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June 30, 2015


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Sue M

I need to get rid of clutter too, sigh. In an effort to keep on top of the cleaning and breathing in less chemicals I have invested in some e-cloths. These cloths are brilliant and I wish I had found them years ago.

I hope you fell better soon. I remember the end of summer terms as one long blur of activity. It will soon be the holidays when you can relax and breathe :-)

Sheila mcfee

De cluttering is v cleansing & makes way for new things to enter your life - shout if you need help we can barter something x

Gillian Booth

I wonder if you read all these comments? You certainly could not reply to them all. I think what I enjoy about your blog is that it takes me back to family life with three young people in our family. Hectic indeed!
Nowadays I'm busy with my B&B, lots of keeping spic and span there, which I call my dolls house. Not so keen on my own housework though. I'm making some solid granny square cushions at present for the plain blue sofas our guests have. My crochet therapy. So good for the soul, especially the gorgeous colours. Busy outside too with my smallholding and ponies, we've just started on the hay, a very hard job.
One of my twin daughters died of cancer last year so our perfect family was shattered.You never expect these things to affect your own. Grab every day and enjoy life.Thank you for keeping me inspired.

Teresa Kasner

I hope you get to feeling better soon with as much as you have to do you need to feel good! I'm glad our school for our grandsons was over before June.. we have a nice long summer of having fun. You're inspiring me to go tidy something.. I hope that passes.. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Yay.... It's Never gun but it's good when it's done....
Are You allowed to write Blue Arsed Fly on a blog? 😂 😂 😂 😂 kidding!!!
Cracked me up...
Love the peony, glorious colour.. mine are still buds,,, newly transplanted.. Maybe not opening this time...

Sara Jenkins

My son breaks up tomorrow! One the one hand, great as he (and I are shattered) on the other, where did that school year go?!
Hope you are feeling better soon. x

Angela-Southern USA

Fabulous! May the motivation stay with you! LOVE the pink frilly peony!!! Feel better soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

It never ceases to amaze me how much I enjoy cleaning our holiday cottages whilst I can hardly summon the enthusiasm to flick a duster round our own house. It's a losing battle.
Lovely post! Xx


Ah, Lucy, it looks fabulous! You are doing great. We are in a massive Reorganization, Decluttter and Clean phase here. FlyLady can be so helpful in breaking those ominous jobs into do-able bits. Love your gorgeous flowers. Your blog is so inspiring. I look forward to each and every post!

ann clements

hope you haven't got the lurgy me and hubby had it 2 weeks ago it was horrid,thought it was a cold at first but it was worse then that couldn't stop coughing and sneezing, found paracetimol at regular intervals, plenty of drinks including home made honey and lemon hot toddys for hubby in the evenings and vicks smeared on the chest at night worked wonders or olbas oil sprinkled on your night wear is just as good, hope you feel better soon xxx

ann zahorik

Getting rid of clutter seems to be a never ending task for me. Today I am pushing the vaccum, washing floors and tackleing the clutter again. I wish I was "Miss Neatness" but when I get a ball of yarn in my hands all else is forgotten. Yesterday we picked 16 qts. of strawberries which are big and sweet here in Wisconsin USA. Thank goodness the only plan was to freeze them for shortcake. I remember I am not as young as I thought I was yesterday morning. All of my unused body is crying today. Now back to my craft room and my ball of yarn. I'm attempting my first pair of socks and trying to keep my cool studying this pattern.


Thank you for the de-cluttering inspiration, working on some of that endless task myself. I have to admit to loving the swish and swipe bathroom method because then it's always clean for ME! I've also just started the cosy blanket kit received at the end of May -- the color choices you've made are striking and pleasing to the eye, and it's tempting to sit on my behind and crochet another two rows when I should be scrubbing the kitchen floor!

Leigh Edgeler

I think it's been asked but where did you get your stickers from. I admired them on your previous post and could only see the links for the pens.

Just to say also that I enjoy reading your blog, so pleased I found it.

Many thanks.


Sounds very busy and exhausting, hope you are feeling better soon, that peony is just stunning they are on the list to plant in the Summerhouse garden, I just love them. Looking forward to hearing about the fab planner book.
Clare x


I Love my planner! Where did you get your stickers? X


That is a beautiful chest top-positively Spartan! Well done. I REALLY want to see the before shot though, so I can enjoy vicarious satisfaction!

Louise Bissett

Looking forward to the planner post! Have ordered my own from personal planner and can't wait to start on it! Sadly I will probably spend more time planning and sticking in bits than doing any work!


Yay well done you, a childs room is always soooo hard to tidy(how much leggo?) Bath room looks very spick and span (my Mum). The end of things is quite emotional even when they are ready to move one, I was a mess for both of mine. Hear Hear to the end of term, I think we are all on our knees, long may the weather last and see us through the 7 weeks hols. And breath. xx


Love the sparkling clean mirrors! And looking forward to hearing more about your planning in your ECP, mine should arrive any day now and it will be great to see how others plan their days, weeks and months. Lovely to see your summary pics too it brightens up the gloom of our winter here in NZ :) Wishing you loads of energy and wellness to get you through the next few busy weeks until the holidays :)


I'm very impressed with the de-cluttering - I wish I could catch that bug!

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