting your colourful blog. Barbara xx

crafty mema

after the day i had--this walk was perfect

xoxooxxo crafty mema

Elsie Pop

Gorgeousness! I'm loving the long light evenings down here too - and extending them with our new garden fairy lights especially :) xx

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