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June 17, 2015


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Elvira Dawson

I understand how you feel! I am very busy with work, the kids, traveling and hobbies that cleaning and organizing not always a priority for me. With two kids making a mess out my house is not that hard. I am trying to make lists and somehow deal with the cleaning but often I feel helpless and depressed when I face the clutter! Thanks for sharing!


Lucy do u pin out and shape your squares before you sew them up so all are same or do you just dive in? It's like tension squares in knitting for me, more of a suggestion, but does it make a big difference in the make up of a blanket?


Lucy, I don't see any lace up shoes in that photo, just beautifully painted toes!! LOL

I love flylady! I am naturally untidy and by slowly slowly using her methods I have got to the stage (after about 11 years mind you) where the majority of the time, I can safely let people into my house....... well past the front hall anyway...... maybe no further than the living room or downstairs loo, but hey! Babysteps! LOL


Lucy, I don't see any lace up shoes in that photo, just beautifully painted toes!! LOL

I love flylady! I am naturally untidy and by slowly slowly using her methods I have got to the stage (after about 11 years mind you) where the majority of the time, I can safely let people into my house....... well past the front hall anyway...... maybe no further than the living room or downstairs loo, but hey! Babysteps! LOL


I was compelled to ask you a quick question. But let me start by saying that you are my personal inspiration for the crocheting that I create. I adore your designs and your color choices are right up my alley!! On to the question, do you wind your Stylecraft yarn before using it? I'm in the U.S. and it takes some time to get the Stylecraft here, so I don't want to waste a bit. I've noticed that it sometimes knots for me. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thank you Lucy! Keep up the inspiration!!! ❤️


Ha ha! Yes, I also remember the 225 objects from 2011. Just don't count them this time and maybe it won't seem so bad.


I too am a messy be-cluttered person. Or rather my house generally is. I've never quite managed to get on with Flylady, but am another convert to Marie Kondo - seems to be working for me in getting rid of stuff in a way that nothing ever has before.

Mind you I type this surrounded by even more chaos as I've been going through all my books. 400+ to the charity shop so far and piles everywhere all over the floor. But re-shelving is a joy.


That´s amazing, While I was drinking my coffee after lunch, I take a peek on your blog just to keep a little longer the tidying tasks for today, and I found this post. It cheer me up and make me wanna do it, you really know how to put colour in everything. Thank you once again!


Was delighted that you mentioned Flylady in your blog today. I have been following her for years. Things go really well when I do it her way and not my way. Ha!
Good luck with the decluttering. 15 minutes a day. You have me thinking about it now too!


I am working my way through a great book called 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Kondo. It's a real get to the root of the clutter and get rid. It promises you'll never have to tidy again. I'll believe that when I get to the end but I'm actually enjoying throwing/tidying and for those who know me that is totally unheard of.

Clare Mac

Must be the time of the year! I have decluttered my entire house in the last two weeks. My son returned from uni today so his room is a tip but I can shut the door. All the washing from his tardis laundry bag is done. In the summer I am going to enter the loft.....I may never get out but I WILL DO IT!

It is soooooo refreshing x

Karen B

Hello Lucy - I have been dipping in and out of your blog for a little while now and love your photograps and reading about your projects. This is my first comment! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your colourful world - I love the rainbow colours of your crochet - it really brightens up my day. Have a colourful week, Karen B.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

I NeEd to do this too! I look around and the clutter is doing my head in! With a new dog joining us in the house next week, it really needs to be done - right NOW! Enjoy!! xx


Well done! It is nice to know someone I really admire has CHAOS days too. Thank you for sharing and keeping it real.


love love love the bright colours! I have those pens BUT where oh where did you get the stickers from?

If cleaning and tidying in my house was that bright and cheery I might have more success.

Ros Watts

Hi Lucy
I love following your blog and know exactly how you feel about CHAOS. Where does all the 'stuff' come from?
On a different matter I have made an Easter wreath based on yours and am just starting an Autumn one. I am just starting my own blog and want to show pictures of my progress - are you ok with this? I have already said I follow your blog and will attribute all the wreath ideas to you.
Hope the de cluttering and cleaning continues to go well and keep up your wonderful blog.


I understand completely. I had 3 little girls at home. I had a rotation that I stuck to. I never put off the daily chores and If we went on holiday, I did the big chores ahead of schedule instead of trying to "Catch up" when we came back. The kids are grown and gone now but I still do my routine. I also apply the same theory to my farm chores. I use a computer schedule program that reminds me of my daily list every day. It took some time to set up but now I can not live without it. Can not wait to see the finished afghan, wonderful colors!

Sarah Jones

Dear Lucy the bathroom in my house is the best room! Sometimes you need an incentive. Mine was relatives visiting. Luckily the week previously I had cleaned all the windows downstairs and dusted away the cobwebs.
I have learnt my lesson. Mine is to have a rolling programme. Stuff that needs doing all the time,stuff that can be done a bit at a time, stuff that one enjoys sorting on a wet afternoon etc etc. Like yourself the holidays are looming
and I would like some carefree time! So a little book and coloured stickers/pens is a great idea. I will report back on that one!!
Enjoy finishing your blanket. Sarahx


Oh help, same here. I started a new job in February and the house that was always a bit untidy is now full on chaos. I find it overwhelming and upsetting to walk into every room and see a mess. I've done flylady before and so I know her system works. I like the idea of starting the summer holidays with a cleaner, lovelier house. You've inspired me!

Marylin Ollivier

I'd rather be crocheting and doing crafty/arty stuff that decluttering...so I hear what you're saying. I am working on the masterbedroom this week (bathroom was easy)...will see how that goes, as I'm half-way done. There is even an exercise treadmill in there somewhere...it would be great to be able to use it for like 'actual walking' instead of using it as a clothes rack! So I'm hopeful...one room at a time...Good Luck Lucy! Hugs, MO


I have a very eclectic style in my home with a lot of color. At times I find it overwhelming. I am enjoying a quieter house color-wise...sort of. I just have to put stuff away. I love all my "things" and don't want to get rid of it, but sometimes I don't want to look at it either. I may pack a few boxes and see how that feels. Also, I need to organize my craft space between projects...I can't really enjoy the space or feel inspired with a pile here and a pile there...it just gets to be too much.


Groan - I feel your pain!! I'll just get organized and the kids will break up and then it all fall to pieces!! I couldn't get away with flylady but found some routines on a blog called daisies and pie, that are easy to get to grips with x


I feel amlost relieved Lucy that you have made this confession. The little snippets of your life and home are vibrant and inspiring. As a serial crafter i have hoarded 'important' crafty goodies in every available nook and cranny for more years than I care to remember. I too feel it's time. I shall watch your progress and hope that i can find the motivation to follow suit. Good luck to both of us Lucy!

Sylvia OLeary

I don't remember the 225 items but I do remember the top of the microwave which amused me..... a little like the instructions (allegedly) to prepare one's worksurface before installing a new microwave oven:-
Spread a little honey on the worksurface, scatter some oatmeal and a sprinkling of frozen peas and place the new microwave on top of the lot.

Karen walker

We are all guilty of too much stuff. I have found it all closing in on me lately and as it is draining my energy I am gonna do something about it. Reading the book Stuffocation by James Wellman is helping. Good luck all with the de-cluttering I feel your pain:-). Xx

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