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June 04, 2015


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Ann Price

At the top in robin hoods bay, as you look out to sea ,there is a tall White House .that is my husbands nephews cottage .we have had many holidays there...you would love it ...check it out ....High Sea View .....4floors with a fab basement kitchen diner.....love it there....it always makes me happy.....love your blog.

Sew Create It - Jane

Went to Robin Hood's Bay a couple of summers ago and took almost identical pictures as yours :o) Charming place and great fish and chips! :o)


Thank you for the beautiful tour of Ravenscar and Robin Hood's Bay. You are not alone doing that thing - 'I would love to look inside'. I usually try to, surreptitiously of course. I'm so nosey!
You have roused my interest in your next pattern as I'm on the home stretch of my Jolly Chunky.


You are just flippin' scaring me now. We went there too!!The rock pooling was great and my big girl liked the information in the NT coastguard centre. We really are walking in each others shoes. Jo X


Your vacation posts give me such a lift. I feel like I have been enjoying a gust of clean wind on the cliffs and had a treat in the pubs. We are having torrential rains here off and on the past week so the spot of sunshine was (to quote you) spot on. Annie

Spécialiste de l'éphémère

OMG! Whitby! How we loved this small town... tne Abbey... I was there with my 4 kids a few years ago.
You remind me precious souvenirs!


Oh, what a treat these photos are! I would love to peek inside some of those homes. I picture you living in a cottage by the sea one day, Lucy. Is that a dream of yours?

Liz Shields

I have loved your blogs of your recent holiday, Lucy, and your photos are amazing...especially the ones of the cow in this recent blog!! The way you record all the little details of your experiences, reminds me of my Mum. She used to make handwritten notes of all our jaunts to various places in the UK, in a hard-backed note book (I'm going back to pre-blog times!!) Even though she died several years ago, I haven't yet had the courage to re read them. I used to love travelling back home just when it was getting dark, and people had the lights on, but not drawn their curtains so we could see into their living rooms! It always gave us a lovely warm and cosy feeling. xx

Sharon Izzard

ooh, looking forward to the pattern :-) It sounds a fantastic day, Robin Hood bay looks delightful.


I Love your post's so much. They give me in a 2 minutes reading, the feeling from an one week holliday

Jodi Fuller

So beautiful. I would love to do the walk from St. Bee's in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay. It has been a dream of mine for more than10 years.

Pat Rahrig

I love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photos. You certainly have an eye for catching the gorgeous scenery. The US is such a huge country of which I've really seen so little, but we just don't have the "history" found in the UK. I too try to imagine families that may have lived in old homes. Thank you for sharing your seaside jaunt and I look forward to more of your visits to the countryside! I've completed your Cosy Stripe blanket and am on the border of your Granny Stripe blanket and am anxiously looking forward to your little squares pattern to use up all of my delicious leftover colorful yarns!

Terry Wittmer

Your stories always make me smile. I loveall the places you visit.
Hello from Guatemala!


this is my fourth trip back to the uk from Australia and yes I too look at all the lovely homes and towns and wonder what it would be like to live there. I'm hoping to get to your neck of the woods at the end of the month. I love crotchet and ale and my better half loves ale. so if there are plenty of pubs Im sure I can get him there for a pub crawl.


Wonderful Photo's, I'm well used to those sea breezes living by the sea, a friend of mine calls them lazy winds, as they go right through you, to lazy to go around.
Clare x


A wonderful enjoyable read,Lucy,thank you for sharing! It all sounded such a happy time! Looking forward to your tutorial at the weekend.....Can't wait,xxxxx


My spiritual home, love it there! I feel like it fills up my creativity bucket everytime I go!
Going to venture to Northumberland for hols this year for a change though :) xx

Jennie Craine

Just sat here with a cuppa, with my imagination walking along the cliff tops and going down to explore Robin Hood's Bay - thank you for sharing your lovely holiday.

crafty mema

thanks for the wonderful walk -when the family was young we did vacations like that....
i do miss them
can't wait for the yarn bombing

xoxooxox crafty mema


Thanks for the lovely walk!!
Haven't been to England in over 30 years.
Your walks bring back many memories!

Sara Jenkins

Love the idea of a new pattern from you :) Hopefully it will be perfect to take when watching cricket this weekend.
All your words are proper words - clearly spell checkers don't keep up!
I spend hours wondering what it would be like to live somewhere else - and always pause at estate agents windows. The New Forest being a particular favourite of my dreaming! x

Angela-Southern USA

Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! It feeds the soul. How could anyone not love that area?! "Batman" has grown so! I'm sure it's great having the longer walks now that he has. We also do many car picnics, and I have a very similar soft cooler for the goodies. My favorite photo, just past the cows. Oh,the light and shadows on land and sea is breath taking! I look forward to your hooky share. I'm currently hooking some roses for a change of pace on my wreath for the summer. Great day to ya!


I just love Whitby and the surrounding places - one of my best holiday destinations :-)


Loving your walking adventures!


I've never been to Whitby, despite not living that far away from it (I'm down on the Lincolnshire coast). As its a significant birthday this year for me, a lovely friend has offered to take me there. So thanks for the fab photos and evocative descriptions of the place, I am now really really really looking forward to my trip. yippeeee!

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