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June 30, 2015


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With the heat this week, NO cleaning what so ever has been done in my house.........and I giggled at your chest of drawers de-cluttering! Oh my word, mine is so bad, I knocked something this morning on my dressing table and it was like a HUGE domino's show! Eeeek, I need to sort that out. Oh yes, the last few weeks of school are manic aren't they? It's like a game to see just how much they can pack in. A couple of years ago I had the three bears in three different schools, and it was a total nightmare trying to keep up with letters and functions. Thankfully two are together again so it's a little easier.

Sorry you are feeling a bit pants health wise. Heat is draining too. I need to take on your cleaning tips and feel a bit more like a domestic goddess instead of a complete domestic failure!

As always, such a beautiful post Lucy. Enjoy the weather.....and your peonies! xxxx


I hope you are feeling better Lucy but, I have to say, the Pommie expression "I feel like pants" intrigues me. I know it means "unwell" but how do pants feel unwell?


Hope you are well soon. Nothing worse that feeling awful in the weather we are having. Loved your article in Simply Crochet which I only bought because you were in it!!

Christa Rusbach

Good luck! We have just a couple of days left of the end-of-year activities of school, and of course the sports and music clubs of the kids have their own activities as well. My son also said farewell to his primary school, with all the attached meetings and goodbyes. I know what you mean by feeling exhausted, probably like me both physically and mentally.
I hope you will be able to enjoy the activities nontheless!
Keep kalm and crochet on (on those short moments that you get the chance....)!


Hope you feel better soon young lady!
I too picked up on your notebook cover and thought, "what a clever idea!"
That decluttering is my job every Monday morning ...and there are only people in this house, me being one of them!...but there's always loads to put away!
In the same boat ...the narrow boat ....I wish!
Inspirational as always!


Look at you Domestic Goddess!!!!! That chest of drawers top deserves a HUGE piece of cake in my opinion!! xxx


Hoping you get better soon. I too am trying to de clutter. Not easy, when you share your home with daughter, SIL and new Grandson A. My first Grandchild, love him to bits. Once again thanks for sharing your week.

Robin Summers

Oh the soft beautiful color of your peony is stunning. Just looking at them would take my breath as well. You definately are a busy bee... working hard and making everything sparkle and shine. I am proud of you girlie! I love your bathroom. Everything in that room screams your name not to mention the living room as well. Slow down a bit and relax. Take care of yourself so your immune system will get stronger. I hope you feel better soon. I posted on your facebook page this morning. I am not sure if you have seen it or not. I am sure as close as the creative crocheting community is that you probably have heard that sad news that Wink (Marinke Slump)lost her fight with depression. She took her life last Friday. It is so hard to believe. Her younger sister wrote a post on Wink's blog with information etc. http://www.acreativebeing.com/2015/06/29/goodbye-not-farewell/
Lots of love and hugs sent your way Lucy. xoxoxo
Robin over in the state of Virginia


Looking forward to hearing what you think of your Erin Cornden planner:)

Bernie Birkett

I had a similar cleaning routine but sadly it slipped a bit. Now very hot in the south of France and hoping that when we get home(airtraffic control strike not withstanding) my lovely peonies will still be in bloom. Hope the cold has gone and you can enjoy the good weather


Really?! 3 weeks till end of school year? up here the kids have been on holiday for 3 weeks already and they will be until the last week of august. and that was changed only recently, they used to have vacation from the middle of may until the middle of september. seems to me english children don´t have a lot of free time on their hands. as always your blog is a constant source of interesting info about life in your neck of the woods, and of colour and joy.
best wishes from Iceland


Hope you´re feeling better now. Your housekeeping tasks and the final result are such an inspiration, and I thank you for that. Love the boat photograph, I love those boats, so colourfull.

Sheryl  from MS, USA

Your bathroom looks fantastic, Lucy!! You are doing a wonderful job with the tidying up bit! Bravissimo!! Hugs!!

Margaret Simpson

Lucy, hope you feel better soon. Your blog is a ray of sunshine to me. The photo of the peony is so beautiful. Looking forward to your next blog.

Marcelle kemp

Hi Lucy!

I love your blog as always. I know that 'blue-arsed fly' feeling well...I work as a TA in Year 6 and am responsible for the organising of all those end of Primary School related events including making 32 costumes for the Year 6 production, making all the scenery and props, producing a 44 page Leavers' Book, making a film for the Leavers' Service (that make the hardest of mums sob!) and going on our three day residential trip to Bewl Water. PHEW! And just to make it all a little harder this year, I am still recovering from a two week stay in intensive care, in March, after I had an infection in my hip and then almost died from septic shock. Thank god for crochet!! Also, thank you because you keep me going and keep me smiling. Your blog inspires me and I think you are wonderful for taking the time to share it with us all.

Marcelle xxx


Do I spy a DIY-ed "grannysquarified" notebook cover? It looks like a printout of your cushion cover, is that right? I LOVE the idea! Enjoy the upcoming summer holiday!


I know just how you feel with the busy-ness of the last few weeks. That was me in May because we finish our school year then. I'm glad the cleaning ritual is working for you; it really feels great when you have a good routine and everything is tidy. Take care and hold on for the last few weeks.

Katie Garner

Are you a fly baby by any chance? I've been lurking on the fringes of her world for a couple of weeks now.
Love the peonys.

crafty mema

love the spiral notebook--is that amazon??

before you know it the littles ones will be back in school
enjoy them oxoxoxoxox crafty mema
and feel better


Hang in there Lucy, that end of year, end of school time can be an emotional roller-coaster.I often reflect how sensible it is in the northern hemisphere that it all happens in the middle of the year...down here in New Zealand we need to add the countdown to Christmas and the end of the year to that list as well. Very easy to get overwhelmed by it all - glad you are remembering to stop & breathe. Take care


Nothing is more important than enjoying your children while they are young. So be pleased over what you have cleared up and don't press yourself about the rest!

Winwick Mum

The Blue-Arsed-Fly phase. Love it! Got a bit of that going on here too, although sadly with not quite so much decluttering and cleaning to match. Ah well - six weeks of holidays coming up with nothing to do except clean and declutter - as if! ;-) xx


I had to scrub my bath this morning before I could bring myself to get in, what do men do ,it had several tide marks round it from different water levels!!!! YUK
Loved the photos my daughter is in America for a year so has prompted me to take loads more photos to email her, I realised how few I had been taking, although the flower ones are a Lucy inspired thing ,Thank you

Hula Loop

You are absolutely right! The here and now are so important. Right now we are in the same boat as you and every other family with children/school/bonkers stuff on. It is all too much in this heat! I don't know how we cope with it all! The little people just let it all wash over them and perhaps we should too. Your house looks wonderful. It is such a nice feeling to have order in your home... something I am still planning on working on soon! Lovely blog, thank you for sharing xx Sarah


Dear Lucy. I love your blog. It is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your lovely work and your art. I really want to upcycle & craft the wonderful notebook. Love from México.

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