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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 30, 2015


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Ooo, is that an Erin Condren?!? There aren't many of us in the UK, but I LOVE mine! Are you buying adorable stickers on Etsy that make you look forward to doing the laundry? Please share!

Faye Faraldo

I am now retired and more time than ever but I take classes and water aerobics and belong to a women's group, so you see what I mean. So I definately cannot declutter or even clean. And now I have started knitting and crocheting again, so oboy. But I am glad I can still do it all as I am 82yrs young.Making the jolly bag now and still doing grannys for my pillow. Glad to read your troubles as it puts everything in Perspective. Thank you


Have just purchased your lovely new blanket pattern and wool can't wait to get started. I also love the blanket on the back of your sofa in your latest photo, do you have a pattern and the wool that you used, it looks like a big granny square. Love your posts.

Susan Oliver

Hi Lucy
I would like to subscribe to your site but when I try all I get is a lot of information and no where to sign on.Help

Alison Soulsby

Looking forward to hearing about your planning- any inspiration helps. We've just had visitors and the stuff that has been 'tidied' to parts they weren't going to see... well, it's going to take ages to get on top of. Always interested in any new ways to help a crafter get organised- there are always too many ideas in my mind to distract me! I find lists help a lot to focus my priorities whenever I have a free weekend or few days off. Keep up the good work

Melanie Almond

Hi Lucy
I am inspired by your words....I just love my Attic24 page..at work , at home, on my phone...it is everything I love rolled in to one! I am also inspired to buy tickets for Yarndale in September....I do hope I can catch your eye there....

Carrie B

i LOVE YOUR eRIN cONDREN planner!! I used one last school year and loved it!!! I am working on keeping the house clean a bit at a time. Have a happy day!!


Thanks for the inspiration Lucy, after your post I have been following flylady, I've a way to go yet but my sink is now always lovely and clean and this week I didn't have to spend my Friday tidying as I was on top of things 😃


~~ And now you are a Fly Baby too! I'm a fluttering Fly Baby (several years old). Sometimes I wonder if I'll get into full flight. Congratulations on your progress.

Hope Owens

Hello, Lucy. I am so happy to have found your blog. Your tales inspire me to learn new skills and understand the dynamics of color. I ordered some 15 delicious colors and hues of Stylecraft DK because I could not match them with the value and color ranges in the states.

I love your photographs and learning about flowers in your neck of the woods and your wonderful storytelling!

God bless, Hope


Hi Lucy!! Hope you are feeling well. Yr home is turning astonishing with yr tiding up work. Keep on working! You are our North.
By the way, have I any chance of receiving the recipe for that short sweet bread which looks fantastic?
Thank you very much for all yr posts. They are so inspiring.


You are doing fantastically Miss Lucy ... hope you are feeling better soon - lots of love Joy xx


So lovely of you to share and inspire with your tales of domesticity. You make dreary chores sound so much fun. Love all your posts. Hope your cold gets better. Wonderfulbto get on top of decluuttering before the hols.


Hope you are feeling better soon, nothing worse than a summer cold! Maybe there is, the chaos of the end of the school year - and you have both to contend with! We too are all ready for the summer holidays x


Hi Lucy, I hope you are feeling better soon. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful insights about your life, and the beautiful pictures also. Both are of great comfort to me, during a time of loss, and I am grateful to you for taking the time to share them with your readers. Many blessings to you and your family.


Looks like Fly-Lady has really been a help to you. Your bathroom and bedroom look sparkling! I hope you're feeling better - sounds like you have tons to do.


Hi Lucy,

i hope you're feeling better soon - there have been some dragging colds going around this year.
Your glee at getting your bathroom bottomed made me grin as i girded my loins the other week and cleaned out the bathroom cabinet - oh the horror of before and the joy of after. :-)

Sharon Izzard

I hope you are soon feeling better, a cold in hot stuffy weather is no fun. x

Anne Marie

Yes, a cold can be a trivial illness but OMG it always makes me feel soooooo miserable! Plenty of fizzy vitamin C tablets help too.


Yes, summer is short lived here in the UK so - as my husband always tells me - make the most of it for no-one else is going to care if the kitchen floor has been washed.


Hi Lucy,
My holidays start today and the first activity for me is to do some cleaning up at home and put things in a better order. Tiring though it may be, it is also very rewarding and good to see your home looking its best . It gives me a sense of inner tranquility in a way:)
I hope you get better soon and enjoy summer time.
Tina xxx


Oh wish I could motivate myself to do the cleaning and de-cluttering - I know it would make me feel in a million times better but only chance is the evenings and despite good intentions, I'm just too knackered then.

Can't wait to hear your story re Planning activity!


I am just beginning with FlyLady. I look around my place and can't believe how I have let it slip. I have a very demanding job and when I get home I am exhausted. Hoping that doing just 15-30 minutes every day will help. Seeing your accomplishments in a big encouragement. Thanks for such a great blog.


I'm also in the middle of decluttering and tidying up our tiny appartment! And I'm a huge fan of lists. Can't wait for your post, maybe you have some useful tips! :)

Ali Whale

Get out in that sunshine Lucy, it will be good for your cold. Sit in your back garden with a coffee and some cake and just relax....
All that rushing around will soon be over and you'll be ready for the six weeks and fit and healthy.
And a bit of cleaning is always good at this end, less clutter just makes me calmer.

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