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June 04, 2015


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Hi Lucy,
thank you for sharing these photos with us. I have never been to the UK but it's on my bucketlist right after Italy!
I love these photos so much- I felt like I was there, standing on those windy roads.
I read your blog often but don't often comment.

Your blankets and posts of crochet thrill my sense of color every time I come here. I am an artist so I LOVE, love, love color!! Or colour as you spell it. When I was young and the Beatles were a big deal I used to spell colour the British way at school and got into trouble often over it. Oh well...
Love your blog and I know that it's sad when the little ones go off to school- my grandson just started kindergarten- but you have such a lovely studio that the hours will fly- as will the years!! Trust me on that one!

Rachael Iddon

Hi Lucy, I meant to comment on one of your earlier posts about the North East coast. I feel slightly protective of it, even though in reality, my patch is further north in the heart of industrial Teesside. It's so good to be able to show the world that not all of the North East is a barren wasteland. Living in Teesside has it's down sides (we are always associated with the worst of everything - health, education, employment, wealth) but on the plus side, it's cheap and we can flit out the the coast and the moors or the dales whenever we like! Glad you enjoyed your trip.


What a timely post! in a few weeks we are off to walk the Coast to Coast from St bees to Robin Hood's Bay. How exciting looking at your lovely photos.
Thank you

Jean Barnwell

Your photos are brilliant, Lucy. Would you mind telling me what Camera you use as I badly need a new one but hope yours is not too complicated to use.


I want to go to Robin Hoods Bay! Loved your post.


I love your travel posts every bit as much as your crochet posts. Your gorgeous photos make me feel like I'm there with you. Thank you for sharing all the little details that make reading your blog so much fun.

Sarah Preston

My little boy (4 & a half) has just spotted the Batman hoodie on Little B while I was reading your blog. He would like to know where you bought it. Lovely, lovely pictures as ever Lucy x

Silly Little Sheep

I have "residential fantasies" all the time!! Not all of us can be as lucky to live by the sea though :)


Heh, I love the cows. Cows are such funny, friendly animals. The photos in this post are so lovely, such beautiful colours in the sea and countryside. I'm glad you had such a lovely break, thanks for sharing it with us. x

jennifer W

oh my gosh Lucy, once again you have my mouth watering for a "pootling" break to the western coast of the UK. And just so you know, I have started to use your pootling term with some regularity now & always get a funny look. It's a real word, right?! :) Makes complete sense to me. Happy resting!!!
-jenn in kansas

Robin Summers

Oh Lucy I just love your photos! If you did scrapbooking you would have some stunning albums to pass on to the kiddos. I just love those painted bright doors. I would love to paint our front door a bright yellow or red! Reading your blog always flies me right to England. I really enjoy your posts and pics so much. I am so excited about your next project. I am on the edge of my seat!!

carol partridge

I remember a rainy day in Whitby.It had been lovely and sunny till we got there.We viewed all the purple heather on the moors from the top deck of the ordinary service bus from Hull, where we lived at that time. Then it threw it down. We had homemade cake and big mug of tea in the seamans mission. It was packed ! Still a lovely day.( blimmin long time on that bus though) Thank you so much for all the lovely photo's,Lucy.

Lynn Dee Butler

I so enjoy your pictures. I don't seem to have the words to describe the feelings of yearning and homesickness for these lovely places that I've never been to! How does that happen? I just delight in the colors and vistas and words of it all! Thank you for sharing.

Penny Rongo

WOW! What a beautiful place is Robin Hoods Bay. Loved every picture and description of your time there. I think yours is one of the best blogs around. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. It is so very appreciated.


I think that's why we all love those "escape to" programmes! Gives us a chance to nosey round other people's homes and either lust after or criticise. Can't wait for the new reveal, hook and yarn at the ready.


Thanks Lucy, another descriptive blog with great photos.

Love reading it and I do so want to go there and possibly stay in one of those lovely little houses!!


Hi Lucy. Another lovely post. You really are a very good photograper. Have you ever been to sands end?Its not far from Whitby to tne North along ther coast. There is a nice cliff top walk along the old railway line, and a really nice walk up out of the village following the beck upstream past some lovely old fishermens cottages with charming gardens. Also a great time to go in early April when the primroses are in abundance. Perhaps a bit cold in the caravan but its a dooable good day out in the car. I used to go to Sands End with my grandparents so very fond memories of those parts. Thankyou Freddie.


Love Robin Hoods Bay. Had fab , chilly, holiday there with my brood. Stayed in one of those cute cottages and spent the week drooling over all of them. Might get one one day...... Loved the post, brought back happy memories.... WW


lovely blog Lucy!1

Deborah Buglass

Thanks Lucy for the gorgeous post. We often go to the lovely places you describe. A stop for a dring at the Victoria Hotel is always a must for the fantastic views !

Winifred Waite

Thanks for the gorgeous photos. A lovely place haven't been there for years.

Aida Buljina

So lovely! Love your blog!


Gorgeous photos, Lucy! I can smell that fresh sea air all the way over here in Alabama, USA! At least, it seems that I can! LOL! Thank you! :)


Every time I am in a new and interesting place I start dreaming about moving there. Drive my husband crazy.


I love your trip to Robins Hood Bay and as you say very quaint. Perhaps one day we may get to visit. Love the mmmmmoooooooooooooo cows!! xx lots of love Joy xx

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